350 Letters

350 Letters

This is Matt. And this is Mark. This is
their childhood. But this isn’t about Matt or Mark. It’s about their parents
Tina and Victor. They were married in 1992. Engaged in
1991. But before then they were living worlds apart. Tina had moved from
Berkeley, California back to her home in Taiwan. Victor meanwhile stayed in
California. By this time they had already gone on vacation together and were
quickly and deeply falling in love. They sent handwritten letters and
cassette tapes to each other on opposite sides of the world.
These were moments of love and longing, recorded in the spoken and written word.
Each recording an act of love; a replica of oneself at that moment to share with
the other. Dear Tina. There is one thing in life that I do not want to be
regretful for. And that is the expression of my affection and love towards you. You
know, my friends sometimes ask me why I didn’t ask you to stay with me in
California if I care so much about you. But I know moving back to Taiwan is
what’s best for you. At times I even questioned myself is it because I don’t
care enough about you which is why I let you go. I thought about this thousands of
times already. I know that’s not the case. Sometimes I am like a kid. I just want to
be comforted and encouraged. Maybe you’re scared of getting hurt. I’m scared too.
But if two people just keep worrying about getting hurt, how are they gonna love each other? I know I am no Tom Cruise, but I do have other qualities. My heart always gets so soft when I look at your beauty. So much I
want to say but the words just will not do. I want you to be my best friend and
be confident to share pain and happiness together. If I’m a poet I would write you
a poem. If I’m a musician I’d write you a song. If I’m a painter I
would paint you. And if I am Victor I would love you forever. A compilation in
testament of Victor’s love and adoration for Tina. In the early 1990s there were
no Facebook messages Instagram Twitter. Texting and emails were still beginning.
All Tina and Victor had were expensive phone calls, occasional visits, and snail
mail. They had to endure the test of time and space. Six thousand six hundred miles and 16 hours apart. I feel a relationship is like a puzzle it takes time for all
the pieces to fall together. But if we don’t try hard enough the puzzle will
never be finished. When it can be finished depends on how much effort we
are willing to invest. Love doesn’t come easy.
it doesn’t come cheap. But when two people fall in love regardless of
distance, time, gender, location, race, and status, it is one of the most powerful
things to behold. Sometimes it starts with a message, a letter, a recording, tape
or photos. But once it starts the world you live in will be infinitely more
colorful. And that’s when the real story begins. This is Mark. This is Matt.

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  1. Dude you are amazing at what you do.. I've watched all of the work you've posted. You'll be well known in the film industry if you continue to do work like this. Thank you for sharing, really.. You are doing amazing things.

  2. I'm in LDR myself, it is so hard but after watching this beautiful video now I realised that I'm also making a wonderful story, thank you for this!

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