Dhayam Tamil Movie

Welcome to the interview. Ladies and gentlemen… one among you will become
the CEO of this company. So, I wish you all success. This guy appears
to be intelligent. Looks like he is thinking over the
answers and not making guesses. Well, at least he is thinking
over the answers… but look at this fellow! He is
already writing down the answers. Doesn’t seem like
he’ll slow down! I wonder what the guy
behind me is up to? Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir! Please open the door! Wait! What happened? – Look! Over there!
– Wait. Wait! – Sir! Sir!
– What is it? – Sir, I’m scared!
– There is nothing here. – There! Over there!
– Relax. Relax. Relax dear. Calm down. Tell
me what happened? Sir. Over there…right above
where I was sitting…It’s scary! – I don’t see anything.
– Over there! No one’s there. – Sir! Sir!
– Wait..wait. Ok. Ok. – Where? Over there?
– Yes sir. Wait. Wait. Relax. Relax. Nothing’s here. But I saw! I am the only one here. Look above you! – Let’s leave!
– How about here? Sir, there! Above you! Ok. Wait. Wait. Do you see anything now? Sir no! Please don’t go there. Relax dear. There is no
one else here, except me. There is only you and me.
That’s it. So! Who was that! Title: Dhayam
(DICE) Who are you? What’s
your identity? Where and how do you
try finding it out? Who is gonna reveal about
your life to you? Will this mystery ever end? As you struggle everyday… and the distance between you and
the reality keeps increasing… remember time is running away. This tough journey will
make you feel exhausted. What’s this mysterious power that
has turned you into a dice? Do you think danger follows
right behind you in your path? Fire and injustice will parade
along in your direction with you. When the battle begins… will your body and soul
be able to survive it? You are the dice that will
roll and seal your fate. So journey through this nightmare
to discover yourself… and what you discover
will be seal your fate. It might appear that the reality and
the imaginations have no links… but down the lane you will be surprised. What’s the use of the strong will
power because when you are weak… you’ll crash down like a
lonely wandering soul. Relax. I am the assistant. Hi folks. Welcome to the interview. Ladies and gentlemen… one among you will become
the CEO of this company. So, I wish you all success. So folks… I am sure that you are here knowing
everything about this company. Yet, it’s my duty to explain. For the past five years… this company has been
the number one company. But at present, the plight of
the company isn’t that good. The reason behind this company
achieving the number 1 position… is the former CEO
of this company… Mr. Ashwin Augustine. He was very dedicated and passionate
towards work. Also a hard worker. No matter how hard one works, sometimes
the corporate throws you out. We never had or have to
give any reason to do so. So, due to some pressure
we had to fire him. Usually such workers,
who get fired, join our competitor’s
firm and… work hard and try to regain
their lost reputation. But… Mr. Augustine… before he left this office… it was here, where he hanged himself and
committed suicide. Before committing suicide… he wrote a letter
to this company Let me read it out to you. Greetings everyone. I never worked in this company
for the greed of money. It’s my life. But you guys proved that this is a
corporate and showed your true colors. So, I won’t do the usual by joining
hands with your competitor. I’ll never go against you. Because this is my company! It’s my life! I am it’s CEO! Always! Now, then and forever! If anyone else becomes the
CEO of this company… I will kill them! Or else I will drive them crazy! Rot in hell! And goodbye. Let’s come to the point. Do you see the wall
clock behind me? It shows the time is 3. I’ll step out now. The second I step out, this
wall clock will start ticking. When the time shows 4
in this wall clock… this door will open. And once the door is open, the individual
whose is alive with their sanity in tact… will be this company’s CEO. Even if it is all of you… I promise you, that all
of you will be the CEO! So, I wish you all success. …my company! …my life! I am the CEO! If anyone else becomes the
CEO of this company… I will kill them! Or else I will drive them crazy! Rot in hell! And goodbye. None of you look like
you will survive this! Chickens! Now what’s up with the mask? None of us are
hiding our faces. Remove it. You! Aren’t you guys curious? Don’t
you wanna see his face? Remove it. Can’t you understand? Remove the mask! I said remove the mask! Remove it yourself and… everything will stay smooth. If I have to force it then… It’s irritating me! Remove it! Ask him to remove it! Remove it! Won’t you remove it? Sorry! Please don’t mistake me. My face is full of burns from a fire accident.
