Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion was released not long ago. Many of you had already downloaded it and started playing this DLC. Some of you may have finished it already. But thanks to that, we can see many players already sharing their experience on the web, because, indeed, with more than 80 challenges to complete, well, the way you pass you tests may be different from one person to another, and in this video we are going to talk about various ways to pass 5 tests of this Octo Expansion. They won’t be regular ways to do so, on the contrary, we are going to focus on players who decided no to finish it the way everybody else does, using their very own strategy. We’ll try to understand how they did it, and see if it is really that useful, and if it is easier to play it that way than the way it is supposed to be played initially. So, let’s go! Let’s begin right away with the first video. We are going in the Station C04: Move it Move it Station, in which you have to stay alive for 30 seconds without being touched by the sanitized ink. This is not the hardest level but you may fail many times before succeeding, and here, one of these strategies is to turn into your octopus shape, and if you stay at a precise location on the field, well, the sanitized shots will bounce above you. Doing so, it won’t be necessary to move for a fair amount of time. But, be careful. Not all the shots will bounce above you. Those ink shots are bouncing, and they are bouncing on the same spots, and all the shots are bouncing more or less at the same spots, so if you stay here, well, it is likely that most of the bounces will keep on bouncing above you, but some bounces won’t sometimes, so you have to be very careful. Sometimes, some bounces will touch you if you stay still. Here’s the strategy: stay at that distance, away from your enemies. Swim from one side to another, right and left, and if you are careful enough, well, most of their shots will bounce above you Try to dodge them, you know, just for fun. But let’s say, at least half of them will never get the chance to touch you and it makes this station way easier. For the second level of this video, we are going to the C10 Station: McFly Station in which you have to stay alive again for 30 seconds dodging rolling balls. Here, this player’s trick is quite clever: thanks to his Ink Jet, he manages to ink the side of the platform and being in here, well, he has nothing to worry about and neither the rolling balls, nor the sniping octarian are a threat to him. Doing so, he can survive for 30 seconds vry easily, and that is really smart. As for me, I tried to do it and it was not that simple actually, you know, hiding in a such small ink blot on the side. I found it easier to play this level the regular way than trying to do this trick, but now you know that you can do it and it’s quite interesting. For the next level, let’s visit Station D02: One-Shot Station, in which you must destroy all the crates in one rifle shot. Well, once again, this is not the hardest level at all. In order to pass the test, you have to get when is the exact moment to shoot. I realised that it works almost every time when I aim one specific crate, the third one from the bottom and the left. I’m aiming with my rifle the center of this crate and as soon as the balloon is here, well, I release the pressure on the trigger, the baloons blows, and almost every single time, well, you get it right. But sometimes, you may have noticed that one crate remains unbroken, and the player we are going to see found the trick, actually: in fact, if there is one remaining crate, you still have time to shoot one more time and blow it before Q. Cumber realises your mistake. So, what you must do is aiming at the balloon, and right after get ready to shoot again at right or left bottom corner, because it is where they are likely to fall, and if you are fast enough, well, you can fool Q. Cumber and pass the test shooting twice. For the fourth stage, let’s visit Station E06: Swass 8-Ball Station, in which you have to line-up three 8 balls in some sort of giant pinball machine. You have to shoot on the balls to make them go in the holes, in order to fill three holes all lined-up to if you want to pass the test. There is a little trick, actually: if one ball goes in a hole, well, it’s not too late to take it back. If you shoot again on it, especially if you shoot on its side, well, you will be able to take it out of the hole in order to have a second chance of putting it wherever you want it to go in. You have to be careful though, sometimes doing so, you can eject the ball from the pinball machine, and you will fail the test. But it is possible to take advantage of it so that you can line up the balls as you want. As long as it’s not the fourth ball you are trying to put in the holes, you are still able to make them come out and try again. For the last stage of this video, let’s focus on Station J03D08: Girl Power Station in which you have to protect the orb from an army of Octolings, I think it’s one of the hardest levels of this DLC and many people complained about its difficulty. Well, in fact, you can use a little strat to make it a little bit easier, in order to do so, you have to select the curling bomb at the beginning because it will enable you to set it up. You will need a long range weapon which kills in one shot. Choose the Splat Charger or the Blaster. The strat is really simple actually, well, in theory, but really tricky to play. At the beginning, the first seven Octolings attacking you are in fact all lined up on the far back wall of the arena. The idea is to go there as fast as possible, and even before they could make any move and Super jump, well take your charger, or your blaster, and splat them immediately. So, you will get rid of seven Octolings very quick, and if you do well, you will have several seconds ahead of the second Octoling wave. So you will be able to prepare yourself more easily, by inking the turf and picking some shields and the right special weapons. But you have to keep in mind a detail which makes it a bit tricky: the Octolings can “feel” it when they’re aimed at. So, if you miss your shot with your charger or your blaster ans you don’t splat them in one shot very quickly, well, the fact that you are aiming at them for too long will make them super jump and come way sooner than expected in the arena and they will attack you, sometimes two or three of them at the same time, so it will be harder for you. So you mustn’t miss them and have to shoot some perfect Charger shots that will splat them in one shot without any second try. It really technical to do so with the Charger, you must be acquainted with it, it is a bit easier with the blaster. Anyways, what we are sure of is that if you succeed, seven Octolings down are quite a relief, and you can go on without worrying about them. Then you just have to attack the remaining Octolings and grab some special weapons that will enable you to ink the orb so that it remains yours until the end of the test. That’s it for these 5 strats, some are bold, and some are useful. I hope you enjoyed this video, feel free to let everyone know by liking, sharing and leaving a message in the commentay section. I’m gonna make other Octo Expansion videos very soon, especially about its story, so subscribe if you don’t want to miss it. It was EvilSquid speaking, see you soon in a next video. Bye!


