Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan Tamil Full Movie

Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan Tamil Full Movie

Target spotted. No. No. No. Now, you sing. You sing. Come to me buddy.
Soon your face will be bloody. I am gonna rip you apart
and stitch you back! What? Are you Indian? Tamizhachi! Oh yeah! I like white guys. I like Indian girls too. But I have a doubt. Why are Indian girls so dark? I’ll tell you that in your room. Ok. What?! I sent her to woo you but instead
you woo me? You gay doofus! Ruby, what’s the status? Target locked. Agent Ruby. You got the gun mafia terrorist. We are very proud of you. One minute. So what did you ask me? Why Tamizh girls are dark? When you whites ruled us, we never
opened the doors when you knocked it. That is why we are dark. What?! Son of David! Hello? Man in the custody about to die. What?! Situation is getting very worst! We need you now. I’ll be there. What’s happening? Huh? One guy in your custody and
you cannot keep him alive? He is halfway
through testimony. There is so much pressure
from the head office. – Sorry.
– What do you mean?! Play the video. I am going to talk about a
secret that I had kept for long. Everything happens for a reason. Until this body lasts… take away whatever you can. My dad said the first time he saw him. He said that he could
see a spark in Michael. It all started from Madurai. Michael. Micheal is my best friend! Michael is an orphan. We grew up together. We worked for Senthamarai. Michael became
‘Madurai’ Michael. Right now… he is in prison. Reason? Senthamarai! In order to bring out Madurai, each and
every prisoner’s family was paid well. Usually people bribe the police
to bring out someone from prison. But this time around, each and
every prisoner’s got the money. Because… he and Selvi must
lead a life together. That day! The whole Madurai
city jail rumbled. We accepted the money. You didn’t do anything for us… at least do this because
our Madurai must come out! Madurai must- somehow
come out of jail Every prisoner’s
family has been paid. He must live his
life to the fullest. We want our Madurai back. And we trust you a lot. Why are you getting emotional? My sons, all 3 of
them are inside. They will take care
of everything. Madurai will be out tomorrow. Isn’t your brother
an officer here? Ask him to help. My brother, ‘Motta’
Rajendran… aka constable Mani… is present here. He will take care of everything. Please have sir. Thank you. – Sir.
– Welcome. Happy birthday sir. Thank you. Though you are my junior yet do you
know why I addressed you as ‘Sir?’ You are honest and
incorruptible. You are the most honest police
officer in the whole of Madurai. Sir… please don’t praise
me like this. How do you manage to stay
honest for such a long time? The whole Tamizh Nadu
department must learn from you. – Happy birthday Mani sir.
– Thanks sir. – Have it. Have some more.
– Thank you. Not for prisoners. Only
for police officers. Please have it. Is there regular supply of cigarettes? Sir! Greetings. Please have it. Mani, happy birthday. Thank you. What sweet did you give?
I feel dizzy. It is a sweet called ‘Halwa’ Madurai is on his way! Thank god, all the
cops are unconscious. What’s happening here? Look all
the prisoners are escaping! What are you doing? Sir, I don’t know
anything about it. We all were given this to eat.
Even I feel dizzy. Madurai. Madurai! Is he still asleep? How do I wake him up? Let me sing a song. I am little star. He
is the super star. I appear to be a innocent boy but
in reality I am a mischievous boy! Super boy! Super boy! Madurai is awake! Here, wear this and come out. Come on. Auspiciously step out with
your favorite right foot. Bring in the bricks! Don’t you worry Madurai. All the prisoners are
under our control. Next we shall abduct Selvi… Prisoners! Are you ready to work for
the received ransom? It’s time to raise hell!
Hell yeah! This is awesome! Madurai! Superb! Come on! Title: ANBANAVAN – ASARADHAVAN – ADANGADHAVAN
( The Lovable one – The uninfluenced one – The Uncontrollable one) Preceding the Muthumariamman
temple festival, on behalf of Madurai
Tamizh Sangam… whoever reaches the top
and gets the flag… will be awarded 5000 bucks cash. The competition has begun! Get the flag! Climb! The festival is underway… and Michael isn’t here yet. Has he ever arrived on time?! Look over there! I am no one without
all your love. You like the sky that
the earth needs. I am no one without
all your love. You like the sky that
the earth needs. So my heart felt
thanks to you all. I am no one without
all your love. You are just like the
roots to a flower. So I bow down to you all
and convey my thanks. Quiet! Silence! Why is Madurai here. He is here to slay someone. Wonder what’s gonna happen?! Until blood circulates in me; you will run in my blood. Until blood circulates in me;
you will run in my blood. Our voice will be heard far
away, beyond the skies. Until blood circulates in me;
you will run in my blood. My whole life is not enough to
thank you all for the love shown. My whole life is not enough. Pain teaches us lessons;
it’s good to endure it. It makes you understand what
the world is all about. And when danger struck, you stood by me… chasing away all my enemies. No, thank you for the
posts and tags offered. I am happy with the motivation
and applauds you give me. All I need is your
mercy and support. After all, you all
are my brothers. You strength is my recognition. You are the king to this king. You are the friend who stood beside me
in happiness and sorrow. Yes you are! Until blood circulates in me;
you will run in my blood. Our voice will be heard far
away, beyond the skies. Until blood circulates in me;
you will run in my blood. My whole life is not enough to
thank you all for the love shown. I am no one without
all your love. You like the sky that
the earth needs. So my heart felt
thanks to you all. I am no one without
all your love. You are just like the
roots to a flower. So I bow down to you all
and convey my thanks. When I fell down… and lied low on the floor, thanks to the millions of
hand that lend me a support. I toppled upside down, and I stood all by myself, thank you for the support you
showed to this true Tamizhan. This time the
festival is rocking. Come on now. Does it look like it’s rocking? Why? Is Madurai here? The one who came first is
Madurai’s best friend. He is everything to him. It was his family that
raised Madurai too. Sabi, an islamic. Next, is an elder fellow. Whatever he does,
it makes you go… I can’t even say it out. He is Kathiri Somu. There are 3 types of people, The loveable one –
who shows love. The uninfluenced one. And the uncontrollable one. Have you ever see one person
with all these 3 qualities? And that’s our Madurai Dear Selvi. Hey, here hold this weapon. Keep passing. Hey, pass that. Here, hold this weapon. Bless me, oh my dear deity! Oh dear deity! You must safe guard
me, oh my deity. Keep everyone happy,
oh dear deity. Where is the fish? Madurai is on his way.
We must finish him off! Is he here? Come on everybody! It’s time we moved on from these lints
and sickles. All you need is a gun. Looks like that
will never happen. I must go abroad to
experience that. Welcome, how many pints? Look how courageous he is! One murder contract and
a large everyday… what else do we need Somu? He murdered a person
from our village and… drink at our bar! Look
how daring is he! We must finish him off! Madurai! You come to our village
every time, slay some and leave. It’s quite insulting for us! We won’t spare you this around. Brother, the issue is between
you and Senthamarai. I am just a worker who
works under him. Let me know if you
don’t like it… and I shall leave. Answer us before leaving. Can’t you see he
wants an answer. Answer him. Hey, that is what we are
here to research about. If we spare you even after you slayed our
village head, then no one will respect us! We shall explain
it to Senthamarai. Senthamarai will agree with us. Brother… for whatever we did
we slit his throat. You guys won’t be slitting our
throats but something else. Look Madurai, we belong to
the same caste and race. Fortunately we are brothers. Fine, no worries. You may go but
leave that silly fellow next to you. We shall take care of
what happens further. Brother, this sounds very wrong. If you don’t like,
we shall leave. Hey! Take out the weapon! Take it out! You got the tool? I don’t have it. It’s with you. Ok brother. You want me to leave him right? Tell me where do you
want me to leave him? Leave him in that car. Ok. Go and sit in that car. What? Just go. Listen to me. Just go. Just go! He won’t harm you.
I’ll take care of it. Hey buddies! Why are
you leaving me alone? Oh! Oh! We’ll manage. Just go! Hey Madasamy…. last month a Bai
murdered our Kalimuthu. Another Bai is trapped now. It’s a walk in the park for you. Go finish him off. Quick. Madasamy… Who is it inside the car? The lord of death! Didn’t I ask you to leave?! I said I was leaving… because I didn’t have the weapon. And now? Here is the weapon! Where? Awesome Madurai! Everyone ran away. I’ll shall even give up my love, but my best friend? I will never ever give him up! Superb! Come on! You wear this inner tops the whole day!
Doesn’t it make you uncomfortable? Back during our days, we didn’t even have
jackets to wear. Now, give it to me. Please remove and give it to me. Grandma, I shall take care of it. Why are you always
bothered about this? – I said give!
– Now, leave granny! Just go! Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu.