Exposing it might infect it further. That is why I’m
wearing this mask. Come on, that’s ok. You can still remove
the mask because… compared to these
three ladies here… I’m sure your face would
still look better. Ok! Mr. CEO, where are you man? I wanna meet you. Right away! So come on. The build up was too much for you
but it’s nothing. Now come on! Where are you? Come on man! Have you gone crazy? I am talking to him. Ok? Mr. CEO? Ashwin Augustine, the great!
Where are you man? Hey! Shut up! I wanna meet him! I haven’t
seen a ghost in my life. I wanna see him man. Please! Mr. CEO? Where are you? Where are you? Huh? Mr. CEO?! Are you afraid of me? Come on! Come on! Show me some of
that valor you got! Where are you? Are you a coward? Come on man! Ashwin! Show up! Come out! Where are you? See that? That’s it! There is nothing here. Do you all wanna see me pass
this interview right away? What do you mean? Remember what the
invigilator said? We must be inside this
room for an hour and… He said, when the clock shows 4… whoever is alive… will be the CEO. Isn’t it the same? Nope! It isn’t the same. I can’t wait for an hour.
That’s too long. I am going to adjust
the clock right away. Somebody please check
what happened to him. So did you guys see it? CEO’s ghost! Did you
all manage to see it? At least now, do you all get it? Neither there is a ghost in here
nor any crap of that sorts! What happened? Got scared real bad? Even though it was a prank,
still when someone’s dead… will you keep laughing? How dare you laugh?! Why… are you all… staring at me? Hey relax. Relax. Relax. Oh! Now, is that a sign
showing your presence? I still don’t believe. I won’t believe! Please be quiet. – Didn’t I already…
– You! Ask the ghost to
appear in front of me! Only then I shall believe. I don’t believe in anything
that the eye cannot see. Hence, that is why I demand… I demand the ghost to appear! Hey! Now, why are you guys
scared looking at me? Does anyone wanna
check if he is alive? Now watch me imitate you. No. Don’t do it. Just let him be. Leave me! That was his final wish. – We have something more important than this.
– I wanna see his face! Leave me! Right now our lives
are more important. Let’s work out on how are
we going to save ourselves. Please. Hey… Didn’t I tell you?
Don’t remove his mask. Cool. Cool. Cool. I am not removing his mask… but his face irritates me. Hence… See… only if we all cooperate… we can escape from this place. Ok? Cooperate? For your kind information. This is an interview. Only one of us can get selected. Cooperate? My foot! Does this look like an interview? Oh! Now there comes
the ‘accent’. Looks like she can’t
lose that ‘accent’. This doesn’t look like
an interview to me. Seems like the ghost has
assembled us here on purpose. If this continues then none
of us will become the CEO. Instead, we’ll be turned into
the ghost’s apprentice If we keep discussing… then we will be
just wasting time. Lets do something. I agree to cooperate. Good. So, all of you are
ready to cooperate. In order cooperate
and work this out… we must first introduce
ourselves… and…where we are from. Hey! Are you ok? You seemed to be fine. My name…. and from where I am… I unable to recollect. – Are you guys able to recollect.
– What do you mean? None of us have any
idea about ourselves. This is definitely
some kind of plot! Someone’s toying with us. Yes! But then, we aren’t dancing
to anyone’s tunes. We are behaving quite normal. That’s the point. Our mannerism is something
etched in our subconscious mind. Hence we are behaving normal. But… our identity alone… is erased off by someone. Who would do that? Why us? What do they want? You! We already have got
so many problems… and all you want is to laugh!
