Easy Layered Flowers with Copic Markers – Color Wednesday #63

Easy Layered Flowers with Copic Markers – Color Wednesday #63

Hi Everyone! Kristina here. Welcome to another
Color Wednesday video. Today I’m going to be creating another background like this.
I made one like this in the past and I found this little piece of card stock here and I
was really fascinated and wanted to recreate it. So I’m going to do that today. I’m using
the medium dots stencil from Simon Says Stamp. A few of you have asked how I store my stencils
and I store them in these little plastic bags with black inserts inside. I’ll link to the
bags in the supplies section in case you’re wondering about those bags or you want to
start storing your stencils in the same way. So I’m taping down some craft card stock.
This is Neenah Desert Storm 80 lb. card stock cut to 4.25″x5.5″. I take that to my craft
sheet and I put the stencil on top. Going to be sponging on three different colors of
Distress Ink and have them sort of go in a nice gradient pattern from yellow to kind
of an orangey yellow to a red. So the colors are Squeezed Lemonade, Wild Honey and Barn
Door. I just sponged those on with a round mini blending tool and then I’m taking the
stencil and removing it for just a minute and I’m going to put it right back over the
top but have it off set just slightly. A little bit up and a little bit to the left and then
I’ll tape that down again. Then I’m going to be taking a white gel pen and tracing around
those circles. This is going to create a really fun look. Like I said before I have done this
previous on another card, so I’ll have that card video linked at the end of this video
in case you want to check that out. So, I’m taking my white gel pen and drawing on those
circles. It takes a little while to get this all done, but it’s completely worth it, because
when you remove the stencil it looks awesome. So I’m just going to put my pen away and lift
that off. It creates this really cool, really graphic look. So now I’m going to work on
some coloring for the card. I’m using this Lovely Thoughts stamp set from Paper Smooches.
The stamp set actually has pieces to it so you can stamp the interior of the flowers,
but instead of stamping those interior pieces I’m going to be coloring with my Copic Markers.
I’m using Memento Rich Cocoa ink to stamp each flower a few times. I’m going to be cutting
out the different areas of the flower and layering them on top of each other. So I’m
going to speed up the coloring process and turn on some music and I’ll meet up with you
after the coloring is done. So after all the coloring was done and I’d
added some Wink of Stella shimmer on top of the flowers I trimmed all the flowers and
leaves out and then started to assemble them by putting some foam adhesive behind the pieces
and then layering them on top of each other. This just gives a really cool layered effect.
I did want to mention that if I was to do this card again I think I use lighter red
colors on that smaller flower. I think the interior got a little bit lost inside the
dark red. All in all I still like the look so I went ahead with it. The greeting is going
to be on some card stock vellum. I’ve prepped that by putting some powder on the surface.
That powder just cuts back on any static cling that would make the embossing powder stick
to areas where I haven’t stamped. So I inked up my greeting with some VersaMark ink and
then stamped that onto the vellum card stock. I sprinkled on some Hero Arts white embossing
powder. This is my favorite white embossing powder for greetings or anything else I need
white for. I heat set that with the heat tool until everything was completely melted. Then
I trimmed it down and cut off one end so that it had a ribbon edge. A little V shaped cut.
It was cut one into the center and then come in from the corners. That gives me a really
even looking ribbon end. So I just cut that down and then I put a little bit of foam adhesive
on it. I’m going to slide that in between the bottom layer and the next layer up on
the larger orange flower. Then I’m putting some adhesive on the back of the flower. I’m
putting together that cluster of flowers and leaves. I just did s combination of some times
putting it straight on to the card front and other times having the leaves come in on foam.
Did want to mention that I did trim down that back ground piece so that it is 5.25″x 4″.
This is going to give me a little bit of a matte frame around the edge once a put it
on my card front. I took some May Arts natural twine and I’m just sliding that underneath
that flower and then wrapping it around and tying it in a bow near the top of the card.
Then I took my Corner Chomper and I chomped off that right corner of the background piece.
I just thought it would be a fun little extra up there in the top corner since nothing much
is happening up there. The card base is made out of 110 lb Neenah Solar White card stock.
I scored that at 5.5 to create a top folding card. Then I put the entire card design on
foam adhesive and then on to the card base. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s card. This
is a really really simple way to use your Copic Markers and I hope you guys will try
it out. There are a lot of flower stamps out there that you could do something similar
with. So thank you so so much for watching and I will catch you guys next time. Just a reminder that all of the supplies that
I’ used in today’s video are listed down below in the video description or over at my blog.
So if you are interested in any of the products that I’m using or if you’re wondering where
you can buy those products, please check out the supply list. On screen right now are three
other cards where I used stencils and some Distress Ink or other ink to get some color
on to my cards. So I hope you guys will find some inspiration in those if you have some
stencils sitting around. You can visit my blog at kwernerdesign.com and you can visit
me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Once again, thanks for watching and I’ll catch
you next time.

29 thoughts on “Easy Layered Flowers with Copic Markers – Color Wednesday #63

  1. Once again a very beautiful card! Kristina you are amazing crafter!
    Just started my own channel too, would love if anyone checked it out and subscribed… I'll return the love and support!

  2. Beautiful, as always, Kristina.  Really unique background.  I love what you did with the flowers.  Going to have to give that a try!

  3. Another fun effect. It keeps things happy and experimental which is always fun for the artist.  It's exciting to try new things and see how we like it.  Helps to keep us out of a rut.  LOL

  4. I think you are right the red was a bit too dark but it does not spoil the card.  The yellow/red flower is just so pretty.  Lovely card.  I love the vellum touch x

  5. Beautiful card and coloring! Though "I'm not worthy", I would suggest the leaves would look better with the veins angled the other direction; away, rather than toward, the flowers.

  6. SORRY,no se mucho Ingles y lo escrito mal queria decir yo te valoro todo lo que haces tan bonito y me encanta no me pierdo ni un tutorial tuyo eres una artista y eso hay que decirlo MUCHAS GRACIAS

  7. Hey kristina I am one biggest fans I love your handwriting and your work,I have a question how come you have lots of stuff and afford them?

  8. I must say, when you first showed the background at the beginning of the video, I didn't like it. I felt like my eyes were crossing just looking at it. But when you did the card, it seemed better. I don't know if you did another version with the white circles not so far out or if it was just the addition of the flowers, but it just looked better to me. Gorgeous card, and I love those flowers. Tfs!

  9. You are such a fantastic card maker, you make it all sound so easy.  I am looking forward to making my first card.  Thank you so much.

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