Darth Vader reviews C3p0 Star Wars Black Series Unboxing  RageOn

Darth Vader reviews C3p0 Star Wars Black Series Unboxing RageOn

Hi Storm trooper,
Oh hey, hi guys. What’s up,
Oh hi Johnny, Hey Gary,
Oh hi Mark! Hey guys, welcome back to another video, this
is me, Darth Vader, We are going to unbox one of the robots I
did as a child, What an innocent boy I was. C3PO. So many memories, I had such a good time. So, lets start with the unboxing. Right off the bat we can see the artwork,
C3p0 is here, There is no number on the side, neither in
the back. This C3p0 is the original one, with the gray
leg, and he doesn’t have the orange arm. Ok so I managed to open it, and WOW,
He looks amazing Lets take him out. He looks amazing, he has full articulation,
I really like the paintjob, hes really shiny And he really looks like the one from the
movie. Now lets compare him with Luke Skywalker and
see the size comparison. In the movie, C3po was shorter than Luke , that’s
why they made the figure a bit smaller. So Luke is taller. Now im going to show you the articulation. You can articulate the knees, oh wow what
did I do? I almost broke the leg,. The neck is a bit stiff so is hard to move. Its really hard to find, so if you find one
you better buy it. There is a Force Awakens of C3po but the left
arm is red, and you see the cables on his belly? The other one has different colors. But I like this one better because it’s
the classic look. I can’t wait to play with him and R2d2 that
was also one of my robots. Thank you guys for watching I hope you enjoyed,
please like share and subscribe, And if you excuse me I’m going to watch
one of my favorite star wars movies, you see that? You should check it out. Its really good. It’s a one time experience. Check it out, BYE.

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