Isn’t it? Are you a retard? I must have finished
you off earlier! I let you go. Well, you must… be finished off! Please. Please don’t kill me. Tell me why shouldn’t
I kill you? I….I… can see a mysterious figure. What is he saying? He is lying! No, I am not. Since our arrival here… I… can see a mysterious figure. How are you alone
able to see it? Promise that you won’t harm me? Go ahead. Tell me. Do you promise? Just spit it! Ok. I’ll tell. I am a… clairvoyant. I can see… spirits and ghosts. Indeed, I can. He is just bluffing to escape
from getting busted up. Didn’t we all realize a few moments ago that
we aren’t able to recollect who we are? The how is he able to? I am not lying. Believe me. Please. Don’t give me that strange look. I am just like you guys. I too wasn’t able to
recollect my identity. But… when I held my wrist.. I was able to recollect
my identity. You mean telepathy? Hey! Clever! Do I look like a fool? Tell me! Don’t hurt him. He is our ‘trump’ card. Him? This retard? He is a clairvoyant. Only with his help… we can find out about ourselves. Does this look like
spiritual place? Wait, I’ll… Do you have any other choice? I comply. For the first time,
I agree with you. That’s it! Keep playing this ‘Majority
– Minority’ game forever! Your name is… Bujibabu. You were working in
another company earlier. You are here to attend an
interview for the CEO post. By nature you are… a timid fellow. Didn’t we all agree? Put your hand forward. He is a bad soul. He must not be here
with us, in this room. Please send him out. So, the ones who support you are
good souls else they are a bad soul? Why do you intimidate… I know what I am doing. He keeps laughing like a retard
and you want me to believe him? Believe me! I am not a retard. Please believe me. I’ve a condition. I start
laughing when I see ghosts. What are you saying? Yes. On arriving here… remember I laughed at the
guy wearing the mask? Right behind him… there was a ghost. Yes, a ghost. I saw a ghost. So… what about the time I fell
down and you laughed? Yes, there was a ghost right behind you. Now… Now do you see anyone behind me? Now do you see? No right? No right? No right? Behind whom do you
see the ghost now? If it’s not behind
anyone of you, then… Only… ten more minutes. In ten minutes… one among us… is going to die. What are you blabbering? Indeed. When the lights went
out the first time… the time was 3:10. Second time it went out… the time was 3:20. In some time… one among us will definitely die.
It’s confirmed! Definitely, the ghost is
not behind all this. Now that’s a new confusion.
What’s that all about? Looks like someone among
us has done this. First murder can be
blamed on the ghost. But… Hey! How can you be so sure? Look at his neck. Someone has slit him. Now, who among us?
How do we find out? Very simple. Since we are unable to
recognize ourselves, let’s frisk and check each other. There he goes! Check me. Now, everyone comply but I won’t! Hey! Stop blabbering
and listen to me. Fine. Ok. But then, what about the ladies? Bloody womanizer! Ok. Ok sir. Now,
lift your hands. Now you. – Lift your hands.
– Wait. How dare you put
your hands on me? Fine! I won’t check you. Buy why? Now, that’s one trouble
out of our way! Check him. He is dead. Nope. We don’t have
anything with us. Check me once again. Check you again? Nope. Nothing. Lift your hands. I said lift your hands. When you guys got nothing
then what would I have? Lift your hands! Your tickling. Stop tickling me. I’m ticklish. Please stop it. I have no idea how it got there. I’m pretty sure. I’ve no idea. Stop playing innocent. Do you think we’ll fall for it? Masterstroke? Is it? No. It’s the master
stroke by the ghost. Like we are gonna believe that. Why have you bought
all of us here? It wasn’t my plan and I have no
idea about what’s happening. – Why are you doing this?
– Me? Believe me! Are you a psychopath? Hey! Why are you still
reasoning with him? Catch hold of him and… – Don’t near me.
– No! Put the knife down. No I won’t. I won’t. – You aren’t the one doing this right?
– Didn’t I already say? It’s not me! – Put it down.
