Calligraphy Letters, Tools & Materials : Calligraphy Cutting Tools

Calligraphy Letters, Tools & Materials : Calligraphy Cutting Tools

You’re going to have to cut things. You’re
going to have to cut down your work. There’s a lot of cutting to do. And one of the ways
that you can cut is with a single edge razor. And I am not kidding, you better be careful
with this. You do not want to cut your fingers. This is a very, very dangerous tool. You keep
it out of the reach of children and you keep it in one place and you keep it way out of
the way. Always put it back to the same place. Now to cut, you’re going to do that same thing
of having it like straight up and down. Not like this, not like this, but like this. And
I, and I, and I got an idea. Forgot to show you something. What you want to do is cut
on a cutting surface. So here’s a cutting surface. And actually, if I’m going to go
that far, I might as well show you that most of the time when I cut, I’m going to be using
a ruler. So here’s let’s say I want to cut this line. So I’m going to take the ruler,
put it on the line. Everything is kind of like nose over the thing to make sure you’re
being exact. And then I’m going to hold it down, and I’m going to exhale my breath, and
I’m going to be ever so careful. Cut all the way down to the end, and then,
okay, so that wasn’t, that razor blade is had its day. It’s not quite sharp enough yet
to cut completely through, but that’s okay. Sometimes with certain kinds of paper, you
want to cut them only halfway through and then tear. Takes a little bit of skill to
do that, but what you wind up with is what’s kind of like a decollete edge. And sometimes
that’s considered pretty. I mean the edge is going to show. If it’s not a piece where
you’re going to put a mat over it.

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  1. Have you ever heard of a rotary cutting tool? I suspect it is much safer than the razor blade you have utilized. Just a thought.

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