Creative Uses of Stacking Dies

Creative Uses of Stacking Dies

– [Jennifer] Hi there, and welcome back. I hope you had a good weekend. This is Jennifer McGuire, and today I’m sharing with
you many creative ways for using your stacking dies. Now stacking dies are any
die set where you have one shape, but many sizes of that shape. Some of these are basic
like circles and squares, some have scalloped edges,
some have faux stitching; it doesn’t matter, you can
use probably what you have. I’m gonna show you a few ways to create kinda graphic card
designs using these sets. Let’s get started with the basics. We’ll create this card that
looks like it was created with border dies, but I
actually used a square die set. This set is the one that I’m going to use for several examples today. This is the Honey Bee Stitched
Scallop Square Die Set. The largest square here is
5.5 inches by 5.5 inches. Now this is a new set for me, so I’m going to keep them connected. You can use your little die snippers to cut them apart if you want to. I’m just cutting out the
little flower in the center. If you have stacking dies
that you’ve already cut apart, you can still do this technique. All you do is flip them
over, space them nicely, and then put tape on the back
so that they’re all connected. Now for some of my examples, instead of card stock I’m going
to use thick mulberry paper. Mulberry paper usually is thin, so thin that you can
almost see through it, but this is much thicker, and
it has a very soft feel to it. I just thought it would kinda add a little bit of interest to the card. I will link to a couple different
thick mulberry paper packs that I like in the description below. So I’m trimming these down to six by six so I can easily die cut
them and save the rest. Now I’m using my Gemini
Junior Die Cut Machine today; however, you can use these dies with any traditional die cut machine. For the Gemini Junior I just find that it cuts great every time,
and also it’s auto feed. Once you put the plates in,
it feeds the plates through so you can go ahead and
go on to the next step of your project or have
a giant sip of coffee. Okay, so now I have cut this from the different
colors of mulberry paper. I actually picked five
different colors for this card, and I’m going through
and putting them in piles of the same size square. That just helps to put them together. Now you can see you have
lots of pieces here, so I have enough to make
five cards or even more, maybe 10 cards, depending
on the design I use. But I’m going to show
one here for you first. So I’ve flipped my squares over, and I’m just putting a
rainbow of squares together. Once I have them together, I’m going to put tape on the back of it. You can use absolutely
any tape you may have. I used Micropore Tape, but you could definitely use
masking tape or Scotch Tape. You could even cut one
large card stock square and glue all the pieces onto it, but I thought this was
pretty quick and easy. So here’s the fun part. We have this one square, and
we can actually cut it up to create several cards. Here I’m cutting it in half
from one corner to another, and we have these two
really neat looking pieces that we can glue onto
the card any way we want. You can get some really
fun graphic designs. Or if you want to you
can cut it in half again and have two smaller triangles
that you can use on cards. That’s what I’ll so for my first example. Now for this I’m using Be Creative Tape, but you can use any
adhesive that you may have. I’ll glue one triangle to
the bottom corner of a card, and the other triangle to
the top corner of a card. It looks like I created
this with border die cuts, but I made them with those stacking dies. Now, this is a 4.25 by 5.5 inch card, just a top folding white
note card that I made. Gluing with a little bit of
trim showing around the edge. Now if you do not have
any stacking die sets that have interesting edges
like the faux stitching or scalloped edge here, you can use regular stacking die sets, and I’ll show you that
later in this video. With my other piece I cut
the ends off a little bit and added it to another note
card for another fun design. Now most of the sentiments I’m using today from Honey Bee Stamps are
die sets like this one where they’re actually
three dies together; one cuts a word, one cuts the shadow, and then one cuts an even bigger shadow with faux piercing around the edge. So I’m using the hooray,
and this one here, this one says congratulations. In both cases I die cut the
word from black card stock and glued the word onto a piece of vellum cut with the shadow die. I’m using Gina K Connect Adhesive, which is a great strong liquid adhesive, to put dots of glue on the back hidden behind the black die cut. Then I’ll just go ahead
and add that to my card and put something heavy
on it while it dries. You can see this card
didn’t take very long to do, and I have a bunch of other pieces ready to make additional cards; I have lots of pieces left over. So here are the completed cards. I kept them very simple. I wanted to keep the
