Battle for Azeroth Inscription | BFA Profession Review

Battle for Azeroth Inscription | BFA Profession Review

Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and today we’re
talking about Inscription in Battle for Azeroth. So, there’s lots of new stuff here, but if
you’ve been playing a scribe for a really long time, it’ll all seem pretty familiar
cause we’re essentially reverting to how the profession worked in mists of pandaria and
before. So, old things that are making a return are
Tomes. We’re got Vantus Runes back. Glyphs are back but right now the only new
ones are druid glyphs. Off hands are craftable by scribes. And darkmoon decks are back. As far as new things, inks are technically
new this expansion. We’re also getting scrolls back, and a new
craftable item called contracts. So, ink was the only thing that really required
any testing so lets cover that first. All 7 of the herbs mill down into pigment
and then you combine one pigment with a distilled water to make an ink. Ultramarine pigment you’ll get 2 to 6 every
single time you mill an herb. For every stack of herbs you’ll get about
130-140. Crimson Pigment is still considered common
but it’s a little bit more rare. You’re not going to get it every single time
and when you do, you’re only going to get 1-4. Viridescent Ink is the green ink. This is the rare ink. You’ll get 1-3 per mill rarely. And just a rule of thumb, you’ll get 15 to
20 viridescent pigment per stack of herbs. Except for anchor weed which has a guaranteed
chance at 1-4 of them so you’re gonna get about 60 per stack. When I say 2-6 or 1-4 it’s not an even distribution. I was getting 2 and 3 of the ultramarine a
lot more commonly. I was getting 1 of the viridescent a lot more
commonly than I was getting 2 or 3. So, big thing here is, this is going to be
a lot of sitting around. If you turn 2000 herbs into ink, that’s an
hour of just crafting pigment into ink. If you have a scribe and you want to go ham
on this stuff, make a macro to create ink and get into the habit of hitting that macro
whenever you like, get up to walk your dog, or use the restroom or something. The other thing this means, is that since
it’s annoying to turn pigment into ink, there will be a market. You will probably be able to make gold just
crafting crimson ink. Now, the reason I don’t think they’ll be a
market for ultramarine pigment into ultramarine ink is because there’s nothing to do with
it. As I’ve said here, you have about a four to
one ratio when you mill herbs of getting ultramarine vs crimson ink, but everything uses crimson
ink in a lot higher ratio, so we’re just going to have banks and banks full of ultramarine
ink. Hopefully Blizzard will put in some kind of
Ultramarine pigment dump. But right now, the only thing you can craft
that uses just ultramarine ink is the scroll of unlocking and that’s a cool little scroll
that let’s you unlock low level chests. So, let’s get into crafts. Tome of the quiet mind is the new spell that
lets you change talents outside of major cities. And it’s actually really expensive. It costs 10 ultramarine and 5 crimson, so
this means that one stack of herbs will let you craft 8 of these. About? So if each herb costs about 20 gold then these
are gonna cost like 500 gold each. That’s kind of expensive. Vantus Runes work the same way they did back
in legion. They require 15 crimson and 6 viridescent. You’ll be able to make 2 or 3 per stack of
herbs. We’ve actually only got three new glyphs introduced
and they’re all for druids so my guess is the profession hasn’t been completed yet. Hopefully we’ll get some more glyphs in. But they are all visual and they’re really
great. There’s one where you go talk to a grumpy
bear and he’s a druid and he’s grumpy and he tells you a story about how “Oh my gosh,
back in my day things were better. These new players think you have to have fancy
flight forms in order to go faster! Back in my day things were better!” He’s like your typical vanilla QQer. But when you talk to him, he gives you the
recipe for the glyph of the humble flyer. Now, glyph of the dolphin turns your druid
water form into a dolphin, but it’s rep gated and something bugged out on my character. I can’t do world quests so I can’t grow my
rep. But, glyph of the tideskipper is really cool. It’s a rare drop from the corrupted tideskipper
mob in stormsong valley. This enemy spawns every one minute 20 seconds. And he has a set spawn location so you can
just farm this little guy and get your glyph. It took me 8 attempts so a little bit of a
grind but oh my god, it’s totally worth it. My druid looks so much better now. For the crafted off hands, you can make for
each faction. They’re only ilvl 300 and they use expulsom. These are the only things that can be scrapped
and it gives you less than 100% to get one expulsom, but it costs an expulsom to make
so if you have a scribe and you need to make a lot of these you’re going to have to rely
on scrapping items from the open world in order to generate your expulsom. You don’t have a crafted expulsom generator. Darkmoon decks are back. If you’re new to inscription you want to be
knocking these out like crazy early on in the expansion. There’s 4 different types of cards and you
can get an ace through an 8 when you combine the ace through the 8 you get a trinket appropriate
for a specific role. So, tanks, you have the darkmoon deck blockades. Every couple of seconds whenever the trinket
procs, you heal and gain stamina so there’s some cool little theorycrafting that’s going
to go on there. For the darkmoon deck fathoms, this is agi
and strength dps. Chance on attack to drop an anchor and the
size of the anchor depends on the roll. I really hope this actually changes the visual. It’d be really cool if it does. Darkmoon deck tides is the healer trinket. It’s intellect and it restores mana based
on the roll. And it throws a card to a random party member
healing them and bouncing to other party members. The amount of mana restored and the number
of bounces depends on the top most card. Also, another really cool trinket. Darkmoon Deck of the Squalls, is the intellect
dps one, and “chance on attack to apply a DoT.” Whamp whamp. I don’t know. Maybe it’s good. Who knows? Now, on to the thing that’s everyone’s talking
about. I don’t know why everyone is so excited about
contracts. Contracts give you 25 reputation with a specific
faction every time you complete a world quest. Now, these are permanent. They stay with you until you either manually
remove the buff or you change factions that you have a contract with. And they only cost about 25 herbs to make
so expect these to sell in the 500 to. I don’t know 2000 to 5000 range. Now, what I’m excited about, what I’m personally
going to be just going freakin ham on, is War Scrolls. You’ve got war scroll of battle shout. War scroll of intellect. And war scroll of fortitude. So, these increase your attack power by 7%. Your intellect by 7%. Or your Stamina by 7%. Now here’s the thing. These affect everyone in your party or your
raid. If you’re in a guild, progressing in current
content. You’re gonna use one of these every single
wipe. If you’re in a Mythic + group that’s going
ham, and cares about min maxing, even just a little bit, 7% stamina or 7% attack power
is a big deal. You’re gonna use this every single wipe. Now they cost about 40 herbs to make so low
end pricing for them is going to be about 1000 gold and once everyone realizes how good
they are, you’re gonna be selling hundreds and hundreds of these a day. So, that’s it. That’s all I got for inscription in battle
for azeroth. Make sure you subscribe. There’s a little bell next to the subscribe
button. That let’s you get notified when I put the
next video out in the profession review series. But thank you so much for watching. I hope y’all have a great day. Good luck and happy goldmaking.

