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  1. I have one birch press set of dies and I love them… I made st. Patrick day cards and Fourth of July cards and many others and I love the way they go together or just to have one die cut on a card…. but they are very pricey:( but they are good Quality dies:) hard to find so I had to order it on line:) they are a great Company they stand behind their product and are super sweet sweet:) would love to get a few more:) thank you for sharing:) oh one more thing I have made so many cards that the dies cut great every time:)

  2. Absolutely one of the most inspiring episodes with outstanding results each and every card! I have to find a Canadian source for Birch Press or slowly add them to my stash. You have so many tips that you share and the lint rollers I buy by the dozen because dog fur is a part of my decor – LOL! I will also be buying that acrylic frame so I don't lose or misplace place things on my desk. Honestly it takes so little time to make a huge mess and spread out and so much time to find those darn things that mysteriously go missing just when you need them again! Thank you so very much for sharing and never apologize for the length of your videos PLEASE! It takes you at least two or three times as long to create them for us as it does for us to enjoy them.

  3. the very last tip with the acrylic stand is super useful! i am totally going to get myself one because just last week, i lost a itty bitty "you" stamp. so sad…. thanks a bunch for all your inspirations too and i look forward to your next "episode", hehe! ooh, and i also love the lint roller tip for getting out the small pieces!!

  4. aaarrrggghhhh which of the stunning dies can i choose these are amazing. thank you so much for these stunning cards and your great lint roller trip.

  5. Yes it is a long video but you share so many tips, tricks and techniques that it is over before I know it. I love love love those circle dies and must try to buy some. Thank you for yet another GREAT video. I have learned so much from you. You cards are stunning by the way.

  6. WOW Jennifer, what beautiful cards. I love Birch Press dies and you have certainly shared some great ideas and tips here. Thanks so much!

  7. WOW! That was an awesome video full of so many great card examples and so many great tips! I especially love the lint roller tip and the acrylic frame tip! I am forever losing small dies on my desk and various other places! I will definitely be putting that tip to use!! Thank you for all the great videos and the time you spend "enabling" us!! Most appreciated!!

  8. So many gorgeous cards Jen. Thank you for all of your hard work to give us such a wonderful resource. I will go back to this video for inspiration & products for a long time. Hugs.

  9. Birch Press Design dies are one of my absolute favorites, and I love what you've created with them. I've been out of touch so I haven't seen their latest releases. WOW!

  10. Noooooo!!! I am trying very hard not to buy any more dies for a while so this video was torture. I actually went to the linked website and almost bought the large 3 layered butterfly dies. Then I regained control of myself. Now, if they were a limited time item I would totally buy them now. I just need to prove to myself that I can exercise self control.

  11. Love your videos! They’re not just inspirational, they’re also always informational! Quick question- how do you store your layered die sets? Are they stored differently then how your normal dies are stored?

  12. These examples are GORGEOUS! Loved that tip @ the very end, too! GREAT idea. Will borrow that! These dies are stunning. Have ordered a few and will be ordering more soon. Really LOVE Birch Press dies. So versatile. LOVE that you can mix and match them. THANK YOU!!! I'll be getting many of the ones you demo'd. Have a great day and can't thank you enough for your videos!

  13. Thank you for the super long and informative video! And I love the last tip for dies and stamps. I will need to see if I have something here that I can use for that. Maybe that would have saved my stamp… I recently lost a clear stamp, but I'm hoping it will show up one of these days.

  14. Love, love, love your terrific ideas on how to make cards Jennifer! So unique and pretty. Thanks for sharing with us all. Have a great week.

  15. Wow! What a fantastic video. All the tips, from the lint roller right to the acrylic frame, are so helpful. And with all that, info you also showed us some really gorgeous cards. Oh how I love these layering dies. I will have to buy mine one set at a time and the tough part is trying to figure out which one will be my first purchase. Any suggestions?
    Thanks Jennifer, this video was worth the wait.

  16. Hi, glad to see you. This is an awesome video. All lovely cards.Love that lint roller trick, clever. tfs

  17. Fun ideas and I'll add I love the longer videos. However like someone else said I'm at the point I may not buy anymore dies… Such a lot of money . These may have to be the exceptions

  18. Wow-you have outdone yourself, if that's even possible. Thanks for the creativity, time, effort and …just everything you do!!!

  19. OH MAN!!! I loved the video and am so inspired, but really jumped out of my chair when i saw the acrylic frame tip!! I can't tell you how many pieces I have lost in cleaning up as they got swept into the trash bin with all the other bits and pieces after a craft day. And I now have a lint roller hanging next to my craft table, it really helps with clean up. Awesome video, thanks so much.

  20. I really enjoyed this video! I will return to it a few more times as I try some of these techniques. You do a wonderful job of breaking down steps of projects and explaining them in all of your videos. You are appreciated!

  21. White card stock may be cheaper than colored card stock, but coloring them with copic will not be so cost effective.

  22. I really enjoyed the video and didn't want it to end, thank you so much for sharing all the tips, they are really helpful and your cards are absolutely gorgeous.