focus on the fun pattern in the background and the
texture that paper offers, and also that beautiful sentiment. Now the second card, I
just added the hooray, and in this case I added some sequins, but also a few little
gems just to kind of add a little bit more interest. Now you may notice that
the envelopes that I have in this video have been stamped with some small little messages. These are from a fun new stamp set. This is the Honey Bee Designs
Angel Policy Stamp Set. This is a smaller stamp set so the price point is excellent, and there are many small images on here that are great to stamp
on the back of cards or on envelopes. There are messages such as: From my hands to your heart; hand, I’m sorry, handmade and heartfelt; this is not junk mail;
long live snail mail; consider this a paper hug. I like all of these messages, and I use some on envelopes
and some on the inside of my cards today. Okay, I have a couple more examples using this same stacking die set, but this time I cut from card stock. I did cut from five different
colors of card stock, took all the pieces apart, and then puzzle pieced them together so I had these colorful pieces. There’s tape on the back
holding them together. Again, I’m going to cut
it right down the middle from one corner to another, so I have that nice diagonal cut, and then I will cut it
again to end up with this little smaller piece. I have a bunch of pieces to use so I’ll show you two of
the cards that I made. This one allows two corner
pieces to overlap in the middle, and then I kept it very simple. I stamped a sentiment that
I really like that says, “Thanks for being part of my tribe.” I call all my crafty friends my tribe, and I thought this message was fantastic. I kept this one super simple, but I still think it’s a fun
way to use your stacking dies. Here’s another one, a little more graphic. I trimmed down one of the
halves of the stacked pieces and added it to the front of my card. Then I added a Honey Bee Hugs Die. That’s black card stock on a white shadow, and then I added some Tonic Crystal Glaze on the top for some shine, and I’ll show you that in a few moments. You also see there are
some flower sequins on here from Honey Bee Designs,
which I really like. Here’s another example
using the same scalloped and stitched square die
set from Honey Bee Stamps, but this time I’m going to show
you how to make it look like those scalloped squares are even bigger than they actually are. So I cut from some dark
peach, medium peach, and light peach card stocks. Here I took three of the largest squares and taped them together. I’m gluing them onto a
4.25 by 5.5 inch note card, and this way it looks
like a diamond shape. Once I have that glued down, I can go ahead and trim the sides off. I wanted to cover up those corners, so I took a few of the extra
squares that I have left over and cut them into strips, so they look like little border strips. Then I will glue them onto
the corners to cover them up. So it looks like I have
even larger squares than I actually do. Since I have tons of those
scalloped squares left over, I can easily have enough pieces to add these little corners in. I decided to use liquid adhesive just because it makes it faster, but you can use whatever
adhesive you may have. Once I covered the front
and trimmed the extra off, I added a hello die cut
from Honey Bee Stamps, and it’s black card stock
hello with a vellum shadow. Next I’m adding some white sequins. These are flower sequins that have a bit of dimension to them. Gorgeous, these are the vellum version. Very subtle color, but they’re
so beautiful in real life. I added those with strong liquid adhesive and a cute little peach
gem in the center of each. I did add Tonic Crystal Glaze, which is just a clear product, to the hello so that it has
that beautiful shine to it. In the inside, I did stamp,
“From my hands to your heart,” from that Angel Policy Stamp
Set I showed you earlier. Okay, here’s another example using that same scalloped
stacking die set, but this time it looks like i
created this with border dies, but I really just used
that square die set. This takes a lot less time
than using border dies to get the same design. So I used that die set to cut from five colors of card stock. Here I have a piece of
scrap white card stock that’s about 4.5 inches
wide and eight inches long. I covered the front of
it with some adhesive, and now I’m cutting each of my
larger squares at the corner. By cutting at the corner, I
have some large scalloped strips that I can use to look
like border die cut strips. Once I have these all cut I
can start positioning them on my card stock covered with adhesive. Now I did this on card stock instead of directly onto my note card because I wasn’t sure what
kind of design I wanted, and by gluing it to the card
