Dry Embossing With Die Cuts

Dry Embossing With Die Cuts

Hi everyone! It’s Jennifer. If you’ve watched
my videos before you know that I love to find ways to take products and use them creatively
and stretch them and get more use out of them. Today I’m going to show you how to get more
out of your die cuts, by doing dry embossing with them to create a dry embossed background.
I actually have a couple cards I’m doing and they are very similar, but on both of them
you can see on the background piece there is a dry embossed pattern that I created with
die cuts. Now there are many ways to do this and I will talk about some of the other ways,
but I am going to share with you today my favorite method. When dry embossing with die
cuts you need to cut with something that is extra thick and extra firm. I choose to use
magnetic paper from Ellen Hudson. So this is actually magnetic. It is what I use for
my die storage, but there are many uses for magnetic paper. One of them is this that we
are doing today, because it is extra firm and extra thick, it’s perfect for dry embossing.
So I am die cutting this with my new dies from Ellen Hudson and Julie Ebersole. These
are like Scribble Flowers and you can see how easily the magnetic paper cuts with these
dies. Now if you don’t have magnetic paper you could try using chip board for this or
several layers of card stock. I find that something like this magnetic paper is extra
strong and extra durable. So it actually embosses better and you can save these pieces and reuse
them over and over again. Since I want to do an entire background of this dry embossing
I needed to cut several flowers and several leaves. After I’ve done that I’m just going
to pop the pieces out of the center and look at those gorgeous pieces. These are beautiful
as it, because they have a nice shiny but matte finish to it that is really unique and
different than card stock. Let’s go ahead and create the embossed background. To do
this you need to put your die cut machine to whatever platform or plates that you use
for using an embossing folder. For the Sizzix machine I’m going to go to Tab 1 that you
see here. And then you’ll see the sandwich that I’m going to use. For the Cuttlebug or
other machines, just do this as you would an embossing folder. So I have my first cutting
plate down and then you need a few shim pieces. I just did 3 pieces of card stock. but you’ll
have to play around with your machine to see which works best. Then I have an embossing
mat. This one here is from Spellbinders. I know My Favorite things has one. There are
a few others on the market. It is basically a firm foam mat that is perfect for all kinds
of dry embossing. I’ve done videos before using this and I’ll link to some of those
here. Now if you don’t have this. You can try using Fun Foam or a couple pieces of felt
and you’ll get a similar look but not as defines as you do with this mat. It’s definitely worth
the investment. Then you take any card stock that you want to use for this. Here I’m just
using some light blue card stock. It doesn’t matter what weight. Then I’m going to place
all my magnetic paper die cuts down on top of the piece of card stock. You can arrange
these however you want. You could do just a couple flowers and a couple leaves, but
I decided that I wanted to cover an entire background. After you have these arranged,
I have found that it’s best to take a piece of typing paper, that’s just cut in half and
lay that on top carefully before you put your cutting plate on. This keeps any of those
pieces from shifting as you put the cutting plate on top. I also found that sometimes
my cutting plate has little tiny pieces of paper or like adhesive on it or just dirty
and this helps to keep your paper clean. So after I’ve run that threw you can see that
those magnetic die cut pieces press into the paper, because we have that mat behind it.
Look at that beautiful impression that you get. So you could take any of the die cuts
that you have and press in like this. Another thing you could do is put ink on each of these
magnetic die cuts before you put it on the paper and then when you run it through it
presses the ink in like a faux letter press. But I decided just to go for the dry embossing
look. Now for the second example instead of card stock I’m using water color paper. This
is Tim Holtz water color paper. Water color paper is beautiful for this technique because
it has that extra special texture to the paper and it almost looks like a letter press paper.
Now if you have letter press paper it would be perfect for this also. Look at the beautiful
dry embossed impressions that you get using those die cuts. Again, as I mentioned you
could use other things besides the magnetic paper to do dry embossing. Just find something
extra thick and die cut it. However, some think things are hard to die cut. The magnetic
paper die cut beautifully and also dry embosses beautifully so that is why I wanted to show
you that today. Okay, so now let’s do our greeting. I have die cut a circle here. This
is a little bit smaller than 2.5″. Just white card stock. I have this new stamp set from
Ellen Hudson. I love the greetings in this stamp set. They are just so fun and playful.
This one says You are my Favorite. I’m actually making two of these. Both are for one of my
teenage daughters and one for my other teenage daughter and I think it would be funny of
they compare and see that I sent them both a card that says you are my favorite. So I
am going to add some Silver Sparkling Embossing powder onto this and then I will heat set
it. I always let my heat gun get good and warm before I bring it to the paper to prevent
any kind of warping. I thought that the silver embossing powder would be really fun on this
card since it’s pretty basic a color combination. I just have white, black and the pool color.
Now that I have that heat embossed I want to cut off one edge of this, because I’m going
to have the circle look like it’s hanging off the edge. So I’m just holding it up against
the edge kind of planning where I want that to be and then I’ll cut along the edge just
to cut off the extra circle. Now I can play around with where all these pieces are going
to go. I decided it would be good to figure out the rest of embellishments would be before
I glued it down. I decided I wanted some silver hearts to kind of tie everything together.
But I wanted them to be covered in silver sparkle embossing powder, just like my greeting.
So I’m taking some VersaMark ink and pressing it on to some white card stock, just in a
small area. Adding some of that same silver sparkle embossing powder and then I’ll heat
set it. So now I have basically my own glitter paper that will perfectly match my greeting.
So after I’ve heat set this and let it cool for a few seconds I’m just going to go ahead
