Dancing Vellum Dragonflies, Metallic Watercolor Background & Heart Embossing Handmade Card Tutorial

hi and welcome to a Chicano and welcome
to Sunday stamping with Elizabeth craft designs basically I’m going to show you
how to make a metallic watercolor wash I’m also going to show you how to bronze
up butterflies and add this lovely sentiment by embossing on vellum we’ve
got lots of tips and techniques to show you so let’s get started first thing we
need to do for today’s video is use the promote metallic accents they’re a
lovely metallic watercolor cake and they have some great micro metallic accents
in them we’re going to be using two colors from this I’m going to be doing
slightly different watercolor background to how we usually do it so I’m going to
add my droppers of water as we normally do I find that this just expedites that
process it starts to activate some of those pigments in the colors ready for
us to do our washes actually is going to use two colors this group this is called
astareal and blue aura and that’s going to give us that beautiful background for
our dragonflies I have my favorite castile collapsible water dish with all
of my clean water in and I have my rinse well here for my dirty water so this
rinse well if you haven’t seen it before this here is full of clean water and
then this little pull down here I can use to wash out my paintbrushes and when
it gets dirty I just press the plug and it goes into the container underneath so
it saves you having to run backwards and forwards for multiple water tops and
really love this tool I’ve got two paintbrushes one a number 24 round and
the other is a number 16 flat I will link them up below the video for you but
just so that you can watch them so the first thing I do take my clean water and
I’m going to really soak my paper the paper is the Canson watercolor cold
press 140 pounds and I have them pre-cut into quarters which is a bit larger than
car front size so that gives us a little bit of room to add tape and if there’s
any areas that we’re not happy with we can often just trim those out so once
your water is or your card stock rather is quite saturated and I want it pour
we just want it to be quite saturated we’re going to start picking up some
color so I’m going to go in with my large round brush I’m going to activate
that blue and load up my brush and I’m going to start adding droplets and you
can get some really fun techniques on here I also find that if it’s not kind
of spreading out in spidery veins in us you might find you want to just a little
bit of extra water with your spray bottle so again I’m going to do a bit
more on the balloon and sometimes you need to pick up a bit more paint and you
may even want to drop it in a little bit of extra water into your colors so I’m
going to really load these up because I want that washy background and I’ll link
up these dropper bottles they’re plastic they now have a black top rather than
the white top but they’re absolutely fantastic to use and if you don’t use
any of this anything that you have put the water on will dry back in it just
evaporates out and your watercolor cakes dry out so I’m going to clean off my
brush and that’s in my rinse well water and I’m going to just empty that out
because there’s a lot of pigment in my brush and then I’m going to pick make
sure it’s got nice clean water in it in my clean water pot and you can check
that out if you think it’s draining clear I really do want these to be
playful don’t want contamination yet between the two if you can just brush it
onto your piece of kitchen towel and I can still feel it a little bit of blue
so I’m going to go back in for a little bit more clean water and try it again
and now I can see that that’s nice and clear so now I’m going to use that
lovely greeny colour and this would make great ocean backgrounds you could make
backgrounds for mermaids for galaxies you can go over the top of this with
some great colors as well you could go over it with some of the black that’s in
here and it gives you super background for a galaxy now I’m going to just stand
my paint brush to the edge and I’m going to move this around a little bit I’m
going to let it do itself I don’t want to be adding in anything just yet
I’m not the most patient crafter and I’m really not great when I just let things
kind of do their own thing but for this one you really do get the best effects
if you just let it move around itself you can see there how it’s moving around
and how we’re getting those really fun effects also notice this little bit of
the area that’s really quite stubborn and I’m now I’m going to go back in with
a little bit more blue because I want the blue to be the dominant color and
I’m going to fill in anywhere that I feel is a bit too light and again I’m
going to do the same thing I’m just going to move that around and grab some
more color in there again I’m going to just a little spritz just to make that
area move a bit more because it was a little bit drier and what you get is
this lovely water marks and you get almost like some marbling in there as
well with a little bit area here that’s little bit dry and you can keep playing
around until you’re happy with those colors now if you’re going to leave this
to air dry you will find it will take a long time to dry and I’m just taking and
I’m adding a few more bits of green and I’m just tapping the end of my
paintbrush just like this it’s slightly out of the shop but you can see there
what I’m doing I’m going to do the same with the blue just to add those little
bits in and you’ll see it heading on how much water’s in the area depends on the
