DIY / TUTORIAL:  Master Fu Jewelry Box for All Miraculouses of Miraculous Ladybug in MINIATURE

DIY / TUTORIAL: Master Fu Jewelry Box for All Miraculouses of Miraculous Ladybug in MINIATURE

hi guys welcome to my channel today’s
video is a miniature craft, it is the miraculous box but super small. I want
to give the box to one of you, so there is a giveaway, there are only two
requirements: subscribe to my art channel Dreaming ART (link on cards) and comment
this video, so easy! good luck! hi everyone I’m going to use acrylic
painting by DecoART Americana look in the video information to see the colors I

100 thoughts on “DIY / TUTORIAL: Master Fu Jewelry Box for All Miraculouses of Miraculous Ladybug in MINIATURE

  1. I love all your miraculous videos I'm always making them but they never come out as good as yours I would love this

  2. Omg looks so amazing im a designer of some sort as well. And if i finally have time i would love to follow all your tutorials. Cause i have a little brother who is so Fan of miraculous its adorable he even went as chat noir to carnaval at school. So ya if i would get this give away i would give it to my little brother.

    Keep up the good work and creativity. Lots of love from Noa out of the Netherlands🥰

  3. Thanks for another amazing video! You are amazing at making these things, and miraculous is my favourite show right now, so this is just perfect

  4. After my 10 board examination ( now going on 😶) ,I am gonna make all the stuff you have made on Miraculous…….. I love Miraculous lady bug and I love uuuuuu😍😍😋😋😉😉 It will be a great inspiration and a great help in making the miraculouses and the big Miraculous box ,if you give this to me

  5. Wow! I would like to take part in the giveaway. It is even international! I have already used your video to recreate the big miraculous box. It would be nice if i won the little one. I am a big fan of yours. (Sorry for my bad english. I hope you understand me).

  6. @Isa's World I love your your videos and I love Miraculous ladybug I follow your Miraculous videos and also I would love to have the miniture Miraculous box. Krep up the good work!!!!

  7. This miniature tutorial looks so cool! Great job and I love all your tutorials ! Greetings from Germany 🖤❤️💛

  8. That Miniature Box (and of course all your other crafts) are/is so great I wouldn't have enough energy to make this you're so great and all your videos are soo great I love your channel I just want to thank you for all the hard work and I wanted to say that I'd be super greatful for that super cute box

  9. Awesome!!! Also can you try to make the new miraculous box? Ladybugs box from miracle queen? Season 3 finale

  10. Здорово же когда у тебя на полоске стоит такая шкатулка с амулетами

  11. I've been getting the things together to make the big miraculous box. It is just so cute. I love it!!

  12. I subscribed on your Channel and your painting channel too and commented and the mini miracle box looks really cool and I would love to have it.

  13. Your work is amazing and undoubtedly perfect in every miraculous thing you make…!!!🐞🐈🦊🐢🐝🦚🦋…
    I hope you continue like this…❤️

  14. OMG it’s so cute! My sister would love that box for her birthday, she lives miraculous and tiny things! I attempted to make her the bigger box, but I’m not a good crafter so I failed 😂 I love both your channels, you’re so talented at arts and crafts! You deserve so much more recognition! And the fact that the drawers in your bigger box open up is so cool! I would buy a box off of Etsy, but they’re so expensive and my sister is partially blind so we don’t have much money as we spend a lot of it on medical bills. She was Rina Rouge for Halloween this year, and loves the costume so much that she even wears it to school!

  15. Hey i would love to get the box because I’m a big miraculous fan and I was there since the very beginning of the series I love your Miraculous vids and other videos!! I wish everyone good luck!!❤️❤️

  16. I LOVE this tiny miracle box you made!!! I adore tiny things and I adore your videos! I am a huge fan of Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir, and I really want to try all your videos to make my own miraculouses! I am in no way as crafty as you are but I am still going to try and try my best! Thank you for these tutorials and your wonderful smile!

  17. That is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen. I'm actually trying to make the big one right now. Its a tad WIP as I'm using things I already have so I don't have the same cardboard and a lot of it is improvising and utilizing my resources. It wont be as amazing as yours but I'm so excited to finish it! You're amazing!

  18. Isa's Wold I love your videos you are a Magnificent artist how you create your art work is amazing I love it 💗💖❤️💓😘 you are a born artist 👍💖

  19. Pls can you give me i I been watching your videos for a long time pls I did the mane miraculouses and the box pls 😓😢😭❤

  20. Hi I am 14 years old and I love your channel and Miraculous ladybug, I even made the Miracle box using your video as a guide. I would love that mini miracle box. (your so talented!!)

  21. Me encantó esta mini cajita 🥰 Ya me suscribi en tu canal de arte y que cool que tienes uno, me encanta vídeos de pinturas, incluso también tengo telas de pintura en mi casa. Quiero participar del sorteo, me encantó demasiado la cajita. ❤

  22. Hey isa your the best arts and craft youtuber every I love your vids also you should sign the bottom of it to make it more special

  23. This mini version is so cute! I made the larger version last year by following your tutorial. I always look forward to your new craft videos!

  24. Hello I have been a fan for a long time now I appreciate all your effort that you put into these diys 👍

  25. I LOVE all of your crafts and I think you are severely talented. I also love Miraculous Ladybug and can't wait for season 4 to come out! I would love to get this minurature version of the Miracle Box. Thank you for making such amazing Miraculous Ladybug crafts and so much more! Good luck everyone!!! 😁😀

  26. @ Isa's World I really like your Miraculous works, I want to make them but it's too difficult for me, I have subscribed to your channel for a long time but I haven't been able to make miraculous like you, I hope I can win as a prize from the best miraculous maker I found it, and you are very detailed with Miraculous – the Miraculous, good work @Isa's World !!!

  27. BTW I tried to make all miraculous tutorials and it really worked and I like all ur videos because they're litterly awesome but I'm sure you will make plenty of incredible things from season four and five and the movie

  28. I've been waiting so bad for summer to come so I can start all the miraculous projects 😍💕

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