A Letter to the President: Rebekah

(music playing) Fiona Reeves: I’m pretty
sure this is a silly thing to do, to write a letter
to the President, but on some level I know that
staying silent about what you — The President: What you see and what
needs changing never makes any difference. So I’m writing you to let
you know what it’s like for us out here in the
middle of the country, and I hope you will listen.” And I think it’s going to
be wonderful for me to let Rebekah know not
only am I listening, but that she’s not alone out there. Dan Pfeiffer: The
President’s trip to Minnesota to meet Rebekah
is going to be part of a series of days in the life
we’re going to do where the President’s
going to visit a community, spend the whole day there, talk
to small business owners, families, workers, get
a real sense of what’s happening in America,
and have a real discussion with them about how we
move this country forward. Fiona Reeves: It’s so
clear that she and her husband are working
as hard as anyone can, and the way she outlines
the cost of living outpacing wages, and the cost of
taking care of your kids, not giving people enough
support to get by was so poignant and so well put. The President: So this
letter that I got from Rebekah in some ways
is typical of a lot of letters that I get
every single day. People talking about the
struggles they’re going through. They’re working hard and they’re taking responsibility. But it just feels
sometimes that it’s really hard to get ahead. What I’m hoping to do when
I get a chance to see Rebekah directly is to
tell her that not only am I listening and paying
attention, but that there are actually policies out
there that could end up making a difference in
her life if we can get Washington to work
on her behalf.

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