Canva Design Tutorial: How to Choose Great Fonts

Welcome to our third tutorial! We’re going to go through five tips today to help you choose great fonts. I hope you enjoy it! If you want to try this tutorial yourself go to and get on to a desktop computer. The size of your font really does matter. You can see here the texts uses the same font for the title, subtitle and body font which doesn’t look very good.
I’m going to resize the title to make it much larger as it should be the most dominant text
on my page. I’m going to make this subtitle a little
bit smaller and then the body font much smaller. I then move all the text boxes into
position and make sure they are aligned left. You can see this looks much better. It’s essential that there’s contrast between your background and your text to
ensure that your text is easy to read You can see here in this example it’s
quite difficult to read the text. To make it look much better, all we have to do is blur the photo. I’m going to take it to 30. I’m going to reduce the brightness all the way down to 70 which makes
the white text look much more visible. Add a little
contrast and we’re done. The key to choosing fonts is contrast If you have a bold title try a lighter subtitle. If you use sentence case for your title try all caps for your subtitle. You can see the texts here on the right is using the same font and a very similar size so you don’t quite know which is the
title and which is the subtitle. To change the subtitle all we have to do
is click on it. I’m then going to choose Julius Sans One which is a nice all caps font. I’ll make the
font a bit smaller and then make sure the two lines are
roughly the same size by resizing the text box and that’s it. It’s really important that your body
font is simple and easy to read. You can see this quote here if very difficult to read so we’re going to change the font to an easy reading font all we have to do is double click on the
font and choose a new one. I’m going to choose Open Sans It’s a bit big so I’ll resize it and then we’re done. So this is a really fun task. What we
have to do is resize the text so it fills up the whole shape. So we click on
the word and then we choose a number from the drop down menu. So you can see this text size is way too big. So to get it more accurate we can actually input a number in here directly. And so you can see it now fits nicely between two sides of the rectangle. So continue moving down and making sure
the takes hit both the left and the right side. and then moving the text into position. Once I’m done, I delete the rectangle. If you want to try this out on
your own designs make sure you vary the amount of words in each line. So have some lines with a lot of texts and some lines with a single word that you want to stand out. Thanks for tuning in today. As always, we would love to see your designs so tweet it to us or shoot the link through Facebook.

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