I know everything. But Madurai slang alone
is a bit difficult. He is just carrying
a small bench. I am made to carry
all the heavy chair! Madurai… what are you peeking at? A dove that you would have
never seen in your life. What? A dove? Fair one or dark one? No! This is green like a parrot. Good to fry or make gravy? I am so unlucky, I never
get such experience. He always gets all
the lovey doveys. Don’t leave! No one is responsible here! The water is leaking over there. Who will switch off the motor? You and electricity
are incompatible. Then who will switch
off the motor? What? Electricity? Let me give it a shot. – Don’t go.
– The motor keeps running. Why don’t you obey me?! Daddy! Madurai! What was
that noise inside? Not again dad! Why do you repeat this?! Why are you dancing here? Oh! Are you electrocuted? You! Why did you hit my father? If I didn’t then your dad
would have passed away. You! Grandma! He has been electrocuted and
that doesn’t bother her. Let me call the doctor. Oh god! Save him! Why
can’t you just obey me? Can’t you just stay put? Oh! He is used to this? Hello doctor, Hello. As usual, dad got electrocuted. So as usual, did Mr. ‘Shock’ Murugan
play with the electricity? Aren’t you his daughter? Yes doctor. Hand the phone to your mother. Mom is not here. Only my grandma is here. Not her. Poor lady. Any gentleman nearby? Yes doctor. Michael, please speak
to the doctor. Give it to me. Tell me doctor! What should I do?
I am ready to help! I can even sacrifice myself for Selvi.
Tell me doctor. What should I do? You don’t have to
go to that extent. Just give your mouth. Mouth to mouth breathing. Mouth to mouth? Do the mouth to mouth first aid and suck the
blockage out from the respiratory pipe. Doctor that will block
my respiration! Do you own a pet dog? Why do you ask? I am even ready to do the mouth to
mouth first aid with that dog… but I can’t do it to
this stinky fellow! Time is running out Madurai.
He might pass away. Start the operation right away!
Start! Michael… – Please do what the doctor said.
– I would’ve, if it was for you. Please save my dad. If I do as per
doctor’s advice… I’ll be no more. Now, watch me. Why should I help you? Right from childhood, you
have insulted me many times. – Please don’t mind it.
– Why would I mind it? Save my dad and I shall
do anything you want. Anything I want? This is working out. Will you love me? Love you? Promise me. Promise me! What should I promise? I am a virgin boy. I’ll kiss only a
virgin girl first! Look at his mouth. Tell me if it’s worthy
to be called so? Make it fast! He is digging his own grave. But if he becomes my father
in law, then I don’t mind. I can’t do it to
him as a stranger. Promise me! Fast! Did you just promise? I’ll do anything you want. Now, I’m caught! Oh god! Please save him Michael! Look at his mouth! The current seems to be reverting
back through his mouth. Oh my god! Mom! Mom, look at dad. I thought, if he had an affair,
it would’ve been with a woman. He is having an affair with a man!
Crap! You! Thanks for saving me. What happened? Did you kiss me? Damn you pervert! – What happened?
– Madurai! Oh! Oh! Madurai! What happened? Electrocuted! He got electrocuted? Madurai has fainted
from the shock… and you guys are standing
there as a mute spectator? Let me give him the mouth
to mouth first aid! Stay away you mongrel! What are you doing? I was trying to save you. If you had done it,
I would’ve died! Is he your friend? Like it matters a lot! Selvi! I hope you remember. – I hope you remember the promise.
– I do. Superb! Come on! With the blessings of
deity Mahamaye…. I’ve settled 1000s of disputes in 100s
of panchayat under similar banyan tree. But… I’ve never come across such
a worst and cheap issue. Oh deity, what’s my fault? Why are you testing me? Enough. Stop it. For a month now, I thought it was my
husband who was stealing women’s jacket. He has stolen all the women’s jackets. This yellow one is mine! Here is your wife’s jacket! That green jacket is mine. Until we get justice, we women have decided
not to wear jacket anymore in our village. What? Come on guys, what? All over thieves steal money,
jewellery and other costly stuffs. Why would you wanna
steal women’s jackets? My wife wished for
women’s jacket. But before I could buy
her, she expired. If my wife cannot wear it then I
will allow no women to wear it. Who is this doofus? Keeps on chewing food like
cow even when there are lot of issues here. Shut up! This is a tricky issue that
has come up in the Panchayat. This must be dealt
with utmost care. Can you postpone the final
judgment for 2 months? That’s very wrong Somu. That’s very wrong Somu. Indeed chief. Let’s each one of
us take a stone… and pelt it on his head
and finish him off. That’s wrong! Not with stone. Then? But with bricks! Bricks! Hit him! Smother his face! How dare you throw bricks at me. I curse you all ! You all will
meet your end with bricks. Stop! Don’t throw at me! Oh my god! Excuse me. Soda. I didn’t ask for it. But he ordered it for you. Who? Your fiance. Fiance? Indeed! Leave! You half bottle! Did you start any new business? Nope. Who are you to send me drinks? Selvi, you don’t seem to
be living up to your word! You don’t seem to be in love. Love? Are you drunk so early? Yes, I’m high on love. Didn’t you promise
to love me if I saved your dad’s life? You promised! When my dad got electrocuted at the farm, Muthiah rescued my father. Then when my dad got electrocuted
in the toilet, Armugam saved him. When he got electrocuted at his
work place, Mr. Mixture saved him. Do you think I can fall in love with
all those who save my father’s life? I thought I was the only one… but looks like many
have kissed your dad! Look here. First, change
yourself and have some humanity. You would’ve killed many so far… but have you ever saved a life? I’m leaving. So, go save someone’s
life and then come to me. Didn’t I save you dad’s life? Come to my home… and I shall ask my dad to kiss you. Virgin boys’ curse will
follow you forever! Looks like I’m gonna
stay virgin forever. Of late, Madurai has been
crossing his limits. Keep a check on him Senthamarai. Whenever Madurai
is under control, that means it is the
silence before the storm. Do you want to witness it? Did Madurai come this way? Senior… Aunties… did you happen to see Madurai? What about you? No? Madurai! Why are you standing here? – Why?
– What do you mean? Didn’t we steal 4 sacks of rice from
this government provision store? And you are waiting in a queue
in front of the same shop! Yesterday, 4 sacks of rice
went missing from here. It appears to me like he is
complaining about us to the police. Look at my love, Selvi! She has been ogling
at me since morning. – And now this!
– Look at her… – she is looking at me without blinking.
– It doesn’t look so Madurai. You won’t realize. I’ll show you. Look at me. (Gibberish) You saw right? Even you yawned when
you looked at me. This is contagious. She will also yawn when
she will look at me. Wait and watch. Love. That old lady yawned. That’s because she
looked at you. Second try. It won’t miss. Love. Everyone yawned except her. Do you see him, Somu? I doubt him. The police are looking at us. Let’s go. Come on. Please, come on. Let’s go. Your voice ain’t worthy of
speaking multiple languages. Love! I knew it! God is always with us. Saw that? She yawned and looked at you. Whoa! Wait and watch. Whoa! Come on. Well… mine is a special kind of hair. So please use a hygienic scissors. You mean scissors. I had bought a
scissor from Burma. I shall be using it for the 2nd
time and this time on your hair 2nd time? So, whose hair did you
cut with it first? I cut the tail of
a wild elephant. What happened to
that elephant then? As soon as it lost
its tail, it died. I’ll come back some other day. That happened to the elephant. It won’t happen to
a fool like you. – Hope nothing will happen.
– Don’t worry. I’m here. You know what, I’ve witnessed all
your plays. Now when I step out, please do not touch
any of the switch to turn on the lights. Why would I do that?
I’ve had enough. – I won’t.
– Sharp fellow. There is enough brightness here. I won’t
touch the switch to turn on the lights. But it’s quite stuffy in here. Switching on the fan
would be a nice idea. Fan switch won’t hurt. After all it’s a small switch. Only the light’s
switch is a heavy one. I am not supposed to touch the
switch that turn on the lights. How many times should I warn
you to keep you fingers quiet? First, let me take my fee. This is for me, for the medical expenses.
Let me try the mouth on mouth aid. Looks like an electric transformer
has burst inside him! Tell me something, doesn’t you
wife provide the earthing? What a life? It is stuck in between my hands and
mouth, nothing else in between. Wherever I going… I always hand keeping. Everyone present there keeps
their mouth on me. What a life? You! Get out! Never seen a beggar like him! Madurai Michael speaking. It’s me, Selvi. Go ahead. Need to get married! Right away! Come to the registrar office. Selvi? What are you talking? There is no time to waste. The more it gets delayed, more
complications will arise. Madurai! Madurai on his way! Superb! Where is my bride? – There, over there.
– Where is the garland? – Welcome.
– Let’s get married. In 2mins the auspicious
time will get over. Quick. Get married quickly. Hold on. Come here. – She is my friend, Revathy.
– Greetings brother. Both of them belong
to different caste. Madurai, they have
eloped from their houses. Must get them married. Their folks, are chasing them ferociously. They will be here any minute. – That is why I called you for protection.
