Beginning Western Calligraphy Tips : Correcting Calligraphy Mistakes

Beginning Western Calligraphy Tips : Correcting Calligraphy Mistakes

Did you ever see this bumper sticker? This
is a bumper sticker that I did a very long time ago for a t-shirt company that was dealing
with the Grateful Dead. Now, I’m rather proud of it because it’s a Calligraphy lesson. It’s
all about, you know, the bone structure. So anyway, back to work, now, I want to talk
about some of the kind of errors that you maybe making as a beginner. So, first of all,
you practicing the minimum stroke, right? So watch what can happen. You can start out
and then you can forget to twist and then maybe your twisting and then maybe you’re
coming back and then maybe you come down and oh-oh. That doesn’t look quite right. From
here to here, you started to get your twist right, but this is coming down straight, and
this is starting out straight, so how are you going to, how are you going to manage
to do that the way it wants to be done. Watch a little bit more carefully please. I’m going
down a little bit faster on the left than I am on the right, and then I’m turning back,
so the whole time, the whole time, there’s the idea of a centerline, and then this, and
this, and this and this, so that’s, that’s, that’s the quality that you want to be after.
So, another thing that can happen is, that you can, you can twist this thing or, oh let
me see, I’m going to make a mistake, don’t I? Rotate, okay. A pro-rotation, you know,
rather than doing something gradual, can wind you up having some sort of a bump like that
or little bump like that. So the only way, without my being right there and looking over
your shoulder is to just be a little bit more careful about what you’re doing. It’s called
mindful practice, which means that you have to have the image in your mind, and then you
have to train your mind to train your hand to get that thing all the way through and
that down onto the page.

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