Arabic letters you MUST get right. Learn the difference.

good afternoon good evening and welcome
to this Arabic lesson today we’re going to learn about different Arabic letters
which in the English language would be very very similar if not the same but in
the Arabic language have a very different sound to them and a different
look as well different letters we’re going to focus on three main letters
which are different in Arabic within the same kind of general sound and we’re
going to go through each one and look at how they are different okay I’m coming
to you today from Dubai I’m Arabic Mike I teach Arabic on YouTube I make all
sorts of videos you can subscribe down underneath if you want more of these
videos okay so let’s pick the first letter so the first letter we’re going
to look at is done tur comes in two forms tur which looks like this which is
at earth sound and then we’ve got tah-tah which looks like this now the
difference between these two letters is in the position of the mouth that they
come from so Tata comes from the front of the mouth ta ta ta like if you
were saying Terry or Timmy or tete tete tete to tinker something like that at
the front of the mouth you would say turn now that’s that’s this one here
with the two dots like a boat now the top tot looks totally different
looks like this and that that comes from further back in the mouth so top top top
top now if you were to say a word in English like tall tall or Tom maybe Tom
liked the name Tom you wouldn’t say tum-tum-tummy but Tom look at how my
mouth changes shape tom tom tom tom tom tom tom tom
so my mouth is going from here to there Tom another example of two letters which
in English are the same but in Arabic and is death so an Arabic del looks like
this look at the shape my mouth duh duh duh but they also have a dot da da now
this Arabic letter da is like in English should be a death but look at the shape
of my mouth duh da duh da duh da next up we have a scene now the s in English is
the same we use the same letter always looks like this it always looks like an
S s-sir in Arabic there are two kinds of s’s one is a Sur scène I’m gonna say
guess what it’s not a sir but it’s a song so you can have silly don’t be
silly look at the shape of my mouth don’t be
silly silly silly or you can say can you pass me the salt look at the shape of a
mouth silly salt silly salt silly salt silly salt two different shapes of mouth
same letter that’s the S we’ve done the turf top the death thought we’ve done
the sir and saw now there’s also other and the vah so exactly the same
application dere is a soft dirt dirt looks like this Derr Derr Derr del
there’s also a thought which is exactly the same change of shape in the mouth
you go from a death to a dot and you just change that shape of your mouth
practice saying it practice it over and over again
but when you are learning out but just be aware that these letters are
different you cannot get confused between them because an hour to an
Arabic speaker they’re like a totally totally different sound and they’ll
really really tell the difference so when you’re learning the alphabet don’t
just think oh oh ah ha they’re all the same
really really try hard to distinguish in the way you pronounce them between the
two because it will make a whole lot of difference how people understand you and
how they respond to your arabic speaking okay i’m arabic Mike I’m in Dubai today
and thank you for coming here to share this video with me hope you’ve learned
something you can see other videos from my left hand to my right and you can
subscribe right there hope see you all again soon all the best
and ma3as-salaama

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