Calligraphy History & Styles : Calligraphy in Gothic Capitals: Pt. 5

Calligraphy History & Styles : Calligraphy in Gothic Capitals: Pt. 5

W. When you come down to here and then you
pull over, you can’t do that up too high. If you do, it up too high, then the letter
is not going to have the right proportion to it. And quite frankly, it’s going to look
horrible. So you don’t want to do that. I’m going to come, see that there can be a little
bit of roundedness here, if you like. And this is like, what we’re doing with it, what
we’d do with the M. Some calligraphers like to make sure that that gets connected. The
X. I’m going to say that the X is really tough. Because the X, the way you see it in the manuscripts,
is like. I’m making an X, up right now. Sometimes, you see them do that. And the Y has a, is
going to have a descender. Some way could go like that, with the Y. And then you could
do that if you want. And the Z, always thicker with the diagonal stroke. You can go like
this, if you want. Just to be feeling in and having fun. So there we go. Pretty playful.
But I think they work.

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  1. 【おウチでグラフィティーレッスン】


  2. @playstationR3 Hello,

    Can you please explain what you meant by "illegal brushes? I was not aware taking ones own implement be it, pen, pencil or brush, and writing whatever one wanted was in any way mirrored by competition.
    I will have to take more care what I write and how I write next time, damn!
    Please reply to my request playstationR3.

  3. wow
    expertvillage's first good series and they dont have the videos in order
    can't believe they manage to suck even with good videos

  4. your writing is so nice.. but i really prefer watching this without volume.. stop telling me "you can go like this if you want"

  5. Gothic? you don't look Gothic at all? Where is your black wardrob? black nailpolish? black eyeshadow? black lipstick? milky white skin?

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