Easy Vellum Shaker Card

– [Kristina] Hi everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to another video at
my YouTube channel and blog. Today I’m going to be
using a few new products from the latest Simon Says Stamp release. In fact, as this video is going up, this release just went
up on their website. So this brand-new stuff,
and I’m eager to show you a really fun, easy, vellum shaker card. So I’m gonna be using the Leafy Frame die. This is a really fun die. Simon has a stencil
that’s similar to this. It’s the same design. This one is sized
perfectly for an A2 card, and I’m going to cut it out of some Neenah Solar White cardstock. This is the 80-pound
version of the cardstock, I’ve just run that through
my die-cutting machine, and I did run it through a couple times because this is a really large die and it’s pretty intricate. So I ran it through a couple times, and I also used a metal adaptor shim, just to get a little more pressure, and that worked out really well to get this cut out completely. So now using some Nouveau glue adhesive, and I’m just putting
that on all the leaves and around the frame. And then I’m going to be adhering it onto a piece of vellum cardstock. So my vellum, I was using
a scrap piece of vellum that was already cut to this card size, but I really think if
you’re gonna do this, it might be better to
have it slightly larger and then use some scissors
or an X-Acto knife to trim off the excess
after you have this adhered. It just makes this a little bit
easier to get it glued down. You don’t have to worry
about lining up the edges. So I’ve pressed down all of those leaves so they’re nice and adhered to the vellum and then I put some acrylic blocks on top. Now I’m gonna use this
Hawaiian Sunset sequins mix from Simon. This is also a brand-new sequin mix that’s included in the latest release. And I’m gonna work on the
background that’s gonna go behind my sequins in my shaker card. So I’m using three different
colors of Distress Oxide Ink and I’m gonna blend them onto this Neenah Solar White cardstock. The colors I’m using are Ripe Persimmon, Picked Raspberry, and Wilted Violet. These colors were definitely
inspired by the sequins mix. There really isn’t like a
pink color in the sequins mix, but I wanted a nice
transition color between this orange and purple because
sometimes orange and purple, when they’re blended into each other, can kind of create this
a grayish mud color. It needs a little bit
of a transition color, and since pink really
blends well to purple, and pink also blends well to orange, that’s a really good transition
shade to put in between these two colors so that
they blend really nicely. So I just used a Tonic easy-clean mat, which has alcohol ink stained on it. I used that to protect my work surface and blended down with
some mini blending tools. So now I’ve got my
vellum and die-cut piece in my MISTI stamp-positioning tool, and I’m gonna use the
Uplifting Sentiments stamp set. This greeting right here that says, “I am so grateful for you” fits perfectly inside that center area
of this entire piece. So I’ve prepped the vellum with
an anti-static powder tool. That was what that tool was. I just put on a little bit of powder and then I placed the stamp, put it onto the door of my MISTI and then applied some
VersaMark ink on top of that. So VersaMark ink is a really sticky ink that’s gonna be perfect
for heat embossing. So I’m using some heat-embossing powder. This is the color Alabaster
from Brutus-Monroe, and it’s a really great white shade. It’s nice and opaque and I’ll just hit that with my heat tool until it’s completely smooth and melted. When you’re heating up
embossing powder on the vellum, it’s always a good idea to
heat the back a little bit just so it prevents warping as well. So now I’m taking some really
thin foam adhesive strips from Darice. They’re just the right thickness to go around this outside border, and I’m only gonna do one
layer of foam adhesive because these sequins, they’re not gonna be like
shaking around a ton. I just want them to be really
subtle in the background. The vellum makes it
look a little bit subtle since it conceals them just a little bit, but it also allows you to see the sequins, which is kind of fun. So I removed all of the
release paper off the back and then I dumped in
some of the sequins mix, so I’ll have quite a bit left. I probably could make another
card exactly like this with the remaining sequins. I then took my blended piece
and I pressed that right down onto the back of that shaker area. After I have it down,
I’m gonna run my finger around the outer edge, making
sure that that foam adhesive has met all of the surface
around the blended piece. And that’s basically the shaker area completely put together. The last thing I’m gonna do
is adhere it to a card base. So I’ve scored some Neenah Classic Crest Solar White cardstock; this
is the 110-pound version. I scored that at five-and-a-half, applied some Tombow Extreme Adhesive, and then I held both of
these pieces up with my hands and then pressed them together, and that makes it so I
get a really good position and have it lined up perfectly to adhere. So you can see how fun those sequins are behind the vellum. I think it’s really fun. It gives it almost a dreamlike look. It’s a really, really interesting look. And I love shaker cards. I think shaker cards have been
around for years and years and well, they were
around a long time ago. Now they’re coming back. But they’re kind of sticking around. I really like them. So thanks so much for watching today. You can get all of these products over at simonsaysstamp.com,
the new stamp, the die, and also the sequins, and I
hope you’ll check those out. Onscreen I’ve got a couple more
videos for you to check out if you’d like. I’ve just got some
other shaker card ideas. So I hope you’ll check those out. And thank you so much for watching today. I will catch you guys in
another video very soon.

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