– Brother… you are our savior! Who are you?! How many more lives
should I save for her? I rushed down believing
we are getting married. What? What do you mean by what? You thought we are
getting married? If that happens… that will be the
end of this world. You! I got dressed up for nothing! Madurai! Virgin boys’ curse will
follow you forever! I guess I’ll stay
virgin forever! Already she has blown off everything!
You stop it! Hell has been unleashed here…. and I don’t know who he is but he keeps
eating the mixture snack all the time! One day I am gonna beak his jaw! Looks like Somu’s friend. Who are they? Dude, the whole village
seems to be here. Yep! When I saw the car I
didn’t expect this much crowd! Your dad and the villagers are here. Isn’t this the registrar’s office? Yes, indeed. Please go inside.
Please. Daddy! How dare you bring shame
to us and our family?! Do you think you can get married to a
guy from another caste and elope away? I will chop you down both! – Daddy! We are not the ones getting married.
– Then? It’s Selvi. Are you getting married? What the heck? He will finish us off
if I say the truth! Are you getting married? Tell them! Speak! Yes. Who is the groom? Our Madurai! God is always… with us! Buddy do not miss this opportunity.
Tie an extra knot for assurance. Please come. Here, hold this. Greetings. Please hand it to me. Put it on her. As you order. There you go dear. Now, your turn. I won’t Come on now, do the honors. That’s it. I’ve seen many marriages
happening in Madurai city, but today Madurai is getting married.
Here tie the knot! As you order. You were so stubborn.
Now look what happened? Let our deity bless you. The marriage went really well. Thanks a lot to everybody here. If you could do the necessary arrangements
for our 1st night as couple… Come on Madurai. Is that a big deal?
You can take care of it. There they go! Looks like I’ve
to take care of it myself. I know you don’t approve
of this marriage. But as far as I am
concerned we are married. Superb! Cheers! You have prepared it too raw! It’s very bitter yet do
you know why we drink? – Why?
– For getting high and feeling good. Similarly, do you know why do we fall
in love though it’s very painful? Only then our life
will be wonderful. Buddy, you are the first to
get married in our group. I am very happy! Somu! We must celebrate this,
in an even more bigger way. Shut up! You call
this a marriage? The 1st night between the couple is the
assurance that this marriage is consummated. Did that happen? No. Then the marriage is void. Listen, Kathiri Somu! I don’t like her very much… but I wonder how will I
lead a life with her? But if I ever lead a family life… then it’s definitely with her. Do you think she is better than Sumathi? Or better than Rani? No way! She is my Selvi! Selvi, whom Michael
tied the knot with. Whether the marriage
was real or not… but I did it! – When?
– When? I mean I tied the knot! I did it! Drat! But then… we are yet to consummate
the marriage. And that is why I say that
this marriage is void! Madurai, your wife
is waiting inside. – She is here already?
– Move! 3 minute wife. What does that mean? 3rd minute after the
marriage, she left the spot! This doesn’t seem to work out. Why does Selvi look so old? – That’s a old woman.
– Your wife is here. – Something like marriage happened between us.
– Greetings chief. – Greetings.
– Greetings. Look here. I can’t take it. – What?
– I said, I can’t take it anymore. The baby shower is for her but
the spotlight isn’t on her. They haven’t switched on the bulbs
on this side of the stage. Fools! I shall go switch it on. – No!
– Dad no! Why? What’s wrong in
switching on those bulbs? When you and electricity
are incompatible then why? Same is the case with us
but don’t I touch you? He is old yet shameless! – Don’t worry.
– Selvi, explain him! Somebody, please
make him understand! It won’t affect him;
finally it’ll affect us! – Listen dad, no!
– Don’t do it! Just sit down! I’ll handle it. Tell him! Watch me switch it on. Just a press that’s all! Listen to me! Nothing will happen to me! There he goes again! Leave him! Let him go. Oh my god! Why doesn’t he
pay heed to me at all? Dude, give him the
mouth to mouth aid. – Your his wife. Save him.
– In front of everyone? Not to me. Do it to him. Your husband’s life
is on the edge. Place your mouth on his mouth and
give him the necessary earthing! Oh! Oh! She also fainted! I know about his mouth! – This ain’t a mouth!
– Is there nobody else here to rescue them? – No matter what, I wont’ ask your help!
– Please don’t! Lord of death is
welcoming your dad! He forcefully married me! – He is slowly fading away.
– Let him! He is fading away! I must sacrifice my life for
you and my mouth for your dad? Please save my dad Michael! And in return I’ll agree to
anything that you ask me for. I am indeed dangerous but not cheap! And a little bad. Madurai do something.
We are losing time. I guess this is my fate. Oh god! Make it fast! Please save me god! Here you go! Awesome coupling! He is back! It even cured his wife. Come let’s not
wait here anymore. Same feel. Was it you again? Michael! Madurai! – Madurai Michael! You sweet little fellow.
– Better not to talk to her. Stop! Michael! What is it? I don’t like you. I know it. I don’t know how am I going to
lead a family life with you. But if I ever lead
a family life… then it’s with you! Do you think you are
awesome that Azhagar? Or better that Paraman? You are Michael! Micheal, who tied the
knot with Selvi! I don’t know if the
marriage was real or not. You did it. I mean you tied the knot.
You did it! So, you were eavesdropping? What’s the use? We haven’t consummated
our marriage yet. Shall we consummate? Really? Why is she playing my part? Finally, you have lost your
virginity Madurai Michael! – Let’s start.
– Sir! – Sir, please get down.
– Why? You accepted the bribe paid by chief, yet you
are making your own calls. What’s up with that? I am the judge! Go tell Senthamarai. This car won’t obey him! Chief, what you are
doing isn’t right. He is a kid! He is only worthy of abducting
women and slaying men. He isn’t worthy of
slaying the judge. I am here. Give me a chance. He doesn’t go in search
of opportunities. He creates his own opportunities. You believe him a bit too much! He is humble to those
who stay modest. He is a volcano to
those who oppose him! The earth rumbles
when he steps down. By now the judge will be trembling! Senthamarai! Please let me go! Forgive me Senthamarai! Senthamarai! Please forgive me Senthamarai!
Let me go Senthamarai! No Senthamarai!
Please forgive me! Please don’t harm me Michael! No Michael! Please. Time to slay him, slay him, slay him! Please listen to me Michael.
No! Please! Michael! My hero! Always keeping gobbling
up the mixture snack! What a dialogue?! What an action?! What a style?! Do you know what I
like about him? It’s his beard! I too have similar beard. He will have a son. Mark my words, his
son will go places. How do you know it? Watch the movie! Madurai… in such a pitch dark
place, have you ever slayed anyone? Slaying is something that is
mostly done during the dark hours. What if you slay the
wrong person instead? It happens often. But none of them died. Even if we get the wrong person,
we’ll save that person. What if you kill me similarly? Crazy! I might even get confused if
you appear in front of me… but I’ll definitely figure
you out from your shadow. I’m love with the shape of you. We don’t need this Madurai. Quit this for good. You want me to quit? They are the hands that fed
me when I was starving. They are my top most priority. You came in later. Right? If you think this is your life… then change that thought Madurai. Someday, if someone lose
the fear on you and… if they go ahead and… become a witness against you… then forever… you will be behind the bars.
Then, with your memories… I’ll lead a struggling life. Do you think anyone has the guts to
witness against me, Madurai Michael? Madurai… for you… I shall give up everything. Come. Let’s leave this place for good. Leave this place? To where? Dubai. Let’s go there and
make a living somehow. You must change. Our life must change. Promise me. You must quit everything. Promise me. I need a man who leads
a life with me. I want Michael to lead
a life with Selvi. I don’t want this Madurai. When you look at few people… you have felt pity for
them, you told me this. Look at me. Don’t you feel pity for me? Promise me Madurai! I shall quit everything
and come with you. Just for you, my Selvi! Somu, where have you hid Madurai?
Tell us! Madurai quit this
profession for good. And you call out to Madurai now? You too have been missing since
the day he went missing. What’s this get up? You better tell me! This is my family business. During the morning I do the snip!
Snip! And by night I stab! Stab! Answer me or I’ll
slit your throat! I shall do anything for money. But never will I
betray a friend! Because… I really don’t know! I am too clueless like you!
You crazy! Go look out for Madurai! If you come across him
then intimate me too. Move! Move! Quick! Leave you son of a satan! Madurai… you just left with that woman. I guess these fellows will finish me
of before I find a woman for myself! Madurai. Madurai. I’m sure, you aren’t doing this for her. There is something else.
Tell me the truth. Yes, it’s not for her… it’s for my life. I don’t believe this. What’s this? Hope you know who tied this? – Senthamarai gave it to you.
– It’s bigger than this. – Try to understand.
– Who is making you do this? No one can make me do things. And I haven’t disobeyed him. He will take care of everything. Now leave. Just leave. Go! Madurai is not longer
with Senthamarai. This is the right time. All the other police
officers are charged up! We must do something now. Madurai has been
missing for long now. This doesn’t feel right. Chief… He must have joined hands
with someone else by now. You satan! He is not the one who keeps jumping
from one group to another. He makes his own group! This has been his profession
since his childhood. You won’t know it.
