Calligraphy Italic Capitals: K-Z : Calligraphy Italics: Capital Letter K

Capital K begins with a straight spine. So
we will just put that in and then it has a curved stroke and a straight stroke. Now this
pattern is very similar to the pattern in the lower case k. So if you look at the lower
case k, you see the same thing. With the upper case K, there is a broader curve to that second
stroke. We are coming in just about at the waist of the letter and you will notice that
when I put the leg, when I pulled the leg out from that curved stroke, its coming coming
out a bit away from the spine. So that there is a little more breath to the bottom. One,
again the curve that comes in about half way and out here a straight stroke. And it’s coming
out and finishing up just a bit. So the K relates to the slant in other letters. The
slant in P lets say. And one of the temptations is because we have a guide line here for lower
case, is to sort of match these letters up to that guide line and it doesn’t work. So
the K is its own letter. It comes in at the waist and comes out like this.

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