Episode 144 Letters

  29 Sep 2019

welcome back to creature features Ryan
stepped away he went to get more stuff to show us right he has lots of stuff
lots of cool stuff you know if it was just stuff it would be an issue but the fact
that it’s cool stuff makes it acceptable and it gives us an opportunity to read
mail right indeed let’s read mail from you to us because you sent it to us if
we don’t read it it’s rude right San Jose Oh a card from San Jose this is
from Eric Gherkins he spells Eric with a C indeed Scandinavian
happy birthday creature feature all right I don’t know how this works I
think if the show had a birthday it would actually be in October Halloween
Halloween our first broadcast was on Halloween all right let’s see what he
says hi I saw the actor that played Holly on
Land of the Lost Kathy Coleman we love her on 7 1319
I’ve been trying to get the Land of the Lost DVD but have not been able to find
it can you get it there were two sets made with interviews with the actors
without I like to get this is hard to read Eric without it I’d like to get
those that have the interviews and that’s all he says and he tapes
something here don’t know what this is this is interesting I’ve never seen a
card like this all right so uh I suppose one can go to landofthelost.com or
kathycoleman.com or Amazon or amazon.com but I assume he already looked
so I’m not gonna be much help to that but if you want to find the episode and
see it again you can just go to youtube right indeed right all right
Thanks for writing Eric and nice card by the way well what have we got next
San Francisco is that a pacifier yes it’s pacifying her so I guess it’s a
pacify her oh it’s candy it keeps her from doing things it’s
gonna stain her clothing all right what have we got here San Francisco oh are we just
doing California tonight no all right this is from Anthony Mariucci in San
Francisco oh my goodness it’s a photograph of
Tangella look that’s you I think it looks just like you except you missed the
pacifier all right and let’s see what else we got
Vincent reading letters see he got my glasses correct this is nice
and this is from Tony Mariucci and Tony stigma these guys keep writing to us
they love us there’s more there’s another surprise here
ah mister Livingston you knew it was coming
and you know this is what he looks like without the tuxedo he looks like a stick
man alright well thanks for writing gentlemen and we will hang these in a
place of honor right indeed the place of honor is not the furnace I was thinking
of the fireplace email fireplace alright this is an email this is from Edna
Gilchrist in Luton UK that’s my old hometown
indeed it is that’s my hometown she goes dear mr. van dahl I recently came across
your program on YouTube you might remember your days at Ashcroft High
School in Luton I I did go to Ashcroft high school in Luton mm-hmm I went by Edna
Millford back then we shared the same history class with mr. belman I remember
mr. belman he was not very nice but he knew his history right I vividly recall
how you would torment that poor man with your unceasing chatter shameless
vulgarities unkept appearance and insubordination
thanks to your year-long campaign of disruption I was denied proper
instruction regarding the entire Renaissance period I just wanted to
write and thank you for moving to the other side of the pond I hope you are
making the poor Yanks lives as miserable as you made ours yours truly miss Edna
Gilchrist well I’m sorry I disrupted your history lessons Edna but you know
it was the only way to have fun back then and get fun’s necessary when you’re
in the history class right there’s a time and place for everything
I’m still being schooled thanks again for writing that’s it for letters if
you’d like to send us a letter you can send it to the email address appearing
by my shoe or if you’d like to send a package mail envelope things like that a
card like a happy birthday card like Eric sent you send it to the physical
address appearing under my knee we’ll be right back with Ryan Snapp but first
we’re gonna get back to white zombie

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