Assetto Corsa 6th Epic Championship – INSCRIPTIONS!

67 thoughts on “Assetto Corsa 6th Epic Championship – INSCRIPTIONS!

  1. psn: justindim12
    im from the netherlands (Dutch)
    1st race car : alfa 155
    2race car: bmw m3 gt3 (if possible)
    4th car: ferrari f40
    final car: the lotus

  2. Man , I'm going to get Asseto just to join these championships !

    Btw , why no Group C race ?

  3. hey Viper, why you dont faz vídeos em português ? se é que você que você me entende haha.

  4. nicccccccccccccce. i like watching these. so excited. signing into the race should be by a qualifying race, fastest time enters.
    with that, you can guarantee a pretty good race.

  5. Just got AC my nationality British my PSN vapourz I will be spectator and practice ready for another time seen yours skills and the others too so not feeling confident all the best with season

  6. I'd like to participate, but as I may not be able to make every race (and the spots are filled up already), may I sign up as a reserve driver if there are any reserve spots available? 🙂

    PSN: mallucm
    Country: Britain

  7. cool un autre championnat mais je m'inscrit pas j'ai pas le niveau mais hâte de voir les courses !

  8. viper il pit stop è obbligatorio solo nella gara gt3? te lo chiedo per essere sicuro di aver capito ed evitare fraintendimenti il giorno della gara

  9. When i play project CARS when i cross or make a penalty it screams out of my pad/dualshock you know a way to turn it off?

  10. Dude, You have some amazing videos on here and a pure talent for racing, Perhaps if you are on the PC me and you can hand once I finally get my hands on a Logitech race wheel again, It'd be great to learn a few things and have a good challenge!

  11. hii i want to race with you guys!!!
    psn: felixdeal
    nationality: italy
    1 race: 155
    2 race: 488gt3
    4 race: f40
    5 race: yellowbird

  12. I can't wait for the 1st round!
    And I still remember the ending of the previous one… I ended up in tears xD

    Plus, I'm thinking of getting a steering wheel soon… I wonder what's the cheapest with Manual with clutch and a H-shifter… So, should I get one or not?

  13. viper, i have a question for you,if i take the curves with a lower gear is better or worse than take with a higher gear?

  14. Ciao viper, sfortunatamente sono su pc e quindi niente iscrizione :c
    ma come mai a volte corri come italiano e a volte come francese?

  15. This isn't about the championship, but I hope you've seen the video about the gaming competition on the McLaren YouTube channel?

  16. viperconcept why dont you make a race just like the GT series or the DTM , with real time span , 90 min or around 3 hours ?

  17. @viperconcept can you make a video/tutorial/tips on driving/setups in the rain ligh/medium/hard ?

  18. hello! I'm a great fan of your channel and I saw all the epic championships. Great job – great videos, and lots of excellent advices, although I'm playing on PC. Please continue, we love it. If I can ask you a little question : what to do when your rear tyres never come up to the right temperature ? THANK YOU !

  19. Please get a PC so us PC players can play with you! Plus it will make it easier to record and edit stuff by putting it on one machine.

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