Billy Madison (3/9) Movie CLIP – Billy Has a Cursive Problem (1995) HD

Billy Madison (3/9) Movie CLIP – Billy Has a Cursive Problem (1995) HD

Turns out she’s
my third grade teacher. First thing she does is
kick me out of her class. Maybe she feels she has
to make an example of you. Or maybe she’s got
something up her ass.
That’s what I said. – Poor Billy.
– I’m so depressed. Mmm. You want me
to take my shirt off for you? No, thank you.
Okay, baby.But remember,
the offer is on the table.
[Chuckles] Oh, yes! Oh, my!Oh, God, yes.
Lordy.Billy Madison!
Huh? Would you like to try writing
some words in cursive
on the blackboard today? Okay. Sure. Okay. How about
the word “dugout”? Good.
How about “bunt”? Bunt.
B-U-N-T. In perfect cursive.
Any more brain-busters? “Rizzuto.” Z. Z. “Rirruto”?[Children Laugh]
Those are Z’s. They look like R’s
to me. That’s not fair.
“Rizzuto” is not a word! He’s a baseball player!
You’re cheating! Would you like to try
the word “buzz”?[Children Laugh]I hate cursive,
and I hate all of you! I’m never coming back
to school! Never! [Children Laughing][Juanita]
Billy!I swear to God I’m sick.
I can’t go to school. If you’re gonna stay home
today, you can help me
shave my armpits.Oh, my God!
I’ll go to school.

100 thoughts on “Billy Madison (3/9) Movie CLIP – Billy Has a Cursive Problem (1995) HD

  1. One of my friends ran out of my class the same way Billy did. Only difference is she wasn't actually in that class but it was still gold

  2. Rizzuto is an Italian Canadian mafia that formed in 1924 and ended in 2010 the leader of the rizzuto crime family was named rizzuto in 2010 he died of lung cancer which was right before everyone got caught

  3. "I hate cursive and I hate all of you! I'M NEVER COMING BACK TO SCHOOL!! NEVER!!!!"

    I tried to make that my HS senior quote

  4. I'm just sayin I learned cursive over 20 years ago and have yet to use it in the real world. My boy Billy is onto something.

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