– No! Look here. Listen… Yes! Yes! Why did you kill him? I finished him off just
like I finished him! That’s it! What do you mean? Don’t you still get the
concept of this interview? If only one can be a
winner out of eight… then seven on them must die! And that is what I am trying to achieve. Fine, I agree that you could
have murdered these two. What about the first murder? I take it as a bonus from the
ex- CEO to the future CEO! You will become the CEO
only if I let you. Oh! Come on! Come on! What’s wrong with you? Why
are you behaving crazy? Listen to me. Don’t harm them.
Let them go. Lie there! I’ve a play
for you to enjoy. Look, let’s talk. There is nothing to talk! If you try to untie yourself
I’ll finish you off! – Hey! You are committing a blunder.
– Come on now! Please. Stop it! Ok! Relax! You better stay quiet! Like I said, I’ve a
play for you to enjoy. So, shut up and watch. No. Please don’t. Just shut your mouth! Please. Listen to me. Please don’t do this.
I plead you. – Don’t be afraid.
– Why are you doing this? No! No! No! Don’t harm them. Ok. Ok. None of you worry. So now, it’s only me
and the three of you. And we are gonna have some… fun. You are indeed a sadist! Remember what you promised
and look what you are doing? I feel so excited. I wanna have some fun! Hey! Stay right there.
Don’t you near me! I’ve the eyes of an eagle
and I’m watching you. I am going to hunt you
down; what you gonna do? I am naughty little wild animal and when
I’m hungry I’ll hunt down anyone on my way! I am the villain;
sharp as a blade! You are nothing compared
to me; so shut up! Look at me carefully;
I’m the lord of death! And it’s time to
introduce hell to you! You can’t escape me. You can’t beat me. I’m the demon! I’m the devil!
I’m the king of carnage! I never show mercy!
I don’t have a heart! You called me a sadist and
that’s how I’ll behave! I am the demon who doesn’t
show mercy at all! Meeting me was your fate! We are in game and
there are no rules. Do you feel the fear nearing
and approaching you? Can you hear your
heartbeat rising? This is my battleground. Do you have
the guts to face me? Answer me! Look at me; I am
fearless like the lion. They call me the demon
king ‘Ravanan’! They call me the demon
king ‘Ravanan’! I’m ‘the’ thug! I’m swag!
Watch me play my games! Watch me perform like a pro!
I am just gonna rock! I’m ‘the’ thug! I’m swag!
Watch me play my games! Watch me perform like a pro!
I am just gonna rock! I wanted to tell this earlier. You are… so damn… beautiful! Hey… Hey… I won’t hurt you. Everyone’s gonna die. Eventually, I’m gonna
finish you off too. – But…
– Please. I wanna have some.. yeah! Yeah! Didn’t I tell you? Let me go. Please. Leave me. Traditional girls always rock! Hey! It’s ok. Ok. Have you gone mad? Stop that. It’s not helping! Looks like death is nearing you. Why are you laughing? Death is indeed nearing… All this while we thought
he was the murderer. But the knife was with him. Then who murdered him? From where is the noise coming? It’s from the clock. – No.
– Wait. I must check it out. What is it? This is a night vision
display device. You mean, like a camera? All this while someone
has been monitoring us. So, you mean it can show us what
happened here when lights went out? Just like you said… whatever happened in the dark can be seen. Go ahead. Watch it. Who are you? There was nothing in the video… but I saw your head move. If you had already died,
how can your head move? Why was the clairvoyant
laughing looking at you? Who are you?! Reveal yourself! Remove the mask! Who are you? You look exactly like me. Looks like he doesn’t
recognize us. I am your clone. My clone? I was created using
your body cell. From my body cell? What do you mean? You are my master. I am your master? My memory is blank and I
don’t recollect anything. Do you have any idea? I know your complete history. It’s there in my mind. So, if you know
everything about me… then tell me about it.
Reveal my identity. It was me who said… that you are my master. And look… it got into your head! You better tell! Please. No, I won’t. Well, look at that dead
fellow over there. He wanted to finish off
everybody and become the CEO. And me? I am one of the most intelligent
clone ever created. So ain’t I ‘THE’ CEO? The only reason I’ve spared you so
far is because you look like me. – Or else…
– Or else… what? what are you gonna do about it? Are you gonna thrash me?
