Creating freehand embroidery with Wilcom’s EmbroideryStudio

Freehand lets you create designs with a hand-drawn appearance difficult to achieve with conventional methods. This video looks at techniques available in EmbroideryStudio to mimic the fluid and free-flowing effects formed by freehand stitching techniques. Setting up Import the image and adjust to suit the final embroidery. Lock it in place. Use the Ellipse tool to outline your stitching area. Again, lock it in place. Using Freehand Open Shape, we’ll draw an outline of the cat. Toggle on the guide cursor as preferred. First adjust smoothing as required. This will also be used both as an actual outline and as a guideline for digitizing. If you want to erase a portion of a line, press and hold the Shift key while dragging backwards before releasing the mouse. Study the photo and decide how many colors to use Set up the color palette accordingly. Digitizing with freehand Start filling in areas of color with the Freehand tool. Use a ‘scribbling’ technique as you would a pencil drawing. For the cat’s eyes, we create a satin object and add a radial fill effect. Here we reshape the center of the radial fill to create the cat’s pupil. Again using Freehand, we fill in the iris with a black thread. Adding the final touches Using one of the colors you chose for the cat’s fur, adjust the outline color. Finally, convert the outline object to satin line to frame the cat’s face. Here we add a program split to create a double-outline effect. And there we have it, a lively freehand embroidery facsimile of our cat photo Perfect for one-off keepsakes and specialty work.

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