A Tip for Neater Hand lettering in Procreate

A Tip for Neater Hand lettering in Procreate

  30 Sep 2019   , ,

for me there’s nothing more beautiful
than the convergence or the juxtaposition of words and pictures
that’s why I love sketchbooks and I love illustrated journals I love art
journaling everything where you’re combining the words that express more
than the picture and the picture that’s worth a thousand words there’s something
about the combination of them that says so much more than each does individually
now when we’re working on the iPad and we are thinking about this juxtaposition
there’s a tendency I think to or temptation at least to say you know what
procreate allows me to add text all I need to do is find a font that looks
kind of like handwriting and when I put that next to my drawing it’ll be kind of
like an illustrated journal page I don’t really think so I think a lot of fonts
that look like handwriting or try to look like handwriting actually look kind of
cheesy, kind of tacky, but I understand the temptation because a lot of times we
feel like our handwriting isn’t really good enough it’s not neat enough and
when you put it next to a drawing it kind of looks well crummy now I want to
show you a way that I have of taking my albeit not terribly neat handwriting and
making it neater without making it feel mechanical and computer generated and
you know cold and and really not appropriate we can use the type that we
set as a guide and then add our handwriting on top of it so I’m going to
show you so if a step by step how I do that so what I’m going to do is I’m
going to first of all go over here and I’m going to open up add text
and then I’m gonna just put in a quote I happen to have a quote that I’ve copied
into my into my cut and paste and I’m just gonna paste it in there art is not
what you see but what you make others see and Degas allegedly said that so
alright so now I’ve taken this thing and I and I can pick a font you know there’s
a lot of fonts that are here but I’m not really concerned about the font and I’ll
tell you why in a second because really ultimately the font is just a guide but
you know certainly I can do it and as you know I could even find some kind of
like let’s see if there’s a cheesy handwriting font Jack Armstrong looks
like a bad Sunday morning cartoon or or noteworthy I don’t know there’s no
reason for any of this or papyrus papyrus is one that I hate people use
that but we’re just gonna take good old Helvetica and what I’m going to do is
actually going to take my quote and I want to make it all camps see whether I
end up making this in all caps but for now so now I can take my box I can
stretch it of it and I can sort of make my line breaks the way I want to I can
also adjust my letting inside how much space I want to have between my my pages
and yeah that’ll do maybe I’ll make it bold no I’m not I’m just gonna leave it
regular because I just wanted as a guide for where I’m gonna place my own letters
so I look at this it’s a little bit small so I can just make it bigger
because I really want to make this page about this about this do I like these
line breaks not sure yet but I can go back in here and I can adjust it and I
can there I think that’s better it’s more regular I could decide that I want
to make it flush left I like that I’m not sure yet do I like it right now
I think I think I like it flush left okay so I’m gonna leave it there others
see now let’s see what we do next we’re gonna open another layer and this is
gonna be the layer that we write on and this is gonna be our our template and
I’m gonna dial back the opacity so you can see it here it is it’s there but
it’s not as bold I might even dial it back a little bit more so I can
certainly see it clearly but it’s not going to interfere because I’m now gonna
work on this layer and I’m just gonna start to make some letters and I’m not
as you can see I’m not copying I’m not copying the actual letters I’m simply
using their position as a guide and there’s a reason that I made them all
caps and that’s because I just like the spacing I feel like the spacing is more
even and less varied upper lower but I don’t know I’m not a graphic designer
that may not be the case but you know I’m just using this this as a template
it’s pretty it’s pretty handy I don’t need to be overly slavish about it
but I can know that I can just focus on every individual letter in fact I can
blow it way up and I can say okay I don’t have to ever concern myself about
where I’m gonna run out of space or whether the letters are not going to be
properly proportioned or whether some letters are going to be bigger than
others or whether the letters are going to suddenly be all like sloping to the
left or to the light to the right they’re all basically and reliably
positioned and that is exactly what I want also you notice as I’m zooming in
my my lettering looks thicker but it’s not actually it’s all still saying the
same it’s just unfortunate when I was back
out it looks the same you see all right about my little quote marks here at the
beginning at the end let’s put them in and now they go give him credit for this
insightful statement right so yes so we get rid of our let’s get rid of our
background look at it I think it looks nice well it looks it looks early looks
neater than if I had done it unhealthy all right now I’m just going to I don’t
know shove a little drawing and there do a quick trying to kind of make it feel
juxtaposed do some stuff here hope that’s been helpful and I hope that
you will consider combining lettering and drawing together and make things you
could share on Instagram things that you could turn into pages of a book maybe a
way of keeping an illustrated Journal of recording everything that happens to you
each day but never worrying too much about how messy your lettering is going
to be because you can always put some type in use it as a guide and have the
best of both worlds the neatness of typesetting the expressiveness of
calligraphy hope it’s helpful

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