Come on. Please tell me, who am I? Looks like we are provoking him. Please. Come on. Bring it on. Come on. Come on. It’s show time! You think you can shoot me? Look at your hands. It’s trembling. Go ahead. Shoot me. Shoot me and… you’ll be just like him. A corpse or a living
corpse, to be precise. Shoot me. Please. I shall put the gun down. Reveal my identity. Please. Go ahead. Shoot me. Shoot me. Please, you better tell me. You better shoot me. I will! Please. Tell me. Shoot! I said shoot me. That would be better! Shoot! Shoot me you son of a gun! Why did you kill him? If I wouldn’t have killed him… then he would have
killed all of us. Don’t do anything crazy. He was the only one
who knew my identity. You call me mad? You are mad! Standing like a
‘shivering’ statue! Don’t act like a stupid. You call me a stupid? You are the one,
standing like a stupid. Instead of killing him, I
should have killed you. Yes! Yes! I killed him. Yes! He was trying to hurt me. And if you try to do something,
I will kill you all. Give me the gun. No. Don’t come near me. I said, give me the gun. No. Just give it. Give it. When a man… keeps quiet and takes no action… that doesn’t make him a wuss. It means, there are 1000
reasons behind his silence. Now, give it. Give it. I said, give it to me. You heard me. Give it. You better give it. Isn’t he dead yet? Not so soon. There is a lot more
for me to achieve before I die! So, if you were
acting dead then… you must be knowing everything
that happened here. She was the one, who
tried to finish you off. Finish her off first. Then we can settle things
between us in a smooth way. At your service madam. Confused? All of you came here
as individuals. We are a team. I am her loyal and
proud servant! You guys have… lost all your memories. But the two of us? We were acting so! Shoot them off! Yes madam. I had three choices while I
wanted to molest and… now, I’ve three choices
to murder too! You are always my
first choice baby. Madam, I agree… that you are indeed clever.
Too clever. But then, just think… after finishing off
the three of us… what’s the guarantee that he
won’t finish you off too? He might be a loyal
servant to you but… when it comes to wealth and
recognition, you can’t trust anybody! Just think! Don’t waste time. Shoot her! Shoot! Think…once…madam. Here, shoot yourself. Madam, do not fall
for her words! Shoot yourself and prove
your loyalty to me! Anything for you madam. This time…I’ll keep it on you. Sorry brother! Your time is up. Yeah! True. Really… the time is up! No! No! Please! Don’t shoot me. I am a girl after all. Well, real men never hurt women. But you ain’t a woman.
You are a wretch! What’s going on here? The..the walls are moving! Please don’t cry. Why are you crying? They just paid for their own mistakes. And that is the only reason
you finished them off. Now please, forget it. Wait. I’ll see… Have you gone mad? Let her go! Tell me the truth. I want to know
everything about me. A mole in a group sounds usual. But here, everyone in the group is a mole! Now, reveal my identity! Look here… trust me, I don’t know anything. Look here, there is
only one bullet left. I shall spare the one
who speaks the truth. Think about it! Please, tell me. Who am I? Ok. Ok. Trust me. I promise. I
don’t know anything. Ankita. She is the one. She knows everything. Question her. Both of you act very well.
Nice play! So, I am the sole one here, who has
no idea about what’s going on? Now, give me the truth. Ok! Ok! Alright. I’ll tell you. I am your wife. She is lying! – She is lying.
– Don’t trust her! – She is lying.
– No, I am your wife! I am your wife. Please, trust me. I am your wife. Trust me! Look, I am your wife not her. – She is lying. I am your wife.
– She is lying. I am your wife. Just shut up! The truth! I am speaking the truth. She..she is lying. Ok. If you don’t believe
me then I am ready to die. It will be an honor for me… to be killed by my husband. Woah! She is faking it! She is bluffing.
Please believe me. – Please believe me.
– She is bluffing! I plead you. Trust me. I am your bloody wife! Trust me!