and die cut this with this Memory Box Heart die set that I have. Any heart dies will work
here. You could use circles if you wanted to, but this will die cut beautifully through
my machine and I’ll have a few different hearts to put on my card. At this point I decided
I also want a strip of paper with that same silver sparkle embossed look. So took some
VersaMark and I rubbed it all along the edge of a piece of white card stock that is the
same width as my card. I’m putting on the sparkle embossing powder again. I could have
done this when I did the die cutting of the heart but I hadn’t thought about it just yet.
So I am going to go ahead and heat set that then I’ll use my trimmer just to cut a thin
strip from this. I love putting thin strips along cards. Because I think it’s a great
way to give kind of a defined edge. This will really help ground that circle that we are
going to put along the edge too. So now that I have my strip ready I’m going to go ahead
and put some adhesive on to the back of it and glue that onto the embossed background
that we created earlier. By the way I did trim off a little bit from the side of our
embossed background so that blue piece right now is right now 5.5″ tall by 3.75″ wide.
As I start to glue these down you can see how that silver strip really helps to anchor
that portion of the circle that we’ve created here. I’m just using regular adhesive to glue
some of the magnet die cut shapes onto our card. You could save these and use them for
future dry emboss projects, but I thought it would be fun to include a few of these
die cuts on my card because I really like the kind of slick but matte finish that magnetic
paper gives. For a little bit of dimension I decided to add the hearts with some dimensional
adhesive. So I just took some of my favorite foam tape and I cut down tiny little pieces
and out that on the back of the hearts. Now I will say that I will go back with my favorite
liquid adhesive, which is Multi Medium from Ranger and I’ll squirt a little bit underneath
the hearts too. Just to be sure that they don’t come off when they go through the mail.
There is one part of this card that’s hard to see in the video. On the black that sticks
out on the side of the note card I actually did some clear embossing. It’s really pretty
in real life. So I’m putting down some anti-static powder along the edge of a black note card
that I created. This is top folding. I’m going to stamp the leaves repeatedly with VersaMark
Ink. So you see this stamp set, this is also a new one from Ellen Hudson and Julie Ebersole
and it matches the dies that we use perfectly. I love how we can pull it all together. Actually
the dies look like they line up and fit the stamped images, so you can stamp and die together.
So I’m just going to repeatedly stamp the leaves with VersaMark Ink. Another advantage
of putting that anti-static powder down first is I can see where I have stamped. Otherwise
when you stamp VersaMark on black paper it’s kind of hard to see where you have stamped
when you go to stamp the next one. This prevents from over lapping the ink. So after I’ve stamped
all these I’m going to take some clear embossing powder. This is from Hero Arts. Shake that
along the edge. It doesn’t matter that I didn’t cover the whole card, because only the edge
will be showing. Then I will heat set this and then we get this gorgeous tone on tone
shine that really you can’t see in the pictures or in the video, but you just got to see it
in real life. It’s really quite pretty. Once it’s cool you can just rub away that powder
and nobody will ever know it was there and it really is helpful when you do your embossing.
There you can see the shine that you get along the edge of the card. So now I’m going to
take my panel and I’m going to add this to the card. However I want to add some dimension
behind it, so I am going to use a piece of white Fun Foam. This is just craft foam that
you can get at a craft store. I’ve cut this slightly smaller than our blue panel. I’ll
glue that there and then I will glue this on to the card. You could use foam tape if
you wanted to, but I’ve found that if you use a Fun Foam it lasts through the mail better
because it doesn’t get squished. So now you can see all the dimension that we have going
on in this card. We have the dry embossing in the background, the heat embossing on the
edge and the magnetic die cuts on the front. It’s really fun to see how the all shine and
catch the light differently. It was at this point that I was thinking I wanted to add
something else to it. I wanted to add some Vellum behind my circle. Now it turns out
that this really didn’t make a big difference, but I wanted to show you what I did. So sometimes
I do this, I’ll end up looking at a card and deciding it’s just not right. So this is what
I do. I take a picture of it with my phone so I know how to put it back together again.
I’m going to take this apart gently. Thankfully the adhesive I used allows me to do this.
I’m going to add a vellum circle underneath it. I used this Memory Box circle stack die
set. So I just took the die that was one size bigger to cut the vellum circle. Now I am
going to glue my circle on here and then cut along that edge. Again, you could skip this
part if you want to, but I wanted to show you that sometimes you kind of step back and
look at a card and it doesn’t feel right you kind of want to add something to it, the trick
is to take a picture of it with your phone so that once you’ve added whatever you want
you can assemble everything together who you originally had it if you were happy with the
way it was done originally. Now I can look at this picture to put all these pieces back
on. Although the addition of that vellum circle really didn’t make that big of a difference,
it was something that I really wanted to try and I’m happy with it. Sometime you just got
to change things to feel better about what you have. Now, I did two cards. You saw me
do the blue card, but I did the white card very similar. On that one though I used a
black heat embossed greeting. Okay so then I decided to add a few gems to this. So I
used Hero Arts smooth gems and that’s all it took. So both of these do have that clear
embossed border that ties everything together. I really like how you can take your stamps
and dies and use them creatively to get completely different looks. Now if you’re interested
in the products I used in this video please be sure to check out the YouTube description
below or you can head over to my blog at jennifermcquireink.com where I’ll have much more information and
links to some other videos. Thanks for stopping by and if you’ve found this helpful please
give it a thumbs up so YouTube knows you want to see more from me. I’ll see you again soon.

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