  23. You are my favorite YouTuber. I have 5 on my favorites list, but you are the in the number 1 spot. I only say that because I can't believe I am just now seeing this. It's been published for days – HOW am I just now seeing it? I haven't heard of Birch Press until now, but I'm hitting up Google to check them out immediately. Thank you for all you do. I can't even tell you how much you have helped, and inspired, me in my newbie card making. I can't thank you enough, and can't even begin to tell you how much I've watched your videos. You'd probably get scared and have me called in to the police for a possible stalker! lol. LOVE all you do, thank you!!

  24. These are such useful tips: Lint roller, acrylic frame ( I spend half my time looking for things), saving the little dye cut pieces and inlaying them, embossing the design and coloring each part. So much info my head is spinning. Thank you for showing all these wonderful products. Your videos are never too long.

  25. Wow, Jennifer, they are all just lovely! I think it would break the bank to buy all of these dies, but maybe one set would be worth it! Thanks for sharing your creativity. Just wow!

  26. You give so many wonderful tips and techniques that the video being long isn't an issue. You pack so much into video and I save them all just so I can go back and reference them. You do such beautiful work and it's a joy to watch you create.

  27. I agree with MIndy. Never apologize for a long video. I always learn so much when I watch you. Of course I am always enticed to buy more! Thank you for all your ideas and wonderful videos and inspiration.

  28. Love absolutely every single card, tips and tricks. Thank you so much for creating & sharing these crafty episodes. The longer the better in my books. 💕

  29. I really, really would love to know which pool cardstocks you have used for the butterfly cards! Would you please be so kind and share it with us? I am looking for a combination like this for a long time and ordered cardstock samples from Lawn Fawn, Papertrey Ink and StampinUp, but did not find such a wonderful set-up!

  30. What an AMAZING video!!! I have a few full-card Birch Press sets, but now I want some of the circle ones, too. And I need to Pin all of the wonderful ideas you've given me, including the acrylic frame to corral the pieces I'm working with. Thanks you so much!

  31. I love your videos Jennifer. I’m learning so much from you. I love love love those die sets but OUCH! The price. I’m afraid they will be for me to drool from afar. Way out of my price range I’m afraid

  32. That was an amazing video, full of excellent, helpful information and beautiful cards. Thank you for sharing your talent!

  33. As soon as I win the lottery I'm going to Birch Press and buy the whole store! All of these cards are simply gorgeous. Esp. love the one that you watercolored and layered. Great tips! Why didn't I ever think of using a lint roller?! Perfect!

  34. I saw that book at someone's seat at retreat – wish I had asked to flip through it! (The cover is definitely eye-catching and a great inspiration for creating.)
    The impression tip you gave in the video was genius. And the acrylic frame idea. I usually just use a big acrylic block to hold my random stamps while I create.
    And of course all the cards were gorgeous! I see now why you prefer the Gemini Junior over a Cuttlebug. That would be a lot of hand cranking! 😂😂😂

  35. Ahhh, nice and long. That was an awesome video! Especially love the tip at the end! Brilliant! Those Birch Press dies are amazing! I loved all the products! Sigh. My poor bank account. Lol! 🤣💖💜💙💚💛

  36. This did not seem long to me! It was wonderful! I have the butterfly and was happy to see different way’s to use it. Thank you. But now I need to save to buy more ! I alway’s enjoy your video’s and look forward to more of them. Again, thank you so much for all your sharing 😍👍

  37. Jennifer – do you like the Gemini Jr. for cutting intricate dies? I have 2 die cutting machines but don’t find them very good at cutting really intricate dies. I have tried everything…..wax paper, shims….using very light weight paper….and still, they do not cut my dies out well. I am so frustrated! I don’t want to say what machines I do have…..but I do not have the Gemini. I don’t want to buy another machine, only to have the dies NOT cut out. I am curious about what machines you use. Would you share your experience? Thank you! I am a big fan and trust what you have to say.

  38. Jennifer – t(and you for your comment on the Gemini machine! My birthday is coming up on the 27th and that’s what I would like.

  39. Thanks so much for this video! I have watched it several times. I learn so much each time! My birthday is this month and when my husband asked what I wanted, I told him I wanted THIS die cutting machine! I can’t wait until the 25th. I have one question….where do you get the stamp you use to stamp your name on the back of cards? I have one, but I like the style of yours. Would you share where you buy your stamp? Thanks again, Jennifer. I know you put so much work into your videos….I am not the only one who appreciates it. Hugs, Diane ❤️

  40. If I were only allowed to watch one person on You Tube it would be you! You are so clever and creative! If I ever win the Lottery I will buy all the Birch Press layering dies and watch your inspiring videos again.

  41. You are a true virtuoso and I could (and probably will) watch anything you record. Thank you for sharing your art and your tips.

  42. All I can say is WOW. I am a painter & have been making painted scenes on cards like mini paintings. You r definitely an artist with what u do. I have so many ideas after watching your demos today. Where r the materials available? Also which is the best die cutting machine? R printed instructions by u available to help me refer to while I'm learNing. I'm new to this remember & I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to remember brands etc. u r definitely the best instructor at this I've seen. This coming from a life long teacher principal & director who has also spent years teaching/training teachers & adults. Great job. Hope to hear from u I've subscribed & intend to b a big follower. Jewell

  43. How do you make the envelop? Or do you purchase the envelop separately? Love your video, I am new to this craf and are still learning, thank you your your instructions!💖

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