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three typography tricks in Adobe Illustrator that are very easy to make yet they look very cool if you want to skip the intro move to the timecard in
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now let’s get on with these three typography tricks in Adobe Illustrator this first typography trick in adobe illustrator is great for magazines flyers and other editorial designs we are going
to wrap typography text around a vector soldier here the first thing we need to
do is to grab the type tool or press T on your keyboard for the shortcut and
then click and drag to make a box I’ve copied some text online for the purposes
of this tutorial but you can type your text directly into this box if you do
paste in however hit command or control V
this is now a very crucial step in the process click you object so mines going
to be the soldier guy here and bring it to the very front like so
we want the typography to be behind the object read at the table could be text
press command or ctrl T to open up the character window here we can change the
space between the lettering ie the kerning change the letting the font size
and even the font type will you object selected go to object text wrap and text
wrap options I’m showing this window here because we’re going to be using it
again soon now go back up to objects and text route but select make as you can
see it’s made a small gap here but we can make this a lot better by going in
the detects wrap options menu that I showed you just now for then type in
something like 40 points you see how much better typography trick effect is also you can move your object around and
the effect will still work anywhere on your typography text in this next typography trick in adobe
illustrator we’re going to make a cool-looking typography logo in two
minutes flat you want a very tall font and I personally feel that sans-serif
fonts work best for this trick and by the way that’s a fun who has no feet on
it I’ve chosen go bold hi for my text with your typography selected in a
really straighter go to effect warp and then bulge you then simply adjust a slider into
you’re happy and the trick is to get attacks into a kind of circle shape once you’ve added the fact with
typography you can still edit and even change the font in the character window now with the ellipse tool hold down
shift and click and drag to make a perfect circle add a color to the circle
and I’m going to use eyedropper tool to take a white from the canvas onto my
typography then bring your typography over to the circle and you need to bring
the text layer to the front finally you can select part of the typography with
the type tool and change the opacity for a better effect for the last typography trick in a day
bill astray – I’m going to show you a quick effect you can make using the
blend tool on your typography use the rectangle tool to make a color
background and then lock it in place or doesn’t move around I’m using a phone called lemon milk but
you can use whatever phone you think it looks best for your typography trick
design type out your word or phrase and then
resize it by holding down shift and clicking and dragging you then need to hold down the
alt/option key and click interact to duplicate a typography we all need his
copy later on the original text flick the filler bit to a stroke and increase
his stroke way if need be then duplicate it down along the canvas in Adobe
Illustrator select both copies attacks on the canvas
by clicking over them and then go up to object blend and blend options you need
to choose specified steps and you can experiment how many steps you want to
use but I’m going to use 30 once you’ve done that go back up to object and blend
but this time click make now if you bring you the typography object over on
top perfectly our cool typography trick is complete thanks for tuning in to
tutorial a fix for today’s tutorial on three typography tricks in adobe
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29 thoughts on “3 TYPOGRAPHY TRICKS IN ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR | Satori Graphics

  1. when you make these tutorials, I find they are very specific to the result that you make. Sometimes I don't see the practicality of it so I was wondering if you could provide some more finished samples after every tutorial and show how you could adapt the knowledge from your videos to make it your own.

  2. that was interesting and soemthing critical i have always noticed in most newspapers and magazines, but had no idea about it. thank you #SATORI GRAPHICS

  3. Good Stuff … Do you happen to use a font manager? I’ve been looking at a couple varieties as of lately and would love feedback … love a great handwritten or script font!!! 💞

  4. Thanks for great content for this beginner. I subscribed for a weird reason, I like that in your notes, you share the time stamps to get to the goods. I am learning and doing at the same time and I tend to watch the same vids over and over, being able to bypass the intros to save time is golden. Thanks for thinking of your viewers.

  5. I did the same step until the blend option, however it does not appear 'make' after that, only succeed when I expand the text

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