She is lying! I shall believe in anything and anyone… but I shall never
trust women’s tears. You are a bloody loser! She was telling the truth. You killed your own wife. Do you have any idea on what must be
the best quality a CEO must possess? You should be able to judge. In truth and lie. You couldn’t judge. Isn’t it? Why are you here? So almost, I won this interview. You are alive? She is alive. I’ll fake it as if I’ve shot you. Just fall down and play dead. How does it matter? There are no bullets left. Please don’t do this. Sorry. Miss… late C…E… O! Now, how did you… trust me? We have been in this
room for almost an hour. You knew that you were my wife and
yet you kept it a secret from me. Look here. Just like you, I too was clueless. Please… don’t mistake me. Only seven minutes to go. Let us both leave
this room as the CEO. Listen to me. Finish me off. What are you saying? Does this still look like
an interview to you? Well, even if this is an interview… I am not the eligible person. Knowingly or unknowingly… I finished off these four individuals. You are yet to kill. If you wanna become
the CEO then kill me. Don’t act crazy.
Stop blabbering. Come, let’s get out of this room. Just tell me if you don’t
have the heart to kill me. Hand over that knife to me. I’ll kill myself. Have you gone mad? Well, but…. I know very well… that I am not someone who can
cope up and live in this society. Just tell me, what is this all about? Please. I plead you. Tell me, who am I? Who am I? This is what I meant earlier. I knew that you had the knife. Now please. Finish me off. Please. Well, I won’t obey you. Only if I feel like doing it… then I shall finish you off. At least, you’ll be alive. I plead you. Just finish me off. Please. Are you mad? I asked you to kill me. Isn’t it? Why would you stab yourself? By stabbing myself, I
didn’t kill myself. I have killed you. Because you live in my heart. Why? Why did you do this? Congratulations! You… won the interview. A life is the price here. All that is sown
here are emotions. I won over the situation
but by committing a sin. All that I am now
searching is for reality! I am bursting inside
looking for answers. I am struggling alone;
I need some support! The only way out is to wage
this battle by myself. I am hating this!
I am hating myself! Isolated; I am being finished off! Separated; I am weeping. What I believed in; I have now crushed
that belief myself! As I follow my heart… I find that it’s useless and
doesn’t matter anymore. It was for wealth I
made these enemies… I am hating this!
I am hating myself! I am wandering… I am lost… I am losing myself… It hurts and I am
bleeding inside… I am being burnt alive ! What’s with this act of betrayal? I am
struggling in the pursuit of finding it out! Is this all a disguise to succeed by
stamping others without their knowledge? I have committed a blunder by
finishing of the one I admired. It’s like I a living
in a world of betrayal. I am hating this!
I am hating myself! Won’t I ever be free from this? Will this curse ever wear off? The only answer seems to be death… Whom do I blame? Whom do I avenge? Until now, you guys
didn’t have a CEO. But… now… even me, the new CEO
that you got… isn’t going to live any longer. Because… Congratulations. You are the CEO of this company. I need to know something. When such wealth and recognition… comes your way, why would you push it
away and commit suicide? Tell me please. I want to know. You call this an interview? Come on I say! This is corporate culture. In order to succeed, one
has to step on the other. Survival of the fittest. You are the best among
the 8 individuals. You survived. Simple. Well, if I have secured
this CEO post… then securing it by killing 7 others… is something I don’t need. What tells you that they are dead? Look behind you. Turn back. Please. What is happening around me? Who am I? Please tell me. I plead you. Please tell me. Whatever we said in the beginning…. was half true and
the rest was a lie. The death of Ashwin Augustine… was a lie. Do you know who he is? It’s you! It is you. Well, it’s true that you did
try committing suicide. Yes Ashwin… you are an acute case of
multiple personality disorder. When you visited my clinic
for the first time… do you have any idea what
condition you were in? Doctor… my problem is that… Doctor, how are you? Hello doctor. I hope you are doing fine? Doctor… Doctor… I hope you are doing fine? Doctor, how are you? – He belongs to me!
