A few weeks ago, I told you about new hacks sprouting on Splatoon 2 lately. But when we’re dealing with hacking, many viewers react about it in commentary and share their concern about the future of Splatoon 2 and the threat of those new hacks. So, in this video, we are going to come back on Splatoon 1 and take a look at some pretty recent hacks which are both interesting to know and really fun to watch. Well, let’s go for five unusual hacks in Splatoon 1. Since the game was released, many players try to get out of the playable areas of the map. Some use glitches and try to reach some areas usually unattainable. And there are other crafty ones who use hacks, thanks to hacks that enable you to fly and even to go beyond the borders of a map without being splatted. So, some people manage to explore the different maps of the game without any boundary, and they can go here and there and get all the little hidden details in every arena of the game. Well, speaking of arenas, these new hacks go even further. Some people managed to create a map editor on Splatoon 1 and to add some extra features on the existing maps of the game. I already talked about it in a previous video and, you know, almost everything is possible, the Splatoon 1 maps can be totally customized so that hackers can even insert their own maps. And these maps can be really insane or some already existing in other games and put in Splatoon. Fo example: Zelda, Mario Odyssey or here you can see a map from the Spongebob Squarepants universe. Anyway, everything is possible. Some players even manage to create some private games on Inkopolis Plaza or its various shops. So, there is no limit to what’s possible to do with the Splatoon 1 arenas. But of course, the arenas are not the only things hackers manage to change. Let’s talk about objects, and especially the ones hackers managed to insert. Surprisingly, those objects can also come from Splatoon 2. There are maps, obviously, as I said earlier. But those smart heads succeeded in bringing Splatoon 2 weapons in Splatoon 1, and in recreating the different haircuts from the second game, even though they were not available in the first game. And there is more to that: from the moment you can modify the objects of the game, well, I can tell you hackers didn’t limit themselves to gears and haircuts, but they tried to replace the weapons and gears with different objects. We can talk about one very funny sequence in which the weapons are replaced with actual characters from the game. We can see someone throwing burst bombs but all the bombs are replaced with Spyke. The other bombs can also be replaced with Cuttlefish. Anyway, you got it, right? At this point, everything is possible, and if you don’t expect to see this, it can be really fun to see and experience! And finally, in addition to these objects, well, the characters can be modified as well. You know, by inserting external 3D models in the game, some people managed to modify their appearance. It was quite possible back then with the Octoling hack which enabled you to look like them, but now it’s even bigger, you can play characters from other games or medias once put in Splatoon, and once again, this kind of hack is really something you don’t expect and so it really makes you smile. Anyway, you may experienced it, hacking in Splatoon 1 got out of control. Some people use it in Private Battles but others also use it online. Unfortunately, Nintendo is quite powerless regarding hacking because the banishments are useless. These hackers know how to unban themselves. A lot of people hope that these hacks won’t be possible in Splatoon 2 so that it won’t alter the game experience. Of course, we keep our fingers crossed and hope that hacking in Splatoon 2 won’t get any bigger, and we also hope that those people who are able to create those crafty programs won’t share them that much so that it won’t fall in the wrong hands like it did in the first Splatoon. We are done for this video! If you enjoyed it, feel free to let me know by liking, sharing and leaving a comment. If you didn’t do it yet, please subscribe to this channel so that you won’t miss the next videos about Splatoon 2. Thank you to all the donators who help me financially, a lot is on its way thanks to you, and I will keep you posted about it very soon. It was EvilSquid speaking, see you soon in a next video. Bye!

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