Cursive Writing Tutorial Number Edition

Cursive Writing Tutorial Number Edition

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Bam!! Mr. Tarrou! I am doing this video in response to viewers of my cursive tutorial where I included my upper and lower case letters but left off the numbers, so some people were asking me “Hey, where are the numbers at?” Just a quick little recap. When you do write with a calligraphy nib, you need to hold that nib, so that it is 45 degrees thereabouts to horizontal. So this is with chalk so it is not going to be absolutely perfect but as you go across my title “Cursive Tutoiral: Number Edition” you will notice that these letters are getting thin all at about that same parallel angle that should be roughly 45 degrees from horizontal. Now, remember when you are writing with a calligraphy nib that you need to pull the pen. You cannot push against it. Now that will work for pencils and regular ball point pens but not for calligraphy pens and really not for, fountain pens can be a little bit sketchy there as well, though they should write smoothly. So, I am going to work through these. I am going to write out these 10 numbers and then there are going to be probably more strokes than you would use again if you are using just a pen or pencil. We will go back and do it as if you are using a regular writing utensil. and please, I know that we all type and we text and we are on the internet, or whatever, and we don’t write that often. But when you do write on a piece of paper that is a representation of you, so you should practice and you know work on that handwriting, so when someone reads that they are getting an example of how much pride you take in your work, so the value of the number “0” would just be two strokes of pulling that pen, starting at the top and coming down and coming over and finishing the right hand side of that zero. And the number “1” would be “1” , “2” and if you want to put a nice a nice base on it “3”. The number “2” is going to be “1, 2, 3” strokes. The number “3” “1, 2, 3, 4”. Now with a pen or pencil, I would want to keep pushing it around, but with calligraphy nib you are going to have to pick that up and try and hit that line as you finish that bottom loop of that 3 and get it lined up the best you can. So there is 0, 1, 2, and 3. Number “4”, something like this. Number “5”, that is “1, 2, 3, 4” strokes of your pen. And if you go to library or bookstore and start looking up different forms of calligraph different fonts, if you will. This is a pretty basic list of numbers that I am giving you. They can become pretty elaborate depending on the fonts you want to write in. So we have “6”. If you don’t want to go to the trouble of looking at those books. You know it is never a bad idea to learn. You can put your own flair on these numbers as you get more comfortable with writing them. Number “7”, “1,2,3” – I like to put a little tail on the base of my “7. Just make sure that they don’t blend in with any letters as well. I put a dash in the middle of the “7”. It’s not really that uncommon, but some choose not to include it. Number “8” You get this really balanced if you do it in two strokes; “1” and “2”. Now as I step back I am not really sure if I am in love with that “8” and also I don’t know what I did with my eraser Oh, here we go; I’ll be right back. Okay, I am not in love with that “8”. Let’s try that again. Okay we got”1″, “2”. So, you know it just takes consistent practice and I am happy with that. So there is “8” and one last number, “1, 2” and with the number “9” there is a little bit of a tail to give is some flare. There is not much you can do with with these numbers, especially with the “0”. They just loop back on themselves. So that’s number “0” through “9” Now with a regular pen or pencil and not having to worry about just pulling with that calligraphy pen you might say that this is “0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8” and that is just another, sort of sequence of strokes that I use to write my “8s” and then finally “9”. And that is at least how I write my numbers along with my sort of Cursive Calligraphy font that I write in every day. I am, Mr. Tarrou. BAM!!! Go do your calligraphy

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  1. Professor Tarrou's '2' which is not here but i have seen in his other math videos is my favorite !!

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