Chinese Slang | I don’t believe him | 我信他个鬼哟

Hi welcome to my channel. today follow me to learn a Chinese slang well, first of all, let’s translate these sentences word by word. tian tian told that he will treat us to lunch tomorrow forget it, I don’t believe him, you know who he is. tian tian is a person’s name, you can name him/her whatever you want told means gao shu/告诉;shuo/说 tian tian told / 天天说 tian tian shuo shen me ne/天天说什么呢? that… he will ta/他 ; jiang yao/将要 treat us to lunch treat / zhao dai 招待 us / wo men 我们; to lunch / wu fan 午饭/wu can 午餐 so treat us to lunch, you can translate to qing wo men chi wu fan / 请我们吃午饭 tomorrow / ming tian 明天 here the correct word order should be: tian tian / 天天 told tian tian shuo / 天天说 he / ta 他 ming tian 明天/ tomorrow will / jiang yao / 将要 treat us to lunch qing wo men chi wu fan / 请我们吃午饭 tian tian shuo ta ming tian qing wo men chi wu fan
天天说他明天请我们吃午饭 forget it, I don’t believe him you know who he is forget it / de le ba 得了吧 wang le ba / 忘了吧 I don’t believe him wo bu xiang xin ta
我不相信他 you know / ni zhi dao 你知道 who he is means what kind of person tian tian is. ni zhi dao ta shi shen me yang de ren
你知道他是什么样的人 so, in Chinese slang, you can say: de le ba
得了吧 forget it wo xin ta ge gui yo
我信他个鬼哟 ni you bu shi
你又不是 bu zhi dao
不知道 ta 他 de le ba, wo xin ta ge gui yo
得了吧, 我信他个鬼哟 ni you bu shi bu zhi dao
你又不是不知道 kind reminder, please do not use it in formal occasions. but you can use it, or speaker it to your friends privately, which is totally fine ok, that’s all for today. Thanks for watching, Bye 88.

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