You are new to this. Buddy, come on! Let’s leave. I shall bring him; no
matter where he is. Come on Somu. Don’t you mess with us! He is a nothing chief! I am here for you. Madurai Michael my foot! Madurai is pretty much
here but where is Michael? Take that out! It’s windy. Windy? Here comes the Tornado! I know that you must be furious. Hence, I
am here to talk to you for once and all. For once and all? I don’t get it Madurai! I want to move to Dubai. I want to quit
everything for Selvi. I’ve decide to turn a
new leaf in my life. But not matter what… I can’t stay without you. But I don’t see a way out. You came to me as Michael. Now… you’ve grown big and have
become ‘Madurai’ Michael! You have the full rights
to decide your life. For your love, Selvi… you are ready to
quit everything… but slay one more enemy for me. No. I don’t want to do it. Please let me go. I’m…I’m leaving. I shall let you go Michael. I shall arrange everything
for you to reach Dubai. I shall see you and Selvi off. How much money do you want? I shall give. Leave for good. But just once for my sake
and the sake of my caste… just do this final task. Castes never made humans. Humans made the castes. You are a good human being. I shall do it for you. Now, tie it up! You may wish for anything but it shouldn’t
be something that belongs to others. Got it. That’s called greed. Superb! Come on! It’s not that easy to
slay someone in the club. The scan each and
everybody for weapons. If they find anyone
carrying weapon… they will finish them off on the
same spot with that very weapon! Madurai! Madurai! Do you have to weapon or not? I’m really nervous. Do you have the weapon or not? I have the weapon. – Where did you hide it?
– Exactly! The weapon is inside me. Why have you covered
it up so much? It’s pointy, it might pierce in. You are correct. Even the whites won’t
get such ideas. Correct Somu! Ok. Who turned off the power? I’ve finished him. Let’s leave. – There he is. Go finish him.
– I did it already. What do you mean? Whom did you stab? There goes the power! Sundaram, how goes
the card game? Why are you so late? Muruga! Muruga?! Oh my god! Someone
has stabbed Murugan! – Selvi’s dad?!
– Please help. Make it fast. – Someone please take him to the hospital.
– No. Listen. Make it fast! Please stop wondering! – You leave.
– Muruga! Muruga! Oh my god! – We shall take care of him.
– Somebody please help. Don’t let him die. Save him! There goes the target!
The target! Muruga! Lift him. Let’s
take him to a hospital now! Lift him. Madurai is waiting for you.
He wants to meet you. Michael! Selvi… I stabbed your
father by mistake. Forgive me. – I committed a blunder.
– I know that Michael. But the whole town
saw you stab him. Now, if anyone
becomes a witness… your life is over. No one will become a witness. What I regret is,
stabbing your dad. Why are you crying? It’s not like my dad died! He survived right? Let’s not stay here. Before someone sees us… let’s elope to Dubai. How can you leave your
dad at this hour? Look here, my mom is here to
take care of my dad. Only I am here to
take care of you. Won’t you take care of
me like my father did? Don’t say that. Let’s leave immediately. We don’t have time. Come on. Hands up! Hands up! Round him up! Madurai, you are trapped! What’s all this? Are you kidding? Today we make you pay for all
the murders you committed. Does Senthamarai know
this is happening? Do you have any evidences?
Any witnesses? There is a witness! Who is the witness? Come out! The murder at the club. The murder of the judge. In total, 18 murders. You’ll be hanged
to death for sure. Arrest him. Michael! Just a minute… Let me talk to her. I won’t let you go. I’ll be back. Selvi! Hope you remember? I’ll be back for sure! Superb! As planned. We helped Madurai to break
out from the prison. For what? Selvi was about to get
married that day. Selvi was waiting for Michael. It’s fine now. I am doing better. Phew! Both of you get down. – Go get Selvi before she ties the knot.
– Come on. Come on Madurai. Somu keep everything ready. Madurai, what are you up to?
It’s getting late. She is about to tie the know.
Go get her. What’s wrong with you? What is she going to do with me? I broke the promise I made her. Our lives won’t change forever. At least let her life
change for good. It is said that, one who chooses the
path of violence fails in life. But it was never said that one who
chooses violence fails in love too. Is this why we brought
you out of prison? We did it so that you and
Selvi can lead a happy life. Love is not about
marrying the lover. All that matters is the happiness
of the person we love. Now, that is true love. Let her be happy. She has asked me many times… that if I’ve changed
anyone’s life for good? Now, let me change
her life for good. Let her be happy forever. Let her lead a happy
and peaceful life. Everyone has a wrong opinion about
you when it comes to love and woman. But no one realizes how pure your heart is. So be it. Superb! Now leave! Listen Madurai! No! His ego stays in tact,
no matter what! – Leave me.
– Listen! Why did he leave Selvi? He asks me to drive
to Pondicherry. Top of that he says that we are
moving to Dubai from there. Looks like won’t rest until he
makes me clean the camel stable! Well over all it looks
like this is my fate! Madurai… it’s hard to digest. Tell me the truth. Why did you leave Selvi. Because… I feel pity for her. I have murdered many
of them so far. But it was only for her
I sacrificed myself. It’s ok. She must be happy. She will be happy. Henceforth… I am not Madurai
Michael anymore. The moment I have stepped
out of Madurai… Hereafter I am just Michael! Only Michael! Hey! We have reached
Pondicherry port. Madurai. Michael! Shall we go? We left Madurai… and went to Pondicherry port. From there myself, Somu… and Michael… all 3 of us… left to Dubai. We escaped to Dubai! What happened? Please! Bring some water. We shook the whole Dubai! We rocked Dubai! Relax! Are you ok? Every gangster and mafia in Dubai; we gave a run for their money! The story isn’t over yet! It isn’t over yet! Not yet! Madurai Michael. A big don in Dubai?
How is it possible? World wide wanted mafia head. A gangster that rocked Dubai! No trace. Not even a single picture. Michael. Madurai Michael! Age: 30. So, now he will be 55. He will be an oldie for sure. Old man! What’s the story that
took place in between? Don! An oldie who rocked Dubai… where will he be now? What would he be doing now? He must be afraid to
come out in the light. He must be afraid
of getting caught. He must be hiding and being cautious
out there somewhere in the forest. Just like a caged dove… the old man must be
struggling for his freedom! Sister, 3 old men stay
in such a big house. Who are they? This is actress Sri Devi’s house. 4 years ago, Ashwin
sir bought it. This guy, ‘Nighty’ Somu.. he will make lives of any fair woman,
who comes here for work, a living hell. What about that baldie? That baldie? Seems like he was an
police officer in Madurai. Dunno what happened but he has been the
security guard here for 10 years now. When Ashwin sir bought this
house, he tagged along with him. Only later I found out that
all 3 are old friends. At night, in the name of taking a selfie,
the baldie will roam around in his briefs. Ashwin sir is pure at heart. If anyone comes here
in need of help… he won’t refuse;
just like the god. What is it Sivakumar? Didn’t you collect the
college fee last month? Any other problem? Sir, she couldn’t attend college for a
week as she came down with dengue fever. She was ordered to
meet the college dean. She went to meet the dean… in his room, with
the leave letter. He gave her some juice to drink. She drank it and… fell asleep. And when she was
asleep, she was… Don’t cry. Don’t cry. They earn in millions! Can’t he afford women who
does anything for money? She is a young girl. To top it off, that
son of a gun… is given the tag of
“Father of education” Political power, money… with these things they wreck havoc
in the lives of poor people like us. Michael! Michael! Did you read the
newspaper today? – I did.
– That Madurai Kapoor… had moved to Chennai 4 years ago. He never came in front of us. – So what?
– What do you mean? He is the reason for you
being single until now. If not, you and Selvi… would have had a family
with children right now. Even at this age you have to
jump from Madurai to Dubai, Dubai to Chennai… change your identity and name!
What a sick life!? Michael, you must kill him! He is a traitor.
You must kill him! What after killing him? If he dies… will I get back what I lost? Lints, guns, sound
of the bullet… I am keeping myself
away from it. Michael… if not for you… – then do it at least for her.
– Ashwin sir please. He has shot nude
videos of my daughter. If she doesn’t oblige to him… he threatens to make it
viral on the internet. Grandpa, I even tried complaining
against him to the police. No one is ready to take action. Many girls in my college
are his victims. Please grandpa. You must save us. Sir. Evil fellow! Wonder which girl’s life
is he gonna spoil today. Not bad. You agreed immediately. What else can I do when you
black mail me with my videos. Don’t worry darling. You don’t have to take any exams.
