Colored Vellum Shaker Card

Colored Vellum Shaker Card

Hi there everyone! It’s Jennifer McGuire.
Today I have a video for you that shows how to add color to vellum. This is a great technique,
because a lot of us have vellum and have markers so it’s easy to do. Also I’ll be making a
shaker card from the vellum. I really like vellum shaker cards, because they’re so much
easier to do than regular shaker cards. I’m using some products from Newton’s Nook. This
is part of their Blog Hop celebrating these new products. So let’s go ahead and jump in.
I’m using two Newton’s Nook stamp sets. One is a snowflake. I love how fine and detailed
they are and then also the Blessings from this leaf stamp set. I will be also using
the MISTI Stamping Tool. You do not have to have that for this card, but I’m just going
to show you how easy it is to use. You could use a regular acrylic block or stamp press
if you want. I have a piece of vellum that is cut to slightly smaller than 5.5×4.25 and
I’m putting .25 inch masking tape around the edges because I want to just mask the sides
off. You know why a little bit later. You could skip this part if you wanted to. I really
like this narrow painters tape, you could also use Washi tape if you wanted. Okay, so
now I’m going to take this and put this is in my MISTI stamping tool. Now, there are
many ways to use this tool. This is just one of them. I found that this was easiest for
the card that I was doing. Just taping it right in place on the inside. Okay so now
I need to assemble my stamps. I’m just planning where I want my stamps to be and I’m putting
them with the stamp side down, so the backside of the stamp is facing up. This is a great
tool because I can position my stamps wherever I want it, get them all figured out on my little piece of vellum here and then when I close it, it will transfer all the stamps to the
perfect position and get ready to stamp. If you just have an acrylic block or a stamp
press, you can lay your piece of paper on the table, assemble your stamps on it and then press your large acrylic block or stamp press right on top of it to grab the stamps, but I love being
able to lay them all out and position them. Okay, so once I have them exactly where I
want it, with this tool I just close this like door or panel, press down and that transfers
all of the stamps onto the perfect place onto the panel on the other side. So, now all I
have to do is ink this up and then close it again and it will stamp perfectly where I
want it to. The nice thing about this is I could mass-produce very easily or I could also,
let’s say I stamp it and I don’t stamp it completely I can stamp it again and it will
give me perfect perfect alignment. Okay, so let’s just go ahead and use it. I ink this
up with VersaMark Ink, just going to close it right onto my vellum piece and press down and
that will do my stamping. Again, you could do this with a regular acrylic block or a
stamp press if you wanted to. But a lot of people were asking to see the MISTI tool in
use more. I just think it’s a great great product. Okay, so now I’m going to take this
off and I’m going to go a head and stamp some more cards if I want to. Could even do different
designs of stamping if I wanted to also. Now, I’m adding some Hero Arts white embossing
powder. This is my favorite white embossing powder. I forgot to do my anti-static tool,
so I might get powder where I don’t want it, but I thinks it’s okay, because there’s a
lot going on on this card and you probably won’t see it. To prevent warping when you
take a heat gun to vellum I suggest two things. One is to let your heat gun get
good and hot by turning on and pointing it away for about 10 seconds and then bringing
it to the paper and I also recommend getting a very good quality heat gun, like this Milwaukee
heat gun, because it gets good and hot and you don’t have to keep the heat on too long,
so I didn’t have any warping issues with this. So there we have our bright white embossed images
on the vellum background. So, I’m going to remove the tape here and I noticed that because
I didn’t use my anti-static tool I got some powder where I didn’t want it, so I’m just
using my craft knife to scrap that off. Nobody will ever notice it, no big deal. Okay. Now this is the fun part of adding color to vellum. You actually do it to the backside.
So, I’m going to flip this bad boy over, and I decided to mask off the sides again. So
this is on the back of the vellum. I could have used the thin strips from before, but
to be honest with you, I threw them away and I didn’t think about it. So I’m just going to tape
around the edges. I just wanted to have the vellum on the outside edges of this vellum
piece to be clean, not to be colored. So on the back of the piece I am coloring with my
Copic Markers. However, you could use any markers really for this that you want. I’ve
done this before with Tombow Markers. You can use Sharpie, Bic Markers if you wanted
to. Anything that you have would be great. I find the darker the color the better. Because
when you flip it over it will look lighter because it’s showing through the vellum which
kind of mutes it. So, I’m using a few different colors of Copic Markers here. I decided to
go with Royal Blue, a Hot Pink and a Teal. This will be fun, because when I flip it over
it will kind of stained glass like. You could add the color to the front, but this is easier,
because look at it, I don’t need to color it perfectly, because the white blocks where
I don’t color it perfect. So I don’t like to use my Copics on embossed surfaces. I also
decided to color the background with a light blue marker, so that the background inside
the masked area actually has a blue tint to it. You could leave this plain if you want
to. By the way if you’re doing this and you’re not real happy with the color your
using just take an alcohol swab and you can wipe some of the color off and you can start
all over. Now that I’m done adding my color I’m just going to take my masking strips off
and it looks absolutely horrible from the backside, but I noticed that some of my color kind of bled
through there so I am just using my colorless blender. You could use an alcohol swab again
to clean that off. Check that out, front the front side it’s really soft and beautiful
and kind of has a stain glass look to it. Okay, I first thought I was going to put it
on a white note card; I changed my mind and decided to put it on a pool colored note card that’s
top folding. So this is a 4.25″x5.5″ card. I’m putting some Pretty Pink Posh Silver Confetti;
those are those silver circles, towards the center of the card. And also, just some old
chunky glitter that I have from Doodlebug. I recommend chunky glitter for this, because
they don’t escape out the sides as much. So I put some Lawn Fawn snowflake sequins in there
too. I need to seal the sides of the shaker card now. The way I do that is, I use a sewing
machine. I have an inexpensive sewing machine, I’ll link to the one that I use, and it works
great on sewing on paper. I think it adds the handmade feel of cards. If you don’t have
a sewing making you could use a line of adhesive around the outside of this and then cover
it with think strips of card stock, or you could hand stitch if you really wanted to.
I use that tape to hold it all in place as I ran it through my sewing machine. I actually
stitched with a silver thread twice around the outside, because I really wanted to make
sure that none of that glitter kind of got out of the sides of the stitching, so double
stitching around seems to keep it in more. So there you can see all the little bits and
pieces inside kind of shaking around and the soft soft color that you get by adding color
to the back of vellum. This is a great technique for any stamps that you may have. You could
silver embossing on the front and add touches of color on the back. Just a great way to
stretch your stamps and create a fun somewhat interactive card with the shaker bits inside.
If you’re interested in the products that I use I link everything below in my YouTube
description. Also you can go to my blog at where I’ll have much
more information. I appreciate you stopping by and if you find this video helpful, please
let YouTube know you want to see more from me by giving it a thumbs up. Thank you so
much and have a great day.

7 thoughts on “Colored Vellum Shaker Card

  1. I was hesitant to use the vellum I have, but with your instruction, I Can Do This! Thank you for sharing this technique!

  2. I would like to purchase this misty to so the stamps can stick for the card, cuz I know I probably be making a lot of mistakes, do I buy this from you? thanks Jennifer, this is gorgeous

  3. Totally Awesome Card, Love it. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing, creative talent. Blessings, Love & Hugs from Canada! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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