– No! He belongs to me! Shut up! You fool! When multiple personality disorder… affects an intelligent individual; the effects that it brings about… is something that I have witnesses today. Ashwin, whatever you
see isn’t real. You can’t see the real you… yet you are able to see a ghost. Similarly, you see your wife, a clone, a timid fellow, a lover, a villain… and a wretch. Many such characteristics. And those characteristics are bursting
out as new personality in you. Only you came in for this interview. Inside this hall; only you were there. The job that you loved the most. It is for that same job I made
you come down for an interview. There weren’t 8 of them
attending this interview. It was only you. The fact about a ghost is the room was a plot, so
that you could kill off all the personalities. The whole thing was
your imagination. Hallucination. Nothing played in that video device… yet it was your imagination that
made you see something on it. Only when more pressure
is exerted on you… you’ll kill off the personalities, hence we
burst the explosive in that brain show piece. The gun was for real… but it contained no bullets at all. How can you shoot someone when
there are no bullets in the gun? The walls were also squeezed in
and out to exert pressure on you. The personalities die when
they go away from inside you. And when they reoccur inside
you, they come back to life. Finally, whatever happened inside that
room was a battle within your mind. Until you completely believe
that you are Ashwin Augustine… you can’t leave this room. This is where your
fate will be sealed. Well… I’ve rolled the dice. Only if I get a full house… I will win. And you are the trump card. This whole experiment is
similar to a snooker board. The characters inside you… are the color balls that I am pocketing. You are the white ball and if you remain… I’ll win. If the white is pocketed… then it’s a foul. Ashwin… you can do it. Yes, you can do it. Don’t give up. You can Ashwin. Come on. With rage in your heart and fire in you eyes;
here you are, like a striking lightning! Even if everything is lost and scars are
all that is left; the game isn’t over yet! It drains down you
like a grudge! I makes you break the rules! It mixes up in your soul
and you can hear it speak. Finally it takes over you! With rage in your heart and fire in you eyes;
here you are, like a striking lightning! First, get out of this room. Do not fall prey to the
personalities in you. Leave out all your fears. Don’t give into it. Analyze yourself. Only then you’ll know
who you really are. See yourself. Finish off all the
personalities within you. Kill them all! As you eliminate each one
of them, your life changes. Until then your mind
will wander around. Everything that you witness… should stay in you. Never forget it! A Dice! That’s what you are! You are a ‘DICE’! Don’t you guys near me! None of you are real! Please leave! Just leave! Doctor! Doctor, you have won. You have won. Doctor… So doctor, looks like you won? Hats off! I am perfectly alright doctor. All the personalities
inside me… are gone. Thank you so much. Very good. Very good Ashwin. Now, tell the exact same
thing to the senior doctor. Ok? You can. Take care. Good. Who are you? I am Ashwin Augustine. CEO of FFF international. Good! Good! Good Ashwin! Good! Finally my treatment has paid off. Thanks to you doctor. Five years! It’s indeed something great. Thank you so much. No. No. I should thank your company first. Ashwin, for five years. For five years your company supported you
and took care of all your financial needs. I always wondered why
would they do that. Then I understood how
important you are to them. And because of that I had a
new found respect for you. Anyway… let’s move to the further details… of your treatment. Ok. All your eight personalities… are no more within you. Now, don’t confuse me doctor. I am very clear now. Don’t try to fool me. Please. Ashwin… you had eight personalities. No doctor… there were only seven
personalities. I am serious Ashwin. You had
eight personalities in you. A clairvoyant. Then a… clone. A villain. A coward. Then my wife. My lover. and that wretch. In total, only seven characters. There is one more. Who is it doctor? Which character? A doctor. A doctor? Yes. Ashwin please. Don’t go away. Ashwin! Ashwin, please
cooperate with me. Come on. Ashwin! Ashwin! Ashwin please! Look here!
Don’t look there! Ashwin! Ashwin?! Ashwin! Look here! I’m perfectly alright doctor. Only if I get a full house… I will win!

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