3-D Die Cut Tag

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  1. I,m off to see if I have any symmetrical dies in my stash. Can't wait to give this a try, Thanks once again, Jennifer. You are one amazing lady!!!

  2. I am placing an order stat for that Infinity tree die from Hero Arts, before it's sold out nationwide…lol. This video is fun and one to remember for years to come. Thanks, Jennifer.

  3. Wow! Jennifer they look great. I did this technique for my granddaughter's second birthday. I used muffin cups with a pattern. It took me a long time because I did a garland with it. Thank you. I didn't thought on using it for tags or cards. I love it!

  4. This month's Hero Arts tag kit is perfect for this technique. I just quickly made a tag from the snowflake die and the tree and star would work equally well. Thanks, Jennifer. Your work is beautiful.

  5. Oh! My! Jennifer, these tags are adorable!! I absolutely love creating individual unique tags for gifts. I made some this morning and was so pleased with myself! 😌 Heading to my studio now to see what I can create in 3D. Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

  6. I am learning so much from your videos! I was never a technique stamper when I was paper crafting before, now I love technique stamping!!!!

  7. Hey Jennifer, you did a fantastic job on these tags! Love them a bunch! Thanks for showing us how to make these tags!

  8. Is the Tim Holt glue easier to squeeze out than the Ranger? I swear I'm getting arthritis from my Ranger or the fine tip applicator lol

  9. Love these ideas and look like a lot of fun! Nice to be encouraged to use what we have (which is way too much!)….

  10. That Christmas tree tag.. ahhhhh! So gorgeous!! I'm imagining the tree done in white (I love white Christmas trees). The snowflake one is perfect, too. I have to say, I don't like the star… it reminds me of a porcupine.. lol!! Thank you for sharing your techniques. 🙂

  11. Very pretty, I saw this same idea with a circle and a start long time ago and we did it for a school Christmas project, I believe I still have some

  12. Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for your inspiration. This is something I can do with my grandchildren these holidays.

  13. Just one question: How do you come up with all these a~w~e~s~o~m~e ideas?!!! Your creativity seems endless…! Thank you for sharing with us! Hugz from the Netherlands

  14. Oh my gosh these are absolutely adorable I hope you don’t mind I’m going to copy you? I love the idea of your daughter doing it with the Girl Scouts that’s a great idea. Thank you for this one it’s outstanding:)

  15. I like your crafting a lot … but i was kind of starstruck when youtube decided to put a gun show comercial on card making video …. lol

  16. Wonderful, thank you. Just thinking that if you wanted to use Nuvo drops, it might work better to do them on the die cuts before you put them together so they don't rub against one another while wet.

  17. Love this!! And I laughed so hard because I thought to myself that my daughter's Brownie troop would love this craft… As always your creations are amazing!!!

  18. Oh Jen this tree is so darn cute I love the idea of the tag. So so cute love them all but really love the tree.

  19. I just loved these so had to try one right away and used glitter paper and was gorgeous and easy to do; thanks so much for another fabulous tutorial!

  20. Your directions are always so clear and easy to follow! And you're always so calm and organized while doing your creating. Thanks for sharing your talents with us!

  21. These are so special, you come up with such unique ideas for so many different projects.  I certainly will be going through my dies to find as many symmetrical shapes as possible to make these 3D tags using up my Christmas paper stash so I can get new next year.  Thank you Jennifer you re an amazing designer and crafter – please don't stop providing us with these fab video tutorials.  :O)

  22. Oh how I love these. In yeas
    Res past I did make the dimensional paper ornaments and loved doing them. And, I’m so in love with tags so this will be a must on this years packages. Thanks for another great idea.

  23. What a lovely project. Jennifer you are using Collage medium. Is that different from the Multi Medium Matte you have used in previous projects?

  24. Love all the ideas especially the tree. I have a question is there another way I can create this tree without a die

  25. Your videos continue to amaze and mesmerize me!  You give us so many great ideas and tips.  Thank you for sharing your talent.  Love this idea, can see hearts done for Valentine's Day too.

  26. Jennifer to be honest I didn't think I would like these, Im not much into tags, but once I saw them up close, I loved them  The tree is my favorite.  I think they are so pretty with the gems on them!!!!  Thank you Jennifer for making me a lover of tags!!!

  27. What a gift you are to the crafting world, Jennifer. 💜 Thank you for all the work you do to inspire us. I love your videos and they always get me out of a creative rut if I'm struggling. You have such a way of explaining things so clearly and easily. Everything you make and show us how to do, makes me want to be better and better at this hobby. I hope you have a very happy holiday season. Thanks again. 😊💕

  28. Hi Jennifer! These tags are gorgeous! One tip for your dies that are not quite symmetrical, you could alternate the way that you fold the die cuts. One folded forward, then one folded backward, then the next one again folded forward. This would make the edges match up. I hope that makes sense!

  29. Now I wish I’d bought that big Christmas tree punch that was in clearance! 🤦‍♀️ I’m going to try this with snowflake punches. Ty!

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