This is your exam. If you pass this… then I shall award you the degree. Why are you praying? My mom tells me to pray
before going for the exams. Who is that god that’s
gonna help you? This god shall appear for real! Madurai! Do you know what is the most
cruel punishment in this world? Forgiveness. Even if I forgive you… will he forgive you? Will he forget? No Madurai! Madurai no! Please no! Madurai no! No! Mam, we have prepared a
sketch based on your inputs. Perfect! Mail it to all the central
agencies of every country. Mainly India, Chennai. Why Chennai? Chennai is the safest
city in India. He could be safely hiding there! It’s been long since I
had such a hearty laugh. Old wine in a new bottle. I am here to tell you
something important. Just go ahead. Look here. An invitation. – Your daughter’s marriage?
– Daughter? It’s my wedding invitation. What? You are getting married? After my wife’s demise… I felt I was missing
something in my life. Instead of spending on women… I thought having a
woman by me…. and it would be good to
give her all my money. I put up an ad in the newspaper. An ad with my name,
address and my status. You won’t believe it but 150
woman waited for me in a queue. I interviewed them and finally
selected her, Kavya darling. Doesn’t the age
difference matter? Even the youths are finding it
difficult to get a girl these days. We are too old. Bro! Listen! Haven’t you come across
boys who like elder women? Similarly, some women also
are interested in elder men. But once we like them… and if someone calls him a grandpa,
I’ll ask them to get lost! I get it. Very nice. So, make sure you
attend the wedding. Ok. Just a moment. Nothing. All this sounds fine. How about the spare parts?
Works fine? And that is why the god
created the drumsticks! You too consume it. – So do attend the wedding.
– Ok. Come darling. Bye, bye to you
and your darling. Michael, guys just informed me. Looks like they are here
like a swarm of bees. Open the gate! Yeah! Whoa! Look at that. The number just keeps
increasing like the horses in a circus! Look at them rush! I wanted a bride for me but you seems
to have arranged this for you. Shankar, I am here right
now for an alliance. – Look at her mouth
– I’ll break your mouth! All these women are suitable for you. Michael, the beauty doesn’t
lie in a woman’s face… Don’t you talk about
face and beauty. Raju! Get ready. Come on. Hi. I’m Mala. I’m a divorcee. Raju no! So what if she is a divorcee? Who knows what’s the issue was? Poor lady. Wait. So tell me, after
your divorce… are you now looking
for an expert? After I divorced my first husband… then I divorced Salem Ravi… then I divorced Thuthukudi Ravi… She is an all rounder! I’ve made a complete round
in all Tamizh Nadu district. So you have tasted
all the district! Now… you are next. So am I selected? How can she even ask that?! Ask her to get out first! Get out. Next. I had a boyfriend in school. Then we broke up. Then I had a boyfriend
in the 12th grade. Then we broke up. Now, in college, I’m involved
with a guy for the past 3 years. He doesn’t trust me and
keeps doubting me. He keeps me from going to pubs and smoking.
Hence I’ve decided to break up with him. Now, I wish to marry this old man
and live my life on my own terms. No please. Get out! I am very strict! I can see that. No whiskey or brandy
for my husband. No beer or rum. That’s it. Only vodka! Why only vodka? That’s my favorite. Get out! Next! What’s his name? Ashwin. Age? 58. Wont’ work out. Why? I wonder if he can or cannot! How dare you talk
about him like that?! Our man, he is the king! I feel like abusing! No chicken, no mutton, no fish. Are you a vegetarian? – I’m Rita!
– Shut up! We stand for Jallikattu! We are Tamizhan! Get lost! Raju! Stop the nonsense! Here comes a last entrant. Hey, looks like there is a last entrant. Lets check it out. I’ve had enough! Istanbul! Hi! You must see her. Something like… Bahubali! Look, she is very shiny! I am coming. Wait! Oh! Oh! Please. Hi. Wow! Wow! Wow! Stop it! She is mine. Listen, I finally
watched Bahubali! Did you watch it? I am watching it right now! Select her! Ok. Shall we start? I am Ramya. I saw the ad in the paper. She is awesome. Ok! Ok dear. How old are you? Age? Legal enough
to get married Look at him go? Why does
he laugh like that? So tell me… is it ok to be with an old man?
Hope you have no problems. It’s not such a vast
difference if you see. Such things happen a lot abroad. Last question. Are you doing this to inherit his wealth?
Just a small doubt. We have enough wealth. He just has to come dressed up. With or without shirt? Raju, don’t let her go. Select her. Forget it. If you have such doubts… I’m leaving. Sorry dear. Sorry dear. Come on let’s fix the
marriage right away! Are you sure? – Hope you won’t have any doubts further.
– No at all. Thank you god. Fix it! I hope you won’t
change your decision. Promise. We won’t! No exchange the love! Sarala madam, you may come in. Who is this Kovai Birla? Is this a buy 1 get 1 offer? She looks as if you are
dressed up in a Saree. Who is this Manorama? She is my hottie, Sarala. Actually, she is
also a bit shy type. Which is why I spoke
on behalf of her. So everything is fine? Wait. Wait . Wait Ramya. I haven’t seen the groom yet. I wanna see him. It must be love at first sight. – For that you must be alive.
– What? No! No! No! Tell them that the groom
is out of station. Groom will return next week.
He is out of station. You may leave now. No! No! No! Why? Why would you cheat
young girls like us? Young girl? The curse of virgin girls’
will follow you forever! First, chase away
that old woman! Ramya! Come on. – Come on Sarala, we shall find you another groom.
– No! Damn it. Her name is Ramya. Age: 26. So far, she had a
boyfriend in school. Then one in college. The point to be noted here is… When in school, she fell in
love with a college boy. When in college, she fell in
love with a boy who was working. What do you observe from this? She likes boys who are elder than her. So definitely I have a chance. Then, her favorite movie… Vinnaithandi Varuvaya. The movie she hates… Trisha illena Nayanthara. Then she is a good girl. She respects the old people. When she was a child… she lost her grand parents. But… she takes care of an old age home. When these modern women wander
around in pubs and clubs… there are a few like
her still out there. Yes. Along with the old age members… Ramya will be coming here today. So… how did you collect all these
information within a night? Her house maid, Kamini… good company. I’ll throw this on your face! Michael! She is here along with
the old age home members. – Move!
– You never told me about such a place. There is my girl! Ramya, this place looks colorful! Hey who will buy the tickets? As usual, you! Didn’t I tell you
earlier to book? Come fast. Ok. Come on. Let’s go. Make it fast. – 8 tickets?
– Get 10, we shall have more space. Got the tickets? Got the tickets. Come on!
Let’s go. What are you doing over there.
Come on. Quick. Lets reach before
they play the movie. Don’t you leave me! Come on guys! Come on! Ramya… Enjoy! Enjoy! – Who is he?
– How do I know? Why is she holding his hands? Careful Sarala! You be careful! Let me go with Ramya. Move! Move! Catch her! Catch her! Now that you
have caught her, leave her! Fine! Sarala are you alright? Why is she laughing? – Sir? Hello?
– O +ve?? Ok. Ok, I’ll be there. – You look familiar.
– You look strange! Sarala, I need to go to the
blood bank immediately. You guys watch the movie.
Screen 3. Yeah. Ok. Sorry dear. Ok, bye. Bye, see you. Bye. Looks like some emergency. Bye. Tata. – You! Damn it!
– Wait! Who are you? What’s your name? – My name is Ashwin.
– Ashwin? Ashwin? That groom who conducted
interview, that Ashwin? – Yeah!
– You look so handsome! – Whoa.
– What do you do Ashwin? – Now? Nothing.
– No… I mean your profession. Teacher. Teacher. Teacher? Which subject?
Maths, Physics, Chemistry? What teacher are you? Yo…Yo…Yoga teacher. – Wow!
– Look, he just mimicked you. That is why you appear so young. Your arms are really good. Control your emotions Sarala! How did you become a part
of our old age group? What a silly question? His son would have go married and kicked him
out because of his daughter-in-law said so. – Am I correct?
– Wonderful! We are missing something. Nothing is missing anywhere.
Only I am missing him already. Come, let’s watch
the movie together. Come on. First she held him and
now she is holding him. He attracts everyone of them! – Hello.
– Hello buddy, Neeru here. Buddy we have a small plan. Tell me buddy. At midnight around 12:30 We are going to Ramya’s home. To Ramya’s home? What’s the matter? Kamini! What are you up to? I’m chatting. You fool. Where is your dress? Post 10 p.m this is how I chat. – Close the door and leave!
– Go sleep! I just saw something strange.
So tell me, why? It’s her birthday. Birthday? We shall give her a surprise… and cut a cake for her. Ok. Share me the location. I’ll be there. I shall share the location… and you… please share me that
Sunny Leone video. Look at that now! I shall. What are you going to do
watching those videos? Now I get it… why girls fall for him
even though he is so old. When he does Yoga or
recites slokas… what a style! Sarala! No! Swami! I want him! He is famous for biting lips. I am famous for making
my wishes come true. He is Simbhu’s fan. I am Nayanthara’s fan! You just won’t let it go! If I let it go now then when will I
ever have it? It’ll be my end then. Hope that end comes soon. Neeru grandpa! I am here and you are
searching there? Swami sir. I am here. Don’t touch. Manohar bro? I am here. And now I am there. Then who is it? Grandpa… I don’t remember your name. How will you? If a girl must
remember a person’s name… then he must have done something special.