reaction you get and I’m just moving this color around so once you are happy
with the colors that you have the marbling effects that you have you can
then dry this piece off and I’m pretty much I think getting to where I want to
be so I’m going to dry this off and then
we’ll come back and have a look at it if we want to add anything more and
otherwise we can carry on with our stamping this is my finished piece after
I dried it I use my Ranger heat craft tool to dry
my piece this gives you the same high temperature as an embossing tool but
what it also does is it doesn’t give you that really harsh flow of air so it
doesn’t move all your pools of water around particularly when you’ve got
something that you’re really happy with I ended up adding a few spritzes here
and there as I drive because I ended up with a bit of a river down this middle
strip but you can see how beautiful it came up I’m going to lift it up to the
camera here so you can see how all of those are the marbles and watermarks and
droplets and things all came up really really beautifully the first thing I
want to do is I want to trim off my white edge and then we can see where we
are at with regards to trimming it down for card front size so we’ve got trim
these off I love this this is a cutter pede if you haven’t seen me use it
before it comes in a mini card size and it also comes in a 12 by 12 size and
I’ll link both of those below the video and of course in the related blog posts
for oiling so we now are at five and a quarter which is perfect by just under
four so I’m actually so take a tiny little sliver off of here just so that I
haven’t even border all the way around the other great thing with this tools if
you line it up here you take about a quarter of an inch way which is often
perfect for matting distances so this is our base piece and I’ve already got a
card front piece here this is half an eight-and-a-half by 11 cut lengthways
and I’m going to fold it in half to make our card base it’s Neenah solar white
and I’ve been of course I will link it all up when I have my bone folder here
to just firm up that fold I can go ahead already and start putting this down I’ve
pre-cut some foam pieces beside me from my large foam tape roll and I’m just
going to start putting them on I have a pair of scissors that live in the drawer
with my foam tape and I also keep lots of spare pieces actually just on top of
the foam roll that I can pick during videos or just when I need them
and then I know that these is a super-sharp and if they get any sticky
on I’ll clean them off probably occasionally maybe every three months or
so with some goo gone but they just sit on top of that foam tape roll so we can
take off our backing like this and we can stick this on to our card front
because if the assembly is really really easy so it looks beautiful and of course
you can use it for so many different occasion I’m going to use it this way up
and I’m going to Center it with my massing like that so that’s our card
base ready the next thing I want to do is I want to stamp out my sentiments I’m
using a dream sentiment or Elizabeth craft designs or some lovely things on
here all about dream come true love happiness so whether you’re using it for
a new baby or perhaps you’re using it for congratulations
or from one-offs College it works in all sorts of different ways and I’m going to
use my Tim Holtz platform I have a piece of vellum that I’ve pre-cut here and I’m
going to stamp this down with some Versamark so you can also still put your
magnets just on these corners and I’ll make sure on the screen right now you’ll
see some lengths of ten top tips to use with your Tim Holtz platform and other
platforms and also how I added this foam piece and it still stamps perfectly it
is personal preference whether you want to use the foam in there but I actually
like it for the more detailed stamps and I find it saves me time in the long run
we’re going to start this down with some Versamark and I’m just kind of looking
to the side to see how well that seems to start out really nicely I thought my
platform to the side and I have some Ranger copper embossing powder and of
course my little lit embossing powder tray and I’m going to put this into here
and this works really well and again either great because I’ve got that
little tunnel on the side to help you or powder back in I’m just going to make
sure that there’s no stragglers can I click around the back
and just also wife a few areas of my fingers and he met up with my embossing
tool the one tip I would give you with vellum is to pre-heat your embossing
tool normally when we go straight in with heat embossing we go straight in
with our tool and on vellum we’ll end up with lots of wrinkles if you wait for
your tool to be hot maybe 30 seconds to the side and then go straight on there
the power to wall Kirk but you won’t heat up the vellum and get all of those
wrinkles in there so I’m just checking the temperature here I think it’s pretty much ready to go and the other thing with damage you want
to keep moving it’s not like other car stops where you can just kind of stay in
the same place you want to keep moving it as much as possible so those are me all of your dreams come
true and again I’m just going to grab my paper cutter and I’m going to trim this
down to put onto our card I want a little bit above and below I have to say I’m doing this a little bit
more white I and I’m going to cut the beginning side and the other side I’m
going to cut that curve with my Smith so I’m going to follow this scroll on the S
of our dreams so around about an eighth of an inch and I just like the idea of
being able to follow that just for something a little bit different and