stock I could then go ahead and do whatever I wanted with that piece to add it to a card. Since I used that stacking
die set the way I did to cut these, each of these
little strips is the same width, so they all fit together nicely and look nicely on the front of this. Now I did all of my strip arrangement on a really large piece of
card stock just so I could trim it down any way I
wanted to add to the card. Here I’m trimming the sides
to be about four inches wide, and then about 5.5 inches tall. I’ll then add this onto the front of a 4.25 by 5.5 inch white note card. The best thing is I have
lots of strips and squares left over to make additional cards. Now in this video I’m using a
lot of the layered word dies from Honey Bee, and I thought
I’d show you a closer look. This is the hello one. It’s been out for a while, and I’ve used it several
times in the past. There are three dies: One cuts the word, one cuts the shadow, one cuts the larger
shadow with faux piercing. I just wanted to show you
what that looked like. In all my cards today, I
only used the top two layers. I use liquid adhesive to add the delicate sentiment onto the shadow, and then put something heavy
on there while it dries, which doesn’t take long at all. I’ll add this on to my rainbow background along with a little sentiment that says, “Handmade and heartfelt,” from
that Angel Policy Stamp Set that I’m using on the inside of my cards and on the envelope. I also added a few candy hearts, just little white hearts from
Honey Bee; they’re so cute. Here I’m covering my black
sentiment die cut here with Tonic Crystal Glaze. This is a clear product
that comes out very easily from the bottle, and it
really evens out nicely on the die cut, and it dries
to give a beautiful shine. I usually stack a couple of
these black word die cuts on top of each other before
adding the crystal glaze, but today I just did one, and it still has a lot of dimension to it. So there’s a way you can
use your stacking dies to create a background that
looks like it was created with border dies but saves a lot of time. I have one more using
the scalloped squares since I had so many left over. I mixed a bunch together
here on this card. I am again starting with a piece of white card stock that’s oversized. I drew a pencil line down the center and covered it with adhesive. Now I’m adding the squares to it, but I only want the bottom of
the squares so I have one V, so I’m tearing off the top V, you could use scissors if
you want, to add to it later. By keeping it a square I can make sure I’m keeping it straight, and I’m using that line down
the center to line it up. So I just keep on adding
more and more here. The Vs fit into each
other like a puzzle piece since the scallop edge is there, and I’m just covering the
front of that white piece with all of these Vs. I can then flip it over
and trim the excess off. Ignore those pencil lines on the back. That was from a different
technique that I was gonna try and decided not to do. Now here I’m cutting off
the extra white card stock that’s hanging out ’cause I
thought I would want to use this kind of as an arrow point on my design; I thought that’d be fun
on the front of a card. But I changed my mind and
decided to trim it down and cover the front of the card instead. Now I kept it simple and just
added a love you die cut, that’s another one from Honey Bee, where I cut the love you
from black card stock and added it onto its shadow that was cut with white card stock. Now there are many more
designs that I could do with my leftover pieces, but I decided it was time to move on to a different stacking die set. This time I am using the
Scallop Stitched Circle Dies. So this is a large circle, and I wanted to show you
that circle stacking dies are great to use for fun card designs. This one happens to
have the faux stitching and the scalloped edge, but
you could definitely use a regular circle stacking
die set if you have that. You can see that a lot of
these stacking die sets are good basic ones that you can use to cut basic frames for your cards or something for a focal image. But instead of using
them for basic designs, today I’m using them together
to create these fun designs just to show you how you can get more out of those stacking die sets. So here I created a
circle and cut it in half. Look at all the fun ways
you could arrange this on the front of a card;
many ways you can use them. I decided to use them as
simple little rainbows. So I just created the
circle, cut it in half, and now I have two pieces for two cards. I’m just using adhesive
to add one of the rainbows on to the front of a 4.25
by 5.5 inch white note card. You could put some heavyweight
card stock behind this to add it with foam adhesive, but I decided to glue it
directly onto the card. Next I’m creating a sentiment strip using the new Honey
Bee Love Bug Stamp Set. I really like this set
because it’s a bunch of words and you can build them together to create a bunch of different sentiments. So I decided to use