He didn’t do anything like that. – Shut up!
– Heavy feeling. Grandpa actually…. Wait, let me come over here. You come here. You come here. At least you come! – Please cut the cake.
– Yes, please do it. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Grandpa, here. – Sarala mam.
– No, I’m on diet. Grandpa… wait, I’ll give him. – Hi, hello, open.
– Supni sir. Open your mouth. Are you gonna feed me? Look at that! Eww! – Please have it.
– Super dear. Buddy Ashwin, didn’t you
stay up all night… – and make something?
– What did he make? I mean the gift! – Take that.
– Here. For me? Ashwin, you got a gift
for her but not for me? Whose birthday is it?
Her birthday right? – yes you are right.
– Shall I open it. Please. Wow! You accepted all of them at the old age home as your
grand parents because you miss your grand parents. So I thought it would be great if you can be
with them in a photo. Hence the art work. He knows very well how to woo. I am artist myself yet… I felt bad for not having their photo
but this idea never occurred to me. Awesome grandpa! – No please!
– Yes please! Ashwin grandpa. I will never ever forget
you or your name! Thank you. Superb! Did you hear that doofus? – See you.
– Bye. Jealous? He is a raging fire. You are lost. So nice! I want Ashwin grandpa’s
phone number. You seem to be liking
old actors more. What about the latest heroes
like Siva Karthikeyan, G V Prakash, Nivin Pauly, don’t you like them? – Come on dad! Let it go.
– Let it go where? Ramya, please come and meet
the boy at least once. We both are of same age. Hence, it won’t workout. Why? You… – don’t have wrinkles.
– No wrinkles? Your hair isn’t grey. At this age? – You have a baby face.
– Baby face? Tamannah! Tamannah! Sir… search a groom for your
daughter at an old age home! – Greetings.
– Greetings. Sir, please explain us
your journey so far. I struggled a lot
during my childhood. I had starved for days. Finally, I approached a
beauty parlor for a job. The owner lady made it clear
that she won’t hire male staffs. She sad ‘Only ladies’
and chased me away. I gave it a thought. I turned myself into a beautiful woman and
applied for a job in the same beauty parlor. She too me in immediately. Avvai Shanmugi, Dasaavatharam,
Chandramukhi….infact the great Bahubali, I worked as the make up
man in all these movie. Really? My aim is to use my talent
in make up skills and… turn a small boy in to a very old man. And turn an old man
into a small boy. What’s with him? He says he can convert
a man to woman and woman to man! Its impossible to believe. Let him turn anything
into anything! We must just go watch the
show and enjoy if it’s good. Got it? – Watch now.
– Forget it. You love Ramya… Is it for lust or… do you really love her?
Just a small doubt. We have done enough of lustful activities,
now we are old and have settled… This is true love! I don’t believe it. I didn’t ask you. – Sorry dear.
– Shut up dear Lust sparks in the brain. Love sparks in heart. You don’t have a heart,
then how would I explain? Forget it. – Let me test it. Shall we try it.
– How do we do it? Now, watch me. – What are you doing?
– Wait and watch. Hey! I gave her a miss call. Now she will call me back! That is why I gave
her a miss call. – You!
– Now, give me that… I’ll place it here. And then I’ll place it here. I’ll alternate between
here and here. I’ll place my fist on your face!
Why are you doing this? Good question. If she calls when
I place it here, then your love is lustful. If she calls when
I place it here, then that means your
love is divine. That’s awesome! I’ll deal with you later. – Sorry buddy.
– Now what’s your problem? You want to test my love. Right? Yes, exactly. Ok? Go ahead. Check. I’m placing it here,
she hasn’t called. – And now I’m placing it here.
– What kind of magic is this? Hi grandpa. – Tell me Ramya.
– Are you free tomorrow? I’ll make myself free. Usually I go to the
market with my father. But dad is out of station now. Don’t you know that if I go alone
then the shopkeepers will trick me. Yes. They will. You are a small innocent girl… the shopkeepers will
easily trick you. – So…
– So, I shall join you and… with great care, I shall
help you to buy groceries. – Great.
– Wonderful! What? Have I watched it yet? Check this video. It’s top class. – Show me.
– It’ll change your mood! Is it? What is it? I saw a girl on my way. – A girl?
– She has an awesome rack. Wow! Whoever touches, will
be a lucky man. Buddy, that could be her father. He looks very weak and old.
Why are you worried? Is she here with her father? Looks like her grandpa. Buddy, easy peasy target. Come on. – Come on. Get in the car.
– Quick. Rogues! How dare you? What? Is she reacting? What is it oldie?
Got upset is it? Is she your grand child? Is she your daughter? Or is she your lover? Indeed! Indeed? Did she just say indeed? Instead of cheap
skates like you… it is better to fall in love with a
grandpa who defends a helpless girl. Hey, we better leave.
She is pissed off. They must be punished! – Quick! Start the car!
– You said it! Now drive! What’s happening? What’s going on? You oldie! Let go off the car! Let go grand pa! Grandpa please forgive us.
Please forgive us. Apologize! Sorry grandpa. Not to me but to her! Sister! Sorry sister. Please ask him to let
go off the car sister. Superb! Youths gotta be responsible… and not be cheap skates! Youths must be disciplined… and shouldn’t booze and drive! Youths must be patient… and must not make moves on
girl without her permission. Overall, youths must be… youthful! Got it? I’ll turn you into ashes! I’m so happy! What happened Sarala? He did it. He did it! He did it? Come on now! I meant this
baldie here did this to my leg! How did both of you meet with
accidents at the same time? Even after I repeatedly refused, he didn’t
obey me. He took me for a ride on his bike! That was the wonderful moment. I asked him to go away! But this fellow kept singing “don’t go
away!” and rammed the bike into the truck! Don’t blame me for that. It’s Gautham Vasudev Menon. Forget that Sarala. – Where is Ramya?
– How would I know? Could she be out with
Ashwin, in a coffee shop? Feelings of Sarala! Priya… is been 3 years since
we fell in love. We haven’t … – our relationship to the next level.
– Sir, coffee. Next level? You mean that? Well, all that after marriage. What do you mean? After marriage? But you did
do it with you ex Harish? Do I look like a fool? With him I felt it. I haven’t felt it yet with you.
That’s it. You won’t feel doing this but
you are ok with drinking?! So are you! So are you! Why do you have to compete
with boys always. You should not drink here after. You can’t control me. Indeed. I can’t control you. Similarly can’t I
control my love? Stop creating such scene! Try something new! New? – Wait and watch!
– Ok. Get lost! Hi. Hi. Hi. Sorry but none of the
tables are free here. Aren’t you alone? Can we sit here? I’m not alone here. This is the first time I have
brought my boyfriend out. That’s why I am asking. I am also here with my boyfriend. Where is your boyfriend? There! Grandpa boyfriend? – Let’s escape!
– Run! Sorry, got a bit delayed. Just now a couple were indecently
kissing in the neighboring table. I wonder how could they
act like that in public. Come on. Chennai is slowly
turning into London. It’s a development. Kissing in the public, then hugging in the public, it’s so weird. Arrgh! I don’t like
all this grandpa. She talks like she
is from stone age! Well, no… how that works is… some couple plan and kiss. But for some couple
it happens naturally. It just happens. How does it happen naturally? Well, how do I explain? When lovers look into each
others eyes for 10 seconds… – then automatically…
– What does this mean? – It means they automatically kiss each other.
– Is it? Fine… – Let’s try it.
– Try it? With me? With our eyes. No way. I was just saying
it just like that. Come on grandpa, it’s not
like I am gonna kiss you. – Come let’s try.
– I’m being nice. Guess, she won’t let me be. Something is gonna happen. 1,2 and 3! Nothing happened. Nothing is happening. If you keep talking,
nothing will happen. Be silent. Nothing… Who is that kissing
in the public? Listen! Don’t jump! Hey! I am going to suicide. Don’t shout! Let her hear me out. You told me try something new!
I am going to jump from here. – Get down!
– Only if I die you’ll realize! Where did grandpa go? Hey you suicide boy! Are you ready to jump? Grandpa, don’t near me!
Or else I’ll jump! I am pretty much
here to do that. Look how many of them are waiting. Stop
talking. When are you going to jump? Excuse me, isn’t that
grandpa with you? – Yes.
– He just climbed up the roof using the pipe! – Where is he?
– Look there not here! There. See that? What is your problem? Grandpa, I love her sincerely. But she is cheating me. Then death is for sure! If death is the solution
when a girl cheats… then no boy or men would
be alive in Tamizh Nadu! – I haven’t even touched her.