61 thoughts on “Battle for Azeroth Inscription | BFA Profession Review

  1. i'm new to wow so i would like to know what's the best profession for beginners and what's the best gold making profession

  2. Do these scrolls really stack with class buffs? If they do, you're right. If not, there might still be a market for m+ perhaps, but not so much raids imo.

  3. P.S. The communities feature is out. If you have questions are are looking for people to farm with, come join.
    P.P.S. Discord too. I'm not 100% sure when to use each yet, but we'll figure that out as we go.

  4. So.. last time group buffs where in the game, professions (including scribes) could make items that gave you a weaker version of the buff, for groups without a specific class.
    Group buffs now return in the form of Battle Shout (10% attack power) Arcane intellect (10% Int) and Power word fortitude (10% stamina)

    Ehm… did you check whether these new battle scrolls, that you think everyone will use, stack with the group buffs they mimic?
    I'm thinking these will see some sale, but I don't think you will see every min/max group using them every pull. They'll have the stronger class buff.

    edit: Great video, big fan. Seriously. But I think you're quite far off the mark with the scrolls. Those are for M+ groups who lack warrior/priests/mages

  5. The contracts disappear on death and logout. So people will use one every day for their world quest session.

  6. You said the new talent change tomes are expensive, the tomes from legion dont seem to have a level cap at the moment. could it be possible to stack lots of the legion herbs or the tomes and make profit of it?