individual words to stamp, “You brighten my day.” After I stamped it with black ink, I trimmed it with my card stock so I’d have a simple sentiment strip. I like sets like this
because you can create so many different sentiments from one set. I added the strip with some foam adhesive just for a bit of dimension, and also added a few sequins. You really could add a
lot to this card design, but I decided to keep it quite simple. And there’s a way you can
use your circle stacking dies for a completely different look. Okay, my next example is definitely my favorite of the bunch. For this one I used a set of stacking dies that are hexagons. This came out a while ago
and I’ve used this set in videos before, and
I’ll link to a video here. I cut it from four different
colors of card stock. Now I used the dies connected
because they still were, I hadn’t cut them apart yet, but there I cut the larger die off so I could cut it from white card stock to create a base to glue
all these hexagons in place. Now even though I cut that large die off, I can still do this technique; I just need to put tape
on the back of the dies to connect them together
while I do the die cutting. So here I’m placing hexagons in place starting with the largest
and working my way in and alternating the colors as I go. I have lots of leftover
pieces for other cards. Now I’m using my trimmer
to cut the hexagon apart. So I’m cutting from like
one corner to another, and I end up with the triangles,
these small triangles, that I can assemble in many
different ways on my cards. Look through your stacking die sets. You probably have some circles or some squares with fun edges,
or hexagons, or even hearts, you could do fun things with
stacking heart die sets, and just think about
different ways that you can glue them together and cut
them apart to get new looks. So now that I have all of
these little triangles, we can start assembling
them on the front of a card. I’m using a white 4.25
by 5.5 inch note card. I did put a little pencil
dot in the center of the card just so I had a place
to kind of start from as I added them to the card. I didn’t put the triangles
right up against each other. I’m leaving a little bit of space to give it a different look,
and I am using foam tape so it has some added dimension to it. This is gonna look really
cool once it’s all added down. Once I’ve added all of the pieces, I can flip it over and trim
anything that’s hanging off, and there we have a
completely different look. In the center I added a
hugs die cut from Honey Bee. This time I used that navy
card stock on a white shadow, and I covered it with
the Tonic Crystal Glaze. So think about all the
different designs you can get with those little triangle
pieces that we cut up from the hexagons. I have one more example for you. This time I used a double
stitched square die set. I know many people have stacking
dies with faux stitching, so I wanted to show you
what this would look like. I cut these squares from
three different colors of card stock, and I’m going
to piece some of them together onto a large white square. So I’ve covered that
white square with adhesive and pieced them together
so I have one large square. You could instead do the
tape on the back again if you wanted to. I then cut them down so
I had four triangles. Again, there are many ways you can arrange these triangles on a card, but I decided to use all
four triangles on one card. I started in one corner. I decided to leave a little
white trim around the edge. Then I worked my way around to cover the other three corners. Now when we get to the last corner, I’m going to lift up the first piece a bit so that one edge of it is
tucked behind that first piece so they all fit together nicely and you have that little
window in the center. So you could do a lot
with this card design. You could even use foam tape so there’s more dimension to it, but I kept it simple and
just stamped an “I miss you” right in the center. That I miss you is from this
Honey Bee Ham It Up Stamp Set. This stamp set has lots
of fun sentiments in it, and I really like the
fonts that they used. Now I will say some of these
have little pig sentiments, and the reason for that is it coordinates with this pig stamp set that
they just came out with. I’m just showing you the pig stamp set since some of those messages in there might have been confusing
if you didn’t know they were meant to match up with this one. I’m hoping to use that
set in a future video. Okay, so there you have
it, a bunch of ways to take your stacking
dies and use them together to create graphic cards. If you are interested in
the supplies that I used, they are linked below in
my YouTube description, but go to my blog for more information. In the middle there are
a couple other videos with more ways to use dies like
the ones that I used today. Thanks for watching, we’ll see you soon, and have a great day.

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