rather than a harsh edge I’m just going to round that piece off as well just it
looks a little bit more appealing on there now of course we can add our
dragonflies as well so our piece of vellum is going to go down here and I
use my favorite phanom tape it is called w+ for vellum it is reloadable i know
it’s a little bit on the pricey side for adhesive I can add a nice strip like
that and you can’t see it – I’m gonna lift this all the way up to the camera
and hopefully it’ll stop into focus for you in just a second there we go you
can’t see any of that adhesive if I put my hand underneath you can’t see that
adhesive at all so I’m really happy with it it take me a long time to find
something that works but this really does so that will stick on there nice
and up a tiny bit just here well and now we can add our dragonfly so I’ve already
pre-cut some of my dragonflies here and I cut two of each and I’m going to be
using my Nuvo embellishment mousse to add a little bit of decoration to them
first of all and then we will assemble them using a glue dots so let’s first of
all I’m just going to open this up I’m going to just touch my finger in here
very lightly and I’m even going to just touch on the back of my hand because I
don’t want too much and then going to just lightly apply my finger across the
Dragonfly and you’ll see in a second I’ll hold them up
of course so you can see them and again I’m going to touch almost like imagine
you’re applying a really light bronzer or foundation something like that and
this just adds a little bit of sparkle to them now if you had a clear one you
could use that you could use gold silver maybe if it was for a wedding
anniversary you could use the appropriate color for the anniversary so
once you’re happy I’m going to do both of these are just a little bit of this
coppery bronze color which will tie in really nicely with the embossing powder
we used of course by applying it with your finger rather than a tool you have
a much lighter touch and even sort of the veins of your fingerprint add a
little bit to the die-cuts as well and it’s going to touch in there and this
will wash straight off afterwards I got a baby wipe just to hand which I’ll add
on in just a second so there are our dragonflies I’ll assemble them up as I
say I’ll lift them up just so that you can see them I’m just going to clean
this off of my fingers and you can see how easily this comes off I just don’t
want to transfer onto our card in any way so to assemble we need our glue dot
so just here I’m going to take one glued up I’m just going to use my nail to pick
it up and I’m going to place that into the middle of the bottom butterfly but
I’m going to fly rather I’m going to then stick my second one on the top and
line it up I’m going to do the same on the smaller ones and you need to choose
which is your top which is your bottom and again I’m going to layer that one on
the top the next thing you want to do is I’m just going to fold it over with my
nail and I like to just take my bone folder and kind of fold those wings
tease them up a little bit tease them down just so that you get that lovely
effect to them of course if you sent these in the mail they may get a bit
squashed but you could also put a little bit of foam just as a protective layer
within the envelope and I often just leave a little direction to fluff them
up on arrival so I will lift this up so that is your first butterfly make sure
that’s in shop there and it will refocus in just a second but I’m going to start
just turning it a little bit so that you can can see there there we go you can
see there how beautiful that looks and how 3d it looks between all those
different things and then I’m going to do the same on this bottom one so again
I’m going to fold the wings and I’m just going to take it over my bone folder to
add those 3d effects this I really want leaves to stand up and then again I’m
just going to attach them with some glue dots so I’m going to pick up a two glue
dots one for each dragon of fly and they seem to stick to me more than the vellum
but there we are so they are now stuck on there and you’ll find if you do have
gel nails like mine they will stick to you really well so we’re now going to
put up drag and slide down and I would just like to hold them down and you’ll
see how they look first of all and of course we can play around with the
dragonfly wings and once you’re happy with them you can
then press down the center often just get my bone folder and give it a really
good press in the center and also that will help you kind of play around with
those wings to get them to stand up now I’m going to do the same on this one
here again I’m just going to go in and stand these wings back up I would
recommend if you’re going to mail this in particular just leave it overnight
for those glue dots to cure they do dry and they
dry really solid and really nicely again I know lift this up so you can have a
nice look at it and you can see there all the dimension we have as well so if
you leave it secure they’ll be far more secure to mail off and you can grab you
can see that all of that gorgeous metallic that’s on there we’ve got
metallic in the background we’ve got the copper both in the embossing powder and
ill knees stunning butterflies as well so I hope you’ve enjoyed sunday stamping
here with me at Hedgehog hollow do click the subscribe buttons that are coming up
on your screen of both the hedgehog Hollow and for in this booth craft
designs and I will see you again next month here at Elizabeth craft for
another sunday stamping feature see you soon happy stamping bye

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