  1. Mdrrr j'ai déjà fini le jeu et tu met la vidéo après 😅 sinon c'était simple j'ai galère seulement au boss secret un peu

  2. Ces techniques sont géniales! Surtout que je confirmes pour le deuxième shot pour la caisse et tuer les 7 octalings dès le début, j’ai déjà fais ces trucs avant la vidéo, et ça m’a bien aidé! 😁

  3. J'suis le seul qui galère au niveau en rouleau où il faut péter une colonne géante mouvante ?
    Ça serait simple si on avait pas un réservoir d'encre limité…

  4. Hey Evil ça fais pas longtemps que j'ai découvert ta chaîne et j'aimerais vraiment jouer avec toi maca maléfique octoboy et toute la fratrie seulement je ne sais pas si je peux ou même comment faire tu pourrais m'en dire plus stp ??^^ merci d'avance BEUSOUUS

  5. Ok ça a aucun rapport avec la vidéo et 'têt on t'a déjà posé la question, mais c'pas grave

    Est-ce que tu sais si cette année y'a un concert Splatoon à la Japan Expo, et si oui quand ?
    Parce que j'ai cherché et j'ai pas trouvé ://

    Si non j'adore tes vidéos, ça fait 2 ans que jsuis abonnée et c'que tu proposes est toujours génial 👍

  6. Je veux pas me vanter mais le tunnel courant d'air je l'ai trouvé ultra facile (ps : je l'ai fait au doubles encreur)

  7. Yop vous voulez jouer avec moi j ai fini l octo expansion a 100% avec le level secret j ai toute les armes et toute les tenu du jeu
    Mon ca:2216-1450-3828

  8. Il y a vraiment des techniques auxquelles on aurait jamais pensé… Mais serait-il possible de faire un vidéo avec les glitchsbbugs et techniques fins et drôles ? (Si il y en a)

  9. Allon, j'avais fait le fruc pour Tunnel Courant avant j'ai ve cette vidéo et il est noveu pour moi qui on a besoin de la bombe curling. Bon, j'avais utalisé le concentracteur et pas le blasteur mais tout de même. Si on prends le concentrateur on peut le fruc sans la bombe curling.

  10. Salut mec y’a moyen de joindre ta team Splatoon ? J’suis Lvl 11 sur mon vrai compte mais lvl 50 sur celui de ma cousine ( elle sais pas jouer et je suis sur switch donc Splatoon 2 )

  11. Merci mec ce dernier stage est tellement duuuuuur (en plus je suis mort à 6sec de la fin, j’étais deprimé)

  12. Are there any tips for the one where u gitta break all the brushes with either the octo brush inkbrush ot carbon roller ;-;

  13. Je n'ai pas regardé cette vidéo pour ne pas me spoil. Mais maintenant que j'ai tout fini, je vais refaire ces astuces😂

    Ps: le boss secret est imbattable, j'y arrive pas😭

  14. j'ai jamais et toujours pas terminé le niveau avec plein d octalings et au début tas pas d'armes chu nul 😭😭

  15. Merci beaucoup pour ces petites astuces très utiles ^^ Pour ma part j'ai fini le niveau Puissance 3 du premier coup et les autres j'y suis encore XD C'est donc genial d'avoir cette aide ! Encore merci !

    Snif je suis nul…

  16. En vrai le niveau que tu fais au debut ( avec les billes 8 et les portails) je le réussissais pas mais en même temps j avais pas vu qu il y avait une recharge d encre…😂😂

  17. Putain j'ai honte sa fait un an que j'ai pas réussi le J03-D08 et même avec la technique j'y arrive toujours pas!!!

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