Episode 145 Letters

she’s picking up my habits welcome back
to the show Jimmy had to step away for a moment to maybe use the loo no I think
he had to get his hair fixed he’s got he’s got a new style of hairstyle that
requires lots of maintenance like me anyways let’s do letters right right
right right let’s do them give me one one thank you sir how are you sir I’m quite
well thank you well how about Tangella spinner
twirling all right dear Creature Features this is from CJ in Arizona CJ
right it would appear CJ alright dear Creature Features I love you guys but
you must work on your movie selections well especially tonight’s film a it’s
Hands of a Stranger it’s kind of a weird one there is a difference between a
movie that is so bad that it’s good and a movie that is so bad that it’s indeed
bad unfortunately you seem to excel in the latter
ps Tangella rocks CJ well thanks for writing CJ we’ve got some
good ones coming up we’ve got what do we got I don’t know we’ve got good ones
coming up we’re working on he’s he’s made a pledge to bring new better films I made a pledge well I made a pledge that you make a pledge I see it’s it’s pledge night here
at Creature Features all right this one came in the mail from Gary Hanna in San
Leandro California that’s close to San Jose right yes oh this is tiny font Gary in San
Leandro you have to write with the typewriter bigger than you do all right
I’m gonna try this though Gary Hanna says first I love the show been a fan
ever since Bob Wilkins I’d like you all and how the show flows in Tangella is my
favorite because she is mysterious and coy and she keeps a Vincent and
Livingston in line actually Livingston keeps her in line but we’ll
go for this the reason for my letters to say today I once you get a CF t-shirt CF what in god’s name Creature Features oh a Creature Features t-shirt and all the
ones offered are slim fit not all creatures are slim or fit otherwise
there wouldn’t be creatures so I would suggest to get normal fit t-shirts and I
will buy one for sure I have sent three mails on the subject
and no response so hoping this will get noticed keep up the great work and you
have a fan for life one time though I would like to see Tangella speak or at
least make a sound make a sound that’s normally what she does when she’s
watching a bad movie likes tonight alright so on the t-shirt thing we will work on
that is it really true we’ve only got slim fit I’ll look into it cuz I can’t
even wear them if they are slim fit true we need like oval fit
I should wear a creature feature t-shirt sometime you know I just wear plain
black t-shirts underneath and I should be like reppin the brand right indeed
alright what else you got for me Mr. Livingston last letter last letter the
last letter of the evening he always saves the best for last doesn’t he
all right this one is from Dr. Jane Martino in Des Moines Iowa and she goes
dear Mr. Van Dahl no pomegranates none no no no no no pomegranates none I don’t
want them anywhere near here am I clear yours truly Dr. Jane oh if you say so what is this all about I haven’t the vaguest idea alright no pomegranates alright that’s it for mail if you’d like
to send us a letter by email you’d use the address you see appearing here or if
you’d like to send us one the regular way in the post then send it to this
address right here we’ll be right back with Jimmy but first let’s get back to
Hands of a Stranger

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