Easy Real Time Sprayed Watercolour Technique with Brush Markers!

Easy Real Time Sprayed Watercolour Technique with Brush Markers!

Today I have a sprayed watercolor
technique to share with you! Hi it’s Therese from Lostinpaper and
this video is part of a release from Altenew for the new build a flower set
it is a September no it’s October 2019 this is the Fuchsia and it comes with
the coordinating dies and this build a flower has both the layering and an
outline stamp within the set it’s a lots of beautiful fuchsia images and some
sentiments as well I’m only really using a couple of the images today starting
with the outline I’ve got my obsidian pigment ink and I’m stamping out a spray
of flowers just in the top right hand corner of some Bristol smooth cardstock
which is cut to the same size as the front of my card I’m doing some stamping
and I did wipe away a little bit of the ink on that stamp and that’s just so
that gives me somewhere along that branch to stamp a leaf image but would
have been probably cleaner just to use a piece of cloth or something like that
but it worked well so I couldn’t be bothered doing a lot of masking and I
knew I was going to be coloring with watercolours today so I wanted it to be
quite a loose effect so I have stamped the flowers kind of away from each other
a little bit so I did have to come in with multiliner so this is a waterproof
black marker you could use a sharpie pen whatever you’ve got on hand and I just
extended some of the lines so that they looked like they did belong to the
branch I’ve probably got a little bit loose it all stamping the leaves so the
only layering stamp I’m using today is a solid image from the three flowers and
the two leaves that I’ve chosen and this is a technique that I saw a Lydia do in
Lydia’s crafty corner and I just loved it and it was a real loose watercolor
technique using the watercolor brush markers from Altenew and so for each
time I’m stamping I’m adding two different colours directly to the stamp
itself and then I’ve got a really fine mister this is just from those little tiny
Ranger ones and I never aim it right but you know eventually I’ll get there
that’s why I have to have my hand so this doesn’t spray my card front as well
I just spritz it really lightly with some water and then stamp it like I
would and normally would normally stamp it and then let the watercolor do its
thing so I’m trying not to play with that I
would just step away and I’ll go to another image that’s nowhere near
touching the one I’ve just stamped so I’m doing exactly the same again and for
all the fuchsias today I’ve used the same color combos I’ve gone with kind of
a purple top of the fuchsias and most fuchsias are in that, get this, fuchsia
color it would have thought and nice bright pinks and purples and there are
some kind of white green ones which is what I was originally this is nothing
like what I originally planned well it’s the layout but not the card
itself because after I saw Lydia’s video I just had to try this technique and it
really is easy and fun and a great way to use these layering stamps, a great
different way, to use these layering stamps and the watercolor brush markers
so take a look at these leaves here because I am using two different greens
and when I stamped them out of it I thought to myself like they’re just
going to be too dark but if you have a look at them in a minute or so when
they’re dry so they actually dry quite a bit lighter so as a release with also
new this is obviously part of a blog hop and a giveaway so I’ll put the details
in the description below and you’ll be able to head to my blog find out who
else is hopping along and what they’ve created with this stamp set and also
find out how you can have a chance to win as well as the link to Lydia’s video
as well I will also list all the colors that
I’ve used with the watercolor brush markers at my blog so you’ll be able to
find there as well I was a bit worried about
adding too much water here and because I’m working on the Bristol smooth it
actually didn’t really matter too much so I figured what have I got to lose
give it a whirl and this last one I didn’t have enough color so I simply
just came in with the actual water brush water color brush and added some color
directly to the paper and that’s also how I added the details to the stems and
to the stamens of the flowers it’s a really pretty set this one so next I
came in with the jet black ink spray and you can see where I’ve got a little bit
of the front of my card masked that’s where I was going to put my sentiment
originally but that didn’t work out so here’s plan 2, I’ve come in and
stamped the word it’s from the simply the best it’s a hello and I really love
the sentiment and I love the fonts on all of the sentiments within this set and
I’ve just done it on some black cardstock and heat embossed it with some
white powder because I was see look what I’ve done
I just kept smudging this black ink I wanted to get this card finished so I
actually created an opportunity here and found out where I was going to put my
sentiment by smudging that black ink spray and it took a little while to work
it out because it normally dries really quick this ink spray but it was because
I was using the Bristol smooth cardstock so I tested it the next morning it was
totally dry and nothing smudged… I think I’d forgotten I was
working on the Bristol smooth so that was if it had a been on the Neenah
it would have been dry pretty much within a few minutes so I did have to
put my sentiment I popped it up over where the smudges were, after rubbing
some of them, they actually rubbed out fairly well and
then added some sequins over top so I hope you’ve enjoyed this video today if
you like this video please click on the like button and if you haven’t already I
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you here again real soon till next time happy papercrafting bye

14 thoughts on “Easy Real Time Sprayed Watercolour Technique with Brush Markers!

  1. Look at you getting all artsy, Therese! It's a fabulous technique – one that I actually watched my friend from Denmark do, when I met her in Canada! – and yet I haven't put it to paper myself, YET! Another gorgeous set… another gorgeous card! xx

  2. Hey Therese….it still amazes me that something that looks so simple, can create such beautiful results! I think I may have to rethink my card making process LOL! I also watch Lydia's YT channel which I love of course, and saw her use this technique. I was excited to try it but life got in the way and then I totally forgot about it (oh, the ravages of time LOL)! Seriously, this ole memory of mine gets worse every day LOL! Yep, my house is full of sticky notes! TFS Therese, and have yourself a wonderful day, dear!

  3. I really love this set Therese. It really does reflect the delicacy of these flowers. Your card is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your techniques.

  4. Another coloriffic video from my favorite colorist! This is lovely….will be attempting this on my next project. ❤

  5. I really love how this card turned out…watercoloring makes the flowers look more natural 🙂
    Thanks so much for another really great tutorial, Therese! You're the BEST!!!!!!!!

  6. So beautiful Therese. Another lovely BAF from Altenew.
    Awesome technique with the watercolour markers.
    Thank you for sharing your talents, again!
    T x

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