Chinese Internet Slangs | What’s the meaning of 5201314/88/666/3Q

Chinese Internet Slangs | What’s the meaning of 5201314/88/666/3Q

Hi welcome to my channel Have you ever received a text message with a number codes: 5 2 0 1 3 1 4 if your answer is yes then Congratulations that person is into you in this video Follow me to figure out what are they stand for? In English we often use number 2 instead of to such as B2B means business to business 4 for for such as 4 you 4 him similar situation in Chinese Anyway, that’s review the numbers from 0 to 10 in Chinese pronunciation first ling 零 yi 一 er 二 san 三 si 四 wu 五 liu 六 qi 七 ba 八 jiu 九 shi 十 First one: 5201314 Sounds like wo ai ni yi sheng yi shi/我爱你一生一世 520=wo ai ni 我爱你 / I love you 1314 yi sheng yi shi / 一生一世 Means ones whole life; always or forever One thing to keep in mind if I in front of the fourth tone it has to change the tone from ī to í yi sheng yi shi / 一生一世 我爱你一生一世 I Will always love you. 5201314 我爱你一生一世 The second one : 168 yi liu ba / 168 yi lu fa / 一路发 Lu 路 Road Change in a tone to í ; become rich liu liu liu / 666 Six-six-six Sounds similar like niu niu niu Means the cow Niu in Chinese means thumbs up Awesome you can also add 666 means super awesome super cool 8/8 stands for bye. Bye In Chinese means BYE, super easy Pronunciation 3 in Chinese is san together with a Q 3Q means thank you Thank you 94 is similar to jiu shi / 就是 It is / for sure, jiu shi ni / 就是你 it is you Okay, that’s all for today if you find this video interesting, please Subscribe like and share. Thanks for watching. 88

3 thoughts on “Chinese Internet Slangs | What’s the meaning of 5201314/88/666/3Q

  1. 一点钟: yī diǎn zhōng (one o'clock)

    一点儿: yì diǎn diǎn (a little)

    一样: yí yàng (the same)

    110: yāo yāo líng (You can call 110 for help.)

    911: jiu yāo yāo

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