  7. I'm so excited for inscription. I'm trying to follow your recommendations for gold farming of professions and I always forget about darkmoon cards until it's way too late and I loved doing this when I was able to in the past! Also grats on your tideskipper! I have to know if they do that chattery giggle when you go into form rather then the manatee… fart noise? Durno.

  8. do you need to do world quests and rep farm to make contracts and warscrolls? can i make them at 110? Thinking if i should just stick inscription on an alt i dont play

  9. Contracts could be crazy for goldmaking if they do disappear on death/logout. I am going to have inscription and something else on my main. What would be a good production profession to take with inscription ( currently have tailoring).

  10. Hey i checked wowhead and if i got it right , recipe for BFA darkmoon decks will be learned from trainer ? Dont i have to farm darkmoon festival for tickets anymore ?

  11. What do you wanna bet that Sylvannas is corrupted by an Old God or made a deal with one? We saw her talking with Helya in Legion, so she's clearly up to something. Hope she dies at the end of this one, can't stand her.

  12. I doubt the scrolls stack with the class buffs. They've been in the game before and they're only ment to be used if you're missing the class that brings those buffs via spells. They've been utterly neglected in the past.

  13. Hi want to to start playing wow BFA and i prepare all kind of stuff. For my profession i want to have Inscriptioner and herb. This Videos tells me thats not the worse idea and i can earn some good gold with it. + I watched yesterday a stream and someone said:

    you can trade the inks with the OLD (legion) pigment
    if you wait till bfa.. you will need to use the NEW inks to trade for the old inks

    What does that mean?

  14. so im just testing to see if i cant make noise pop up from your desktop on the stream you left live and when to bed during XD

  15. The war scrolls 100% do NOT stack with the 10% versions of the buffs. They are just a "Drums" alternative effectively. M+ runners will for sure want these though.

  16. Pretty sure WarScrolls are meant to be fillers for groups/raids that don't have the stam/intel/attack power buffs from priets/mage/warriors. But if you have those classes, you don't need the scrolls

  17. My main gripe with Inscription is the lack of some sort of UI like we had before when there were Major/Minor glyphs. Theres alot of people that stopped caring about glyphs when they removed the UI. Alot of people dont even know what glyphs their class could use. I feel there would be much more sales going on if the UI would be still here.

  18. I'm excited about contracts because they're like the old tabard system, where you could wear a particular group's tabard and passively earn rep as you played. I hate grinding rep (but apparently that's all Blizz wants us to do nowadays) so I'll take any and all shortcuts I can get.

  19. Well, the contracts are a disappointment not at all what I was hoping for. I had thought they'd have been more like the old tabards. In legion terms, if you used say the dreamweavers contract every world quest you did in say hightmountain would give dreamweaver rep instead. Rather than getting highmountain rep and a small amount for dreamweavers rep.

  20. Soo I need help, this my second X-pac and I completly ignored professions in Legion.
    I like the idea of crafting the buff-scrolls or the ink to make some money, but what do I pair Inscription with ?
    I would have guessed herbalism, but u took leatherworking in the video, is that because of a reason, naive little me doesnt see or just because of showcase purposes ?

  21. Just want to tell you this buffs are actually a weaker versions of class buffs warr AP, mage INT and priest STAM , but still in M+ they will be mandatory for pushing higher tiers

  22. Vanilla was great, hell id prefer it, well maybe tbc, thats top, but does not mean i dislike legion, that shit was quite good, and this exp looks good so far

  23. Found grumpy grimble, but talking to him does not prompt the conversation, and therefore no glyph. Any suggestions?

  24. can you please talk about blizzard removing the legion support on the wow companion app

    cuz nobody aint say'n a thing about that malice decision

  25. thanks, i've been trying to find grumpy grimble for the inscription glyph recipe and 3:35 was very helpful to me

  26. This is bullshit and should be taken down and replaced by a current version. Warscrolls dont stack with normal buffs. 7% from the scroll is garbage compared to 10% vom a priest or mage. Making to scrolls interesting for 5 mans mythic which don't always all the buffs and that's it.

  27. Hahah this is too funny, I am listening to your hour long rant about the professions being to complicated, meanwhile, I was leveling my inscription and got to like 115 and went, hmmm is there any point to maxing this out? I mean I am a completionist, but I am also not looking to waste money on profit. So I google up that exact question and now I am here lol. From one Reckles to another.

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