– Whoa! Being born as virgin
isn’t our mistake. But to die a virgin
is out mistake! If you die without having any pleasures of this world, the
you soul will never rest in peace. Enjoy before you go! Know this… If you advice a girl not to drink, then she will drink
more than you. If you advice her not to wear a dress
then she’ll opt for an even worse dress. Stop her from talking to a guy,
she will go talk to 10 others. But if you stay
calm and quiet… she will obey you and
keep coming around. Days are gone when girls
used to follow boys. Making them follow by being
silent is today’s trend. She can commit suicide to have
failed to realize your love… but you shouldn’t commit suicide
because she doesn’t love you. Don’t force me to abuse you! I missed a kiss because of you! I told you! I knew he would
convince him and bring him back. At least you change
for good now. The way he rushed… I thought he would jump for sure! How did you convince him? Well when it comes to girls… if 100 boys look at them they would want
99 of them to fall in love with them. They would want to enjoy
with that 1 boy alone. But for boys, they would
want to enjoy with 99 girls… and they would want to
fall in love with only 1. I made him understand
this and he understood. There are many here to
separate the lovers…. but there are only very few like
you, who unites the lovers. – Because he is watching from there.
– You are right. I’m sorry Madhan. I
won’t drink hereafter. Why didn’t you wait
until he jumped? It would have been better. Now look she
is coming around. Now go, take her. Priya, there is no one at my home.
Shall we go? Ok move. All of you go
mind your business. A crowd that is waiting to record and put
the suicide video in FB and twitter! What are you up to? At this age… how do you carry so
much of love emotions? So sweet! Looks like this is
slowly gonna workout! Yes! Hello! Hello! One of the old age member’s son is on his way
with henchman to beat up his dad for wealth. Ashwin you must be
here at this hour. Ask him to being few
henchmen along with him. Why does he need to bring men?
He can manage it himself! – This is too much Sarala! What happened?
– Hello! Hello! – The line got disconnected.
– We are in trouble! – Are you ready.
– Yes chief! Just now reached baby. I am tired of giving you time. It’s all waste. Using the men I’ve sent along with you,
if you don’t make him sign the document… then you be ready to
sign the divorce papers. Is it your wife? Sunil! Shall we go inside? Daddy. Daddy! How are you able
to sleep in peace? In peace? I wonder what it means. Please register your 50 million
worth hardcore property on my name. Why are you so stubborn? The Apollo guys wants it. The Pizza company wants it. The Reliance guy wants to buy it. After your death it’s
going to mine anyway. Why don’t you give it to me now! If you had taken care of me, I would have done it. Now that you send me to the
old age home, I won’t. For sure! Even after my death the
property will go to the old age home. Do whatever you can! He doesn’t seem to obey. Hit him! Chief… we are indeed thugs… but we don’t raise
hands on the elders. You wife asked us to
just threaten him. Sunil! Ashwin! Hey Ashwin! Who is Ashwin? My friend! Looks like another old man. Lock the door. – So you won’t hit him?
– None of us will. Then fine, I’ll man handle my own father. Look at him breaking the door. Pull him inside and thrash him! Hey! Don’t you scare me! Have you seen Ashwin fight? Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Ashwin! Let’s go down. Ashwin
will take care of them. Hey! Wait! – Where are you headed?
– Inside. – Don’t go.
– Why? There is an action
packed fight going on. A fight? Who? Ashwin is busting up the thugs! – Ashwin?
– Indeed. – What happened?
– Don’t go inside. Ashwin has unleashed
hell in there. Look! Look over there! Watch out I might get hurt! Move! Damn it! Leave! Look at him! Doofus! Oh my god! You broke the whole house.
Who will pay for the losses? Shut up or he will bust you up! You carry on. We are on your side. Even though you are old, you still
have the power of an youngster. What is it? Oh! I got it!
Come on, lets all go inside. Move. Everybody move inside. Aren’t you going inside? Fine I’ll go. – Hey naughty!
– It was a pleasure watching. Sarala there is enough way here. Come on. Live long and prosper! I won’t address you
as grandpa anymore. Why? Which grandpa fights like this? Grandpa means an old
man who can hardly walk, who can hardly see and hear. But if grandpas such
as you exists… then any girls would… fall in love with you. Other day at the market… I saw a Rajnikanth in you. At the coffee shop I saw
a Kamal Hassan in you. Today, I saw a full fledged
Silambarasan in you. When any issue comes
up in life… you are handling it very well. What are you doing? I love you Ashwin! Strange… It feels like a new beginning. Something is happening inside me. What is it? What’s happening? How do I explain what’s
going inside me. Is this love? Is this what
everyone calls love? So, this is love? Or is it something similar? I don’t know. Oh! Oh! Oh my god! I feel like singing…. but I am unable to sing. I
have no idea. I can’t write lyrics or
make music or put a tune! I am unable to do anything! Something is happening to me. Its attacking me! It’s slamming me upside down! Something is happening. Oh yes!
This is love, right? This is love! This is indeed love! This is love! Girl I am in love with you. But you know what, I don’t care. I don’t
know if you will be with me life long. Or just today. No just tonight… I need your love… That’s all I need. Tonight… Tonight… Tonight… Tonight… Tonight… All I need is your love;
just for tonight! Tonight… All I need is your love;
just for tonight! All I need is your love;
just for tonight! All I need is your love;
just for tonight! All I need is you to be my
girlfriend; just for tonight! All I need is you to be my
girlfriend; just for tonight! Just for tonight! Just for tonight! All I need is you to be my
girlfriend; just for tonight! That’s all I need. That’s all I need. Hey Ashwin grandpa! You’re a super sweetheart. So cute with the salt
and pepper look. You hot paunch! And when you are around,
it’s party time! We wanna party with you grandpa. Dating, chatting and
very naughty… Ashwin grandpa mania! Bell bottoms turned slim fits. Love letter turned whatsapp. Pancakes turned pizza. Toddy turned scotch! Cassette turned CD Cart turned Benz. Film roll turned digital. Grinder turned into Mixer. Back then MGR rocked the
show; now it’s me STR! I am a little star; soon
I’ll be the super star. That’s the power of
the mischievous lord! That’s the power of friends! The only thing I need is the
blessing of the lord himself! All I need is your love;
just for tonight! You change the DP and it
gets millions of likes. You go live and the views
are top of the chart. Your tweets are a sensation. You bring about a new
revolution in love! Girl go “Oh my god” at the sight of you. They fall for your looks. You are the current
top trending topic. Ashiwn grandpa Mania! Lover boy games… Lover boy games… Lover boy games… No one’s an expert like
you in lover boy games. No one’s an expert like
you in lover boy games. No one’s an expert like
you in lover boy games. No one’s an expert like
you in lover boy games. All I need is you to be my
girlfriend; just for tonight! All I need is you to be my
girlfriend; just for tonight! Just for tonight. Just for tonight. All I need is you to be my
girlfriend; just for tonight! Don’t photo has been
emailed from Dubai. I’ll nab him soon.. and get promoted! Who are you man? You low lever officer! You disturbed
the important conference. Sorry sir. I was here
to just pass this file. Who is he? He is the Don wrecking
havoc in Dubai. We are looking for him. I’ve seen this old man! – You have seen him?
– Have you? Ok.Ok. Very smart looking. – Thank you.
– Dust. The paunch is too evident. Listen… this paunch makes you
look even more smarter. – Isn’t it?
– You got it right. I like you. All these days the body
worked hard for the women. After a long time, for a girl… the heart is working. Thanks. Enough. But I wonder why am I
unable to propose my love? If a lover boy like you claim to
be confused about proposing… the whole Tamil Nadu won’t
be able to bear it. Look, I’ll tell you and
follow that exactly. Sakthi… I don’t like you. I don’t wish to make you mine. I don’t think you are beautiful. But… I am worried that all
these might just happen. Please stop it. It is very bad. Try this one. What does you heart say? Does it keep saying
‘Ramya, Ramya’? Won’t you ever stop
saying this dialogue? Even the reaction remains same. Listen… Love is… a true feeling. I’ll tell you how. When you see a few girls… you would wanna switch off the
lights and take her to the bed. But there are few girls… whom you would wanna bring
home and turn on the lights. How is it? It’s awesome! Someone’s calling. It’s her. It’s her! Hello. Ashwin. Where are you? At home. Today is dad’s
retirement function. I am going to reveal
something important. I too wanna say something
important to you. But you go ahead first. Today… I’ve decided to
disclose the love. But… the age difference. Age is not a big deal. Be confident. No matter what, I’ll be there
for you forever, Ramya! Ashwin grandpa, on the way. Hi Ramya. How do I look? Ashwin! You look top class smart today. Thank you. Just like a groom. – Super. – Are you gonna say
it in front of everyone? I just felt I must do it. I thought I’ll open up everything
in this retirement function. It is going to be a
big shock for dad. Because… he would want me to marry
the boy of his choice. Do you know… my dad is fine with
love marriage. But this is a bit offbeat love. People will talk about
age difference. People will give strange looks. He will question you too! Oh yeah! That you were with me all this
time and you hit it from him. I’ll tell him… that I haven’t told you
directly about my love. Yes, you hadn’t did that yet. This is my decision. Until I feel this is correct… I won’t share it with anyone. Ramya… you are a very matured girl. A bold decision at
such an age; no girl will ever
dare to do the same. But you have made that decision. That sounds fine… but… such a huge age gap…. It’s not like this is something that
has never happened in this world. There are lot of things
happening in this world. People will call it as a
negative vibe on our culture. Back during old days
love was blind. Love doesn’t have age and
that is the latest trend. For the first time in the
history of Tamil cinema.. a unique love story. It will obviously
sound shocking. But aren’t you strong? That is more than enough. If without any issues… everyone accepts
this relationship… then I am planning to have the
engagement in this get together itself. How can I handle myself if you
keep giving me surprises. I haven’t…. bought the ring yet. Darling… why does it always
have to be you? I’ve bought it. Naughty! One minute. Give me your coat. My coat? Why? Surprise! Well another one? Wait and watch. I hope its a good one. – I’ll be back in 5 minutes.
– Take your time. Boss! There you are! It was you who prevented me from suicide
and taught me that love is all about lust. You aren’t a ordinary grandpa.
You are a divine grandpa! Get lo… Get going. Leave. Other day at the terrace… I should have pushed you down! My bad. Buddy, why are you always late? Can’t you be punctual? I won’t come at the said time… I arrive at my will. Sir drinks. It is because of this, my
body has taken a toll! I’ve just made a decision to take
a new step in my life and… that’s when you bring this? Come here. Liquor drinking is
injurious to health! Get out! Glad to see all the relatives and friends
here at my dad’s retirement function. In this get together,
I would like to… open up a personal matter. Even my dad doesn’t know about it. This will definitely be a
surprise to all of you. But… it’ll be a shocking
news for my dad. I was avoiding all the proposals
that you brought for me. That’s because… I’m in love dad. I could have told you… but there is an age issue to it. He is present here. So… sorry dad. Why are you embarrassing
me in front of everyone? I felt this is the right time. You will like him for sure. He will take good care of me. It’s just few days
since we fell in love. But he is a true gentleman. Just one problem. Age difference. That doesn’t seem to
be a problem for me. I don’t know how you
are going to take it. Now… I’ll call him on stage. Please come Shiva. He is Shiva! My love. I haven’t told
Ashwin grandpa yet. So grandpa, how’s my selection? I thought you were about introduce
this grandpa as your lover! I was afraid of that! Stop kidding dad! Me and grandpa? The ISD bill amount is too high. You are not the falling in
love type of girl Ramya? It’s a long distance
relationship. Don’t worry dad. You won’t understand.
He is in the U.S. You will have to wait. I’ll myself tell you
once it is confirmed. Until then just forget it. Did you check out the
photo I sent you? I di…did see… – He really looks like m…me…
– Told you! See? You guys look the exact same. This is what I was
trying to explain you. Did you notice something? When you grow old, you
will look like him. Oh yeah. Right. Did you tell about our
lo…love to Ashwin grandpa? Not yet. What’s the age difference
between you and Shiva? Shiv is … 2 years… younger to me. Come on! This ain’t a big deal dear. I was worried thinking that
it was something else. Nice dad. Hi. Go..Good evening everyone. Oh sorry. Gre..greetings to one and all. I am Sh…Shi..Shiva. I… sta..stammer a bit. So everyone calls me
Stamm..stammering Shiva. Sor…Sorry. Thank you. Fine? Sir… didn’t you say that drinking
is injurious to health? I did say it. But… – do you know what is even more injurious to health?
– What is it sir? Love! – Have you ever fallen in love?
– No sir. I married the girl
my mom showed me. God saved you. You are lucky. Leave. Leave. Serve drinks to everyone. – Leave. Leave.
– Ok sir. Whom? I’ll kidnap! Hello. The make up man? Crazy girl, hey crazy girl. This crazy grandpa
was crazy about you. I fell in love with you;
It kept growing inside me. This grandpa fell deep
in love with you! Do you have idea how hard it is
for an old man to fall in love? With grey hairs, with wrinkles in face… and with life hanging on the wall. Every time when the old man looked at
the mirror and thought life was over; just like a blessing in
disguise from the god… a girl stepped into my life. I was friend to her and made sure that she
never found out about my love for her. Just like the classic “Oru thalai
raagam” it was a one sided love. In today’s world… it is very difficult for the boys
to make a girl fall for them. Imagine how hard it would to make a
girl fall, who calls me grandpa? I successfully did that… and reached to a level
where she kissed me. And just when I thought about
turning over a new leaf… and when this life was
riding in a smooth road.. out of the blue comes a lover
doofus who looks just like me! And how dare you pose
a threat to my love? Since you are old, she will
obviously call you grandpa. Top of that, she is a very young girl… She will obviously fall in love
with a guy in her age range. I tried explaining it to you
but you never pay heed. Indeed I didn’t pay heed! My heart didn’t pay heed to me. Baldie! – Yes boss.
– Baldie! Hit him! I said hit him! Hey! Hey! Stop it! Stop it! I said stop it! – Stop it.
– Why? If I gotta set a mole on him then
I should do the same to you. If I apply Bindi on him then
I should apply on you too. If he bleeds then you
should also bleed. This ain’t ordinary make up! It’s Ra stasis make up! Why are you wasting your energy? One bullet and his brain will pop out.
Why all this hassle? – He must not die.
– Why? If he dies… then the story ends. If he dies… she’ll have pity on him. So what’s your plan? I’m going to cut him open! Fine… you will cut him open.. will do the same to everyone
who comes in between? Is that what you do? Not him… even if it’s Vembu, Dinesh or Kushal… or if it’s Simbhu, Dhanush or Vishal… whoever it is, I’ll
cut them open! You aren’t such
kind of a person. You are very lovable… You are very very genuine person. Correct. Correct. Well, in Tamizh cinema…. there is an actor who, in his movies,
won’t even lay a finger on heroines. Do you think I am like actor TR? In the same Tamizh Cinema… there is an actor who, in his movies,
touches and bites the lip off the heroines. I am like actor STR! Now move! Henceforth… grandpa, grandpa won’t be
anymore Ashwin grandpa. I am… sta…stam…stamm…stammering
Shiva! Who played this song again
here in Tamizh Nadu? Grandpa? Love is like a rose. We were used to it’s thorns
pricking us and making us bleed. But now, we have now moved on saying
if not Trisha then Nayanthara. Why do you wanna fall
in love at this age? I’m coming. What is it grandpa? Love failure? I am talking to you and why
aren’t you responding? Tell me grandpa. Why are you crying? Yes! Indeed it’s a love failure. What’s wrong? Is love entitled only for
youngsters like you? Isn’t an old man like me
allowed to fall in love? Aren’t we allowed to go
through heart breaks? It’s like you said… Love is like a rose and the thorns
prick us and make us bleed. She betrayed me. Oh I see. When youngsters like
us are betrayed… then obviously an old man like you
won’t be spared either. Isn’t it? Correct. Old man… well the body know I am old… but the heart doesn’t realize. A youngster is advising! Do you hear? Fool! It doesn’t obey! It’s pains. Forget it grandpa. Don’t cry. Only men cry. Ladies always cheating. Don’t cry. Don’t cry grandpa. What is it grandpa? So tell me… why am I crying? She is the one who betrayed me. I will make her cry! Why should I struggle? I will make her struggle! Why am I desperate? I’ll make her desperate! Why am I lamenting? I’ll make her to lament! She should become
desperate, cry and lament! She must go through what
I am going through. Grandpa! I thought you would regret… but looks like you
will make me regret! Today’s world… isn’t for the genuine
and honest ones. Do you know why? Because it is the
Kaliyugam (Doomsday) The evil is out and the
dooms day is nearing. Well… this evil guy. Heard
of the evil guy? I had set him aside. It’s time to bring him in! Because… even they say that they
want the evil guy. Awesome grandpa! Because if you be a genuine lover… they tag him as retard! All those who fall
in love are retards! I am not saying this. It was said long,
long ago. Do you what was said back then? You may even trust
the worst poison. You may even trust the
dangerous tornado. You many even trust
the musth elephant. You may even trust
the ferocious tiger. You may even trust your
enemies messenger. You may trust the thief, the
robber and the one in disguise. But if you trust the dressed
up beauty called woman… you will find yourself on the
streets, lost and depressed! All those who fall
in love are retards! I am not saying this. Like I said, it was already
said by someone long, long ago! Can anyone press charges
against him now? – No way!
– No way right? – Give a hi-fi!
– Yay! In this life… there is always the first
half and the second half. Similarly, even in a movie there
is a first half and second half. So far… they just witnessed
one dimension. They are yet to watch
the other dimension. When the first part is
raising such a hell! So what have you